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december 06, 2015

Avril is a French organic cosmetic brand with products that are mostly made in France. Avril means April in French, which stands for Spring, freshness, renewal, nature...all of these match with brand values: quality, nature, femininity, joy, colours. Avril's aim is to make organic quality affordable for all women. All their organic cosmetics are certified by Ecocert (biodegradable or recyclable packaging, products are without GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, synthetic colors and fragrances...and contain at least 95% natural ingredients, including at least 10% of ingredients from organic farming.) I've received three makeup products to try out and I quite like them. Juts to give you a heads up, there are lots of photos in this post, hope you don't mind. :) 
First I'd like to talk about the Mascara Noir*. This certified organic mascara has everything great! Easy to apply, ultra long lasting, it gives volume to your lashes and intensifies your look in just one application. I like this mascara and this kind of brush is my favorite. It gives my lashes a bit of everything - volume, length and works quite good at keeping the curl. The formula is more on the dry side and even though it doesn't stick my lashes together or makes spider lashes, sometimes I do get a clump or two. Honestly, it is not as easy to apply as some other mascaras are. If I had more luscious eyelashes then I probably wouldn't have any problems. I didn't experience any crumbling or dripping but after a month and a half of use, I did notice a little bit of smudging on one eye. Other than that it is long-lasting and gives my light coloured lashes a nice black color. It is not as wonderful as the Lily Lolo mascara but it is in the same range as the Terra Naturi Effect Mascara.
Next one is Eyeliner Noir*. It is super black and easy to apply if you like a thin brush. Not my favourite kind of brush, I could work with it IF it wouldn't smudge on me like crazy! I don't know what's going on here but I guess it just doesn't dry out completely and after a few hours, even earlier, it's all over my face. The other day my aunt started rubbing my forehead and I was like "what are you doing?" and she said "well your eye makeup hopped on your forehead". Oh that is lovely. 
So yes to mascara, no to eyeliner. For the last product I can't really be much of help to you because I really can't use it on its own. Liquid Foundation in Nude* is way too dark and orange for me to use on my own. I have to mix it with a super light foundation and usually the shade is just perfect that way. The foundation I've been mixing it is Gressa's Serum Foundation in 01. I have to say that I really like the mix of two. If you don't know Gressa Serum Foundation, it is a mix of oils and pigments and you have to shake it really well to get the perfect amount of both to create a flawlees skin base. Well, I couldn't seem to get on with this foundation, because every time I got more oils than pigments and I was an oily mess. Not to mention that I always had to mix it with some other shade. But now it seems that all that is left in the bottle is lots of pigment and not a whole lot of oils. I really like it that way. Both foundations are runny, Gressa even more so. Together they give a lovely coverage and finish that is dewy but not shiny and they are quite long-lasting. Not sure how the Avril Foundation works on its own but the mix of both is great. 
Here you can see how both shades don't match my skin - Avril Foundation in Nude is the left one and Gresssa Foundation 01 the right. Excuse my bare face but I like seeing how the foundation actually performs and how it covers, and I hope you do to.
Left (my right) side of my face  has one layer of foundation, the right is bare.
On these last two photos you can see how all three makeup products, the foundation, mascara and eyeliner look. If you're wondering, I'm also wearing Nudus Just Like Jade lipstick*, 100% Pure Pretty Naked blush (swatches), Terra Naturi Eyebrow Powder Duo in 01 and some concealer.

Based on the three products, I would like to try more Avril makeup. Eyeliner really disappointed but all in all it is a nice brand. You can get it here, where you can use discount code "JANA" and get 10% off your order (not affiliated).

Have you tried any Avril products? What do you think about them? :)

With love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

6 komentarjev :

  1. Don't you dare say "excuse my bare face", you're beautiful Jana :)<3 Great review as usual, I'm currently using the Avril concealer for under eye circles and even though the shade is a bit too light, the product is quite good actually. xx

    1. Hihi awww so sweet, thank you!<3 Wii glad to hear you enjoyed this post :) Oh well at least you can use under your eyes where it isn't so bad to use a lighter concealer :) xx

  2. Good to know about the eyeliner as I might have been tempted! but I will stick with my tried and true TANF liner instead :-)
    Great post, love this review xx

    1. Yes, just stick with your beloved TANF one :) Have to try that one and other products from them as well. Thank you<3 xx

  3. I like the mascara and have also been impressed with their blusher x

    1. Uuu nice to know about the blushes, thanks :) xx


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