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oktober 09, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, that actually already turned into months, I was contacted by a lovely UK brand Inner-Soul Organics. They very kindly offer to send me some products to try out and I was immediately drawn in by their Bespoke collection. A collection that is designed and created uniquely for you and your skin using organic plant, fruit and flower extracts to create ultimate balance inside and out. I always love the idea of customized products, products that are made exactly for my skin. I got my own facial oil and body butter for which I had to fill out their skincare consultation. I had to write down my age, in detail describe my skin, tell them if I have any allergies, things like that. The end result were two amazing products, the Apricot Restore Facial Oil* and Lemon Divine Body Butter*.
Inner-Soul Organics was founded in 2011 by the lovely Emma Coleman, after training as a Reflexologist and Clinical Aromatherapist, specialising in skin disorders. The brand is all about bringing the best natural and organic ingredients for the job. They source their ingredients from across the globe and from fairly traded sources including small scale community and co-operative projects in developing countries wherever they can. The packaging is nice, practical, but as it is a luxurious skincare brand I expected the packaging would be more luxe and chic. It's not the prettiest out there, but what is inside sure is lovely. One detail I really love is a personalised quote on the bottles which goes like this: "Take your dreams wherever you go."
Apricot Restore Organic Facial Oil is 100% organic oil serum created with a blend of Apricot Seed and Chia Oils. These two have been chosen especially for my combination skin, because of their abilities to balance acne-prone, combination skins due to their naturally clarifying properties. There are also Carrot Extract, Evening Primrose, Rose Hip which is proven to have very powerful rejuvenating benefits and therefore a great tool to help reduce signs of ageing. The face oil's essential oil blend includes Geranium to balance sebum production, Lavender and Ylang Ylang to deal with break outs and deeply cleansing Basil, a powerful anti-bacterial. Sounds amazing and it truly is. It has a light, fresh, floral scent with a touch of deeper basil and rosemary scent. It does exactlywhat is claims and it's my go-to facial oil for when I'm dealing with a spot(s). It's more of a light oil but strangely I found that it's best to only use it in the evenings because it makes my skin quite shiny if I wear it through the day. Strangely because that rarely happens to me and because this oil is designed to balance my skin and reduce excessive oiliness. That being said, it actually really helps with all that! Funny, right?! It's my go-to evening facial oil because it really keeps my skin happy, it doesn't clog my pores but helps with them nasty break outs. It calms my skin, it makes it really soft and it's kinda magical, to be perfectly honest. Man, some people really have that amazing ability to create something special. One thing I'd skip in this oil is Benzyl Benzoate and Tocopherol, don't think it needs them.
Lemon Divine Body Butter is described as a thick, luscious cream to soften and moisturize skin over long periods, plus flush away toxins to reduce any cellulite. I mentioned that I like dry body brushing so they kept that in mind when creating this body butter. Lemon and Bergamot are deep cleansers and they improve blood flow, therefore a perfect companion to body brushing. Product is not vegan, contains beeswax, and is 89% organic. It contains a mix of butters (Cocoa Seed and Shea), oils (Sweet Almond, Sunflower, Jojoba for example), other ingredients like Glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol, Alcohol, Xanthan gum to name a few. Like with facial oil, I'd also skip on some ingredients. Saying that, the body butters consistency is thick, super creamy and luxuriously rich. It's not oily or heavy on the skin, but still very nourishing and hydrating. It's quickly absorbed into the skin and it keeps it soft and smooth all day long. 

I'm super impressed with both of these products and if you're looking for that special, unique facial oil or some other product created especially for your skin, I'd say go for it! Get them here.

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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  1. I love this brand, great that you can get bespoke products Xx

    1. It is a lovely brand and yes, I'm so happy they have this option! :) xx

  2. This brand caught my eye when a beautiful-sounding body oil of their's was mentioned on Beauty Balm, but your lovely review is making me swoon. The facial oil sounds like it would be well-suited for my acneic skin.

    1. Aww so sweet of you to say that, thank you<3 Yes, I definitely think so too! :)


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