Random Wednesday

oktober 07, 2015

Don't know what's the weather like where you live, but here is rainy and gloomy and just bleh. So it's the perfect time to share an awesome video or two to brighten up your day. It's for those of you who appreciate amazing makeup skills, like really amazing skills, for those of you who look for some inspiration for Halloween or maybe you are just bored and want to see how the heck can someone do stuff like that. Nicole is always on point with her makeup, but I'm most impressed with her artsy/Halloween appropriate/crazy makeup looks. Love.
Have you watched these already? Isn't she amazing?!

One other thing that is truly amazing is the movie The Martian.<3 You really, really! have to watch it! :)

Much love,

Jana xx

6 komentarjev :

  1. I haven't seen these videos... tnx for sharing, so amazing!


  2. WOW, she is insanely talented!!! So glad you shared.

  3. Hudo! Jaz se tudi mogoče opogumim in kaj ustvarim :) Pa The Martian je bil meni tudi ful všeč! xx

    1. Ja Nina, daj!! :) Ane, kok je zakon?! Za razliko od mojga fanta, jaz nisem vedla, kako se bo končal in sem bila cel čas živčna, tko da zdj, ko vem konec, ga morm doma še enkrat v miru pogledat :D xx


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