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oktober 29, 2015

We are already knee deep in autumn, for me the bittersweet season of the year. Colours of the autumn are so stunning, every photo turns out good, especially in forest, but at the same time the nature is dying. So sad. The most depressing thing for me are shorter days. Ugh. But let's not dwell too much on it and rather discuss autumn skincare. I have a treat for you, a line that is inspired and carefully curated for each season of the year and is actually named Saison, which is a French word for season. 

Saison skincare is made in San Francisco and for now, available only in the States. This EcoHealth - Friendly Skincare is handmade with organic antioxidant-rich plant extracts. No Petrochemicals, Silicones, Phthalates, Sulfates and the list goes on. To sum up, the brand contains amazing ingredients that are great for your skin and the environment. I had the pleasure to try products from their Autumn line and I'm most pleased with them. I love how they contain some of my absolute favourite ingredients, ingredients that are perfect for sensitive skin like Calendula, Chamomile, Aloe Vera. Except Autumn Cleansing Grains they are vegan and have the same herbal-floral scent. Products contain Fragrance, which is made from pure essential oils. Their packaging is nice and sleek. 
Saison Autumn Cleansing Oil* - if you know me, then you know my favourite way of removing my makeup is with cleansing oil. Coconut oil has been the best for me and my skin but every now and then I like to branch out and try something new. Saison Cleansing Oil is such a nice trick treat for my skin with beautiful selection of organic oils such as Jojoba, Safflower, Sweet Almond and Grape Seed Oil. I usually use three pumps of oil and that is the perfect amount to easily remove my makeup. Like any other cleansing oil, I apply it straight on my dry face and do a quick massage using circular movements. Oil gently dissolves all of my makeup, even eyeliner and mascara, and gives you that desirable raccoon/panda look. :) It says on the packaging that you should also moisten your hands with water and massage further to emulsify oil. I tried it and that did nothing for me. I rather use it completely dry and remove with washcloth. Being a massive advocate of the double cleanse, I always go in with a cleanser of choice, which leaves my skin even more clean and fresh. One thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the pump. It's a bit awkward to use because of the hard spring the pump has. The oil comes out with too much pressure. Not the most annoying thing ever, but just a thing I wanted to mention. It doesn't stop me from using the product, that's for sure.
Saison Autumn Cleansing Grains* - this is my fave product of the bunch! I have never tried any other cleansing grains because of my own DIYs. One recipe is here, other here. There is something about this product that is making me swoon. It is just so effective and leaves my skin extremely soft and smooth. I love it! The product is a bit harsher (if I can use that word) than my own, but a light and gentle touch does the trick. It is actually more of a scrub and therefore I don't use it every day but rather two or three times a week. Depends how my skin is doing/acting up. It is made with Baking Soda, which doesn't cause any irritation on my skin, Kaolin Clay, Honey, Organic Pineapple, Organic Milk Powder, Organic Grape, Organic Rice and Fragrance (made from pure essential oils). Smells like pineapple and it reminds me of 100% Pure Pineapple Enzyme Facial Peel, which isn't available anymore. I love that the product comes with a spatula and with a special place to store it. So convenient and easy to use. Scoop some product to a clean hand, add a few drops of water to form a loose paste and apply to your face. Gently massage and rinse with water. Perfect morning cleanser.

Saison Autumn Botanical Lotion Spray* - a lovely, refreshing face mist which I've actually already used up. It contains a few waters - Aloe Vera and Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary Waters (all organic). It also has Organic Vegetable Glycerine, Sweet Potato Alcohol and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Some lovely ingredients if I can say so myself. It's soothing on the skin and makes a perfect base for moisturizer. Works well as a setting spray too. One think I have to mention is the spray nozzle which provides quite delicate mist, almost a bit too delicate. I think that's also the reason I used it up so quickly. Other than that it's a super lovely facial mist which provided a wonderful change from my regular Thayer's Rose Petal Toner.
Saison Autumn Moisturizer* - a greatly moisturizing cream that's super nourishing for my combination skin. It doesn't clog up my pores or anything like that, but throughout the day my skin becomes a bit shiny and oily. Usually I don't get that with light moisturizers. BUT this is actually wonderful because the moisturizer is in fact meant for dry skin. I think it will be my go-to in the winter, when I always have to deal with dry spots on my face, cheeks in particular. I was surprised by the nourishment it provides based on the consistency. It is very light and easily absorbed into the skin so I thought it would be just a lightweight moisturizer. It is much more than that. Besides those gorgeous waters made from plant extracts that are in the spray, the moisturizer contains Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Pumpkin Seed, Rice Bran and Rosehip Oil, to name a few. Love.

I really like these products and I highly recommend them. Like it says on the packaging, the Saison Autumn products are designed especially for dry skin, but they work for combination skin too. If your skin is oily, then their Summer line with Organic Basil and Organic Cucumber would be great for you.

Have a great day,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

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  1. Nice to discover this brand! Sounds like a winner one! x

    1. It really is lovely and I'm glad to introduce you to it :) x


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