december 15, 2015

It is the time to burn some candles. But not just any candles and especially not those with paraffin wax. I'm sure you all know that I really dislike paraffin based candles and you may already know why. But if you're still wondering why is best to avoid them, then keep on reading. To quickly sum up - burning and inhaling a conventional, cheap or expensive paraffin wax candle is like breathing in diesel fuel fumes. Paraffin is actually petrolatum waste product. Now raise your hand if you enjoy the horrible smell of exhaust fumes. I already had a rant about that in this post, but just to mention one more time - most candles are made of paraffin wax, which when burned create highly toxic and known carcinogens benzene and toluene. In fact, the toxins released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes. So even though they can smell hella good, please stay away from them and rather choose more environmentally and health friendly candles, like soy candles. Soy wax candles last up to 50% longer than other wax options. The soy burns at a slower rate since the wax is softer. I haven't actually tried any of the candles I've chosen but I did try to pick December and Christmas appropriate scents and boy they sound delicious! 
1. Petits Rituels By The Fire Candle (£35, 200g) - winter signature cinnamon candle perfect for that cosy evening around the fire. A festive blend infused with spicy Cinnamon & Clove, zesty Orange and Lemongrass. Perfect for that cosy evening around the fire. This candle revives a tired mind, uplifts your spirit and creates a feeling of warmth and happiness. These candles are handcrafted in England and are 100% natural. The design is so pretty, love those boxes. Amongst these candles this is the only one that is not vegan, it contains beeswax.

2. Soy Much Brighter Frosted Gingerbread Men ($15, 227g) - the perfect holiday aroma. The sweet gingerbread is reminiscent of baking and building the gingerbread houses from scratch as a kid at Grandma's house. Cover it vanilla frosting and carefully place each raisin onto the borders of the roof, the holidays are here! This one is a US based candle company (ships only in the US) with a bunch of different candles that include seasonal scents. I like the name of this brand and their selection of scents sounds really nice.

3. Nizou Luscious Fig and Amber Scented Candle (£14.90, 190g) - not really Christmasy, but this vegetable wax scented candle combines the delicate scent of fig with amber and smoky cedar wood. Hand poured in the UK.

4. JOIK Masala Chai Candle (£17.50, 145g) - this highly aromatic spiced tea is a complex mixture of spicy cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg with bottom notes of rich and creamy milk. Joik is Estonian natural cosmetics brand and their products are hand-made in Estonia. They have a wonderful selection of candles, you should definitely check them out.

5. Meow Meow Tweet Grove Candle ($28, 227g) - walking through an orange grove with bare feet in the afternoon light as a summer breeze curls around you. Grove candle is sweet, fruity & floral with a woody undertone and notes of citrus, ylang ylang and clove. Meow Meow Tweet is a vegan brand from the US with the funniest and cutest packaging and drawings. They are probably most known for their Baking Soda Free Deodorant, which I have yet to try.

6. Chelsea Candle Mistletoe and Giger Biscuit (£5, 90ml) - Mistletoe has a scent that really gets you in the mood for Christmas. This subtle scent has notes of pine, mistletoe leaves and berries. Ginger Biscuit has a scent of creamy tones of ginger biscuit, obviously. Hand-made in England. I love the simplicity and their minimalistic design.

7. Heartwood Candle Co. Sweet Orange, Clove & Cinnamon (£24) - cold outside, but heart is warm. Footsteps crunch on frosty morn. Celebrations, mince pies & mulled wine Wonderful festive wintertime! I've already talked about this brand here, love their packaging, their philosophy, they are just great!

8. Tanda Christmas Spice (small costs $22) - their first limited edition Christmas candle is the ever popular Christmas Spice; it's full of orange, clove, cinnamon, almond, vanilla, and honey and will remind you of delicious Christmas Pudding! Yum! I saw this brand on Instagram and it immediately drawn me in with its gorgeous design. This one is their newest and it looks amazing!

9. Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Tranquility (£36) - this one is truly special. It is a candle but it doubles up as a deeply nourishing treatment for the skin. I'm so intrigued by this one, it sounds and looks gorgeous. Read more about it on Annabel's blog.

With love,

Jana xx

4 komentarji :

  1. Lovely choices, I love the Heartwood candle company and Petits Rituels. The Neom candle is on my wishlist! Xx

    1. Thanks Ana! Yes I saw both on your blog :) Isn't it just gorgeous?! :) xx

  2. Uh.. vidiš svečam nisem posvečala, ampak imaš good point o temu, da raje sojine "žgemo". Hm, bom imela v mislih za naslednje nakupe. Hvala!

  3. O sem zelo vesela tvojega komentarja, da boš imela to v mislih za naslednjič :) In sporoči, če najdeš kakšno fajno sojino svečo :)


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