Saison Autumn Products

oktober 29, 2015

We are already knee deep in autumn, for me the bittersweet season of the year. Colours of the autumn are so stunning, every photo turns out good, especially in forest, but at the same time the nature is dying. So sad. The most depressing thing for me are shorter days. Ugh. But let's not dwell too much on it and rather discuss autumn skincare. I have a treat for you, a line that is inspired and carefully curated for each season of the year and is actually named Saison, which is a French word for season. 

Saison skincare is made in San Francisco and for now, available only in the States. This EcoHealth - Friendly Skincare is handmade with organic antioxidant-rich plant extracts. No Petrochemicals, Silicones, Phthalates, Sulfates and the list goes on. To sum up, the brand contains amazing ingredients that are great for your skin and the environment. I had the pleasure to try products from their Autumn line and I'm most pleased with them. I love how they contain some of my absolute favourite ingredients, ingredients that are perfect for sensitive skin like Calendula, Chamomile, Aloe Vera. Except Autumn Cleansing Grains they are vegan and have the same herbal-floral scent. Products contain Fragrance, which is made from pure essential oils. Their packaging is nice and sleek. 
Saison Autumn Cleansing Oil* - if you know me, then you know my favourite way of removing my makeup is with cleansing oil. Coconut oil has been the best for me and my skin but every now and then I like to branch out and try something new. Saison Cleansing Oil is such a nice trick treat for my skin with beautiful selection of organic oils such as Jojoba, Safflower, Sweet Almond and Grape Seed Oil. I usually use three pumps of oil and that is the perfect amount to easily remove my makeup. Like any other cleansing oil, I apply it straight on my dry face and do a quick massage using circular movements. Oil gently dissolves all of my makeup, even eyeliner and mascara, and gives you that desirable raccoon/panda look. :) It says on the packaging that you should also moisten your hands with water and massage further to emulsify oil. I tried it and that did nothing for me. I rather use it completely dry and remove with washcloth. Being a massive advocate of the double cleanse, I always go in with a cleanser of choice, which leaves my skin even more clean and fresh. One thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the pump. It's a bit awkward to use because of the hard spring the pump has. The oil comes out with too much pressure. Not the most annoying thing ever, but just a thing I wanted to mention. It doesn't stop me from using the product, that's for sure.
Saison Autumn Cleansing Grains* - this is my fave product of the bunch! I have never tried any other cleansing grains because of my own DIYs. One recipe is here, other here. There is something about this product that is making me swoon. It is just so effective and leaves my skin extremely soft and smooth. I love it! The product is a bit harsher (if I can use that word) than my own, but a light and gentle touch does the trick. It is actually more of a scrub and therefore I don't use it every day but rather two or three times a week. Depends how my skin is doing/acting up. It is made with Baking Soda, which doesn't cause any irritation on my skin, Kaolin Clay, Honey, Organic Pineapple, Organic Milk Powder, Organic Grape, Organic Rice and Fragrance (made from pure essential oils). Smells like pineapple and it reminds me of 100% Pure Pineapple Enzyme Facial Peel, which isn't available anymore. I love that the product comes with a spatula and with a special place to store it. So convenient and easy to use. Scoop some product to a clean hand, add a few drops of water to form a loose paste and apply to your face. Gently massage and rinse with water. Perfect morning cleanser.

Saison Autumn Botanical Lotion Spray* - a lovely, refreshing face mist which I've actually already used up. It contains a few waters - Aloe Vera and Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary Waters (all organic). It also has Organic Vegetable Glycerine, Sweet Potato Alcohol and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Some lovely ingredients if I can say so myself. It's soothing on the skin and makes a perfect base for moisturizer. Works well as a setting spray too. One think I have to mention is the spray nozzle which provides quite delicate mist, almost a bit too delicate. I think that's also the reason I used it up so quickly. Other than that it's a super lovely facial mist which provided a wonderful change from my regular Thayer's Rose Petal Toner.
Saison Autumn Moisturizer* - a greatly moisturizing cream that's super nourishing for my combination skin. It doesn't clog up my pores or anything like that, but throughout the day my skin becomes a bit shiny and oily. Usually I don't get that with light moisturizers. BUT this is actually wonderful because the moisturizer is in fact meant for dry skin. I think it will be my go-to in the winter, when I always have to deal with dry spots on my face, cheeks in particular. I was surprised by the nourishment it provides based on the consistency. It is very light and easily absorbed into the skin so I thought it would be just a lightweight moisturizer. It is much more than that. Besides those gorgeous waters made from plant extracts that are in the spray, the moisturizer contains Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Pumpkin Seed, Rice Bran and Rosehip Oil, to name a few. Love.

I really like these products and I highly recommend them. Like it says on the packaging, the Saison Autumn products are designed especially for dry skin, but they work for combination skin too. If your skin is oily, then their Summer line with Organic Basil and Organic Cucumber would be great for you.

Have a great day,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Black-ish Products for Halloween

oktober 26, 2015

I've been seeing a lot of gorgeous Halloween tutorials all over the internet, I especially love watching them on Youtube. For a split second I thought of doing a look myself, but then rather decide to write a Halloween inspired blog post. I gathered up some absolutely gorgeous products that have one thing in common - they are all black. Some more than other. And isn't black the colour of Halloween?
I didn't actually plan this but seeing the products I can easily make some sort of a routine. This will not be a whole routine, just some bits and bobs. Black bits and bobs. Now let's start with scaaary product of the bunch. Which in reality isn't scary at all but it goes with the theme. An actuall black looking product is the Bohemian Harvest Japanese Charcoal, Sea Kelp + Clay Mask. This detoxifying and rejuvenating mask is a great way to start the prep for applying skincare and makeup. Do a little selfie while wearing it, that should start the scariest night of the year even earlier. Like I was saying in the post where I've reviewed Northern Soap*, activated charcoal is an amazing detoxifying ingredient. This acne fighting ingredient draws bacteria and dirt. Thinking about it, the mask would be even better to use after removing and washing all that makeup you'll probably wear on the night. The mask draws out impurities and helps to maintin clear and healthy skin. It's also quite drying on the skin so a moisture boost is definitely a must.
Two product that give your skin that much needed moisture are Kahina Giving Beauty Serum* (review) and Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm*. You will only need one because both are greatly hydrating. They have gorgeous scents! Serum smells chamomily sweet and oh so relaxing. It has a light texture and an array of amazing ingredients. The balm is absolutely wonderful and makes my skin nourished, smooth and soft like baby's bottom. Yes, that soft. Well maybe you can be a scary, creepy baby this Halloween. You'll already have the skin for it. Interested in knowing more? Review here. You can use them on your lips as well or rather apply a heavy moisturizing lip balm.
One of the most gorgeous lip balms I've ever used is the Henne Organics Luxury Lip Balm*. It's luxury all right. Immensely nourishing and absolutely amazing. Review here. Another beautiful lip balm in black packaging is the Ecoya Lip Balm, a pepperminty goodness. You know the term "shopping my stash"? Well, this balm was rediscovered in my stash and I've been very much enjoying it lately. I also mention it in this post if you wanna know a bit more.

Leave these oil-based products to sink into the skin before applying makeup and in the meantime use a nice body lotion or butter. Metta Skincare Body Butter* is a wonderful body butter and my favourite I've ever used! It's beyond nourishing and makes my skin amazingly soft and smooth. It has a texture like no other balm has. It's not as oily and soft as other balms are but it's more on the dry and grainy side. Obviously it still turns into oil when applied to the skin. It's just so darn unique and divine! I adore this beautiful black or should I rather say monochrome product.

Last but certainly not least is a bit of makeup. I could have picked black eyeliner or nail polish but that would be to obvious. I don't know why I still haven't wrote a review on the Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette (SI, ENG) but ever since I first laid my eyes on it I knew I have to get it. Palette has a beautiful selection of neutral, brown shades. Most of them have satin finish, some also contain a bit of glitter, but nothing excessive. A super luxurious product I've been mentioning all the time lately, is the Gressa Skin Lip Boost in Regal*. The most stunning reddish brown shade that lasts all day long on my cheeks and has been my fave colour this autumn. I'll leave you with your own imagination for the look you can use Regal, but I'll let you know for which Halloween custome I'd use Gressa Skin Luminous Complexion Fluid in Ameila. For pumpkin. Or Garfield. Or tiger. Yes, Amelia is an orange shade. With a bit shimmer. Super pigmented and easily blendable. There, this is my first impression on it. You can see how it looks on me here.

Okay ladies, that's all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this little Halloween inspired post! :)

Love you lots,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Three from Organic Surge

oktober 23, 2015

Organic Surge je angleška znamka naravne kozmetike z Ecocert certifikatom. Zanjo sem prvič slišala na Aninem blogu, ki je mimogrede super in definitivno vreden ogleda. Znamka je sedaj na voljo tudi pri nas, v novi spletni trgovini Via Naturalis, kjer imajo med drugim tudi nadvse čudovite Herbfarmacy izdelke. Nekatere sem na blogu že ocenila (tukaj in tukaj), nekaj pa jih še nedvomno bom zaradi čudovitega paketa, ki sem ga prejela iz spletne trgovine. Testiranja izdelkov sem se takoj lotila, tako da vam danes že lahko povem moje mnenje o Organic Surge izdelkih.
Gel za prhanje* in Losjon za telo Tropska pomaranča & Bergamotka* - izdelka v priročnih tubah in lepim bakrenim dizajnom cvetlic imata svež vonj. Dišita po citrusih, ki ju vsebujeta, po pomaranči in bergamotki, ki ima skoraj rahlo sladek, cvetličen vonj. Losjon ima precej nevsiljiv in nežen vonj, ki meni osebno diši, vonj gela za tuširanje pa mi je premočan. Preveč me spominja na izdelke proti komarjem, ki pogosto vsebujejo eterično olje bergamotke, ki odganja komarje. Zdaj vem, da moram izdelka pospraviti do poletja. :) Saj se le hecam, želim le povedati, da se osebno ne strinjam z opisom na izdelkih, ki pravi resno čudovita dišava. A to je le moje mnenje, kdo se zagotovo strinja z opisom. Vonj se na koži ne obdrži tako, da na koncu to sploh ni moteče.
Gel med drugim vsebuje Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate ali ALS, ki je sicer bolj mila različica SLS, ki lahko draži in izsušuje kožo. Na srečo z gelom nimam problemov, moje kože ne izsušuje in strinjam se z opisom, da gre za nežen izdelek za čiščenje telesa. Nežno se peni in kožo dobro očisti. Razen vonja, ki je tako ali tako osebna preferenca, mi je izdelek všeč. No, ekološki delež sestavin bi bil lahko višji (21%), enako tudi pri losjonu (26%). Losjon ima krasno in lahko teksturo, ki se hitro vpije v kožo in jo navlaži. Je eden izmed tistih losjonov, ki so enkratni za vsakodnevno uporabo. Kljub temu, da vsebuje tudi masli, kot sta karitejevo in kakavovo, mešanica sestavin tvori prijeten losjon, ki na koži ne pušča mastnih sledi, le občutek mehke in navlažene kože.
Izdelek, ki me je izmed treh najbolj navdušil je Gardeners Intenzivna krema za roke*. Ima krasen vonj! Na žalost vsebuje parfum (fragrance), a ne glede na to, ima krasen vonj, ki ni umeten ali premočan. Glede na opis diši po limeti, baziliki in rožmarinu, jaz voham tudi meto. A najverjetneje voham le baziliko. :) Meni ima čudovit vonj in kar ne morem se ga "navonjati". Tudi kremna tekstura in učinkovitost ne razočarata. Krema se takoj vpije v kožo in jo čudovito navlaži. Le kako ne, če vsebuje nekaj krasnih sestavin, ki kožo tudi krasno mehčajo - kakavovo in karitejevo maslo, jojobino in mandljevo olje. Vsebuje tudi višji delež sestavin ekološke pridelave kot izdelka za telo, 78%. S kremo sem res zadovoljna in jo zelo priporočam.

Kot sem omenila, izdelki so na voljo v spletni trgovini Via Nuturalis. Trenutno imajo na njihovem Facebook in Instagram profilu tudi nagradno igro. Srečno! :)

Organic Surge is an English brand with Ecocert certification. I first heard of them on the lovely blog called Ana Goes Green. A blog that is definitely worth following! Ana is such a nice person and her blog is wonderful! So, Organic Surge is now also available in Slovenia, in a store called Via Naturalis. One other brand they stock is Herbfarmacy, a gorgeous brand with beautiful products. Some I've already reviewed (here and here) but there are more that I have yet to. Here the special thanks goes to Via Naturalis, for hooking me up with loads of goodies. Picture here. See anything you like?

Gently Cleansing Shower Gel* and Skin Smoothing Body Lotion Tropical Orange & Bergamot* - both products come in a nice practical tube with a beautiful bronze accents. Anything floral is my jam. They have a fresh, citrus scent. Like the name would suggest, they smell of Orange and Bergamot, which has almost a delicate floral scent. Lotion has a nice scent, it's not too strong or anything like that. Shower gel on the other hand doesn't have a seriously fabulous fragrance like it says on the tube. To me it smells like bug  repellent. Which is quite normal knowing bergamot essential oil is often times used in anti-insects products. I guess I should use this duo in summer, because mosquitoes sure love me. Like a lot. Seriously though, I'm not the biggest fan of the scent but I'm sure some enjoy it. I'm just happy it doesn't linger on my skin. :)

Amongst the ingredients in the shower gel there is also Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or ALS, a milder version of SLS, which can irritate and dry out your skin. Fortunately I haven't experienced any of these problems. The product doesn't dry out my skin and is actually gentle and nice to use. If you don't mind the scent. It lathers nicely and properly cleanses my skin. Other than the scent, I like it. Well, more ingredients could have been from Organic Farming (21%). The same is with the body lotion (26%). The body lotion has a light consistency, it's quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and moisturized. It's a smooth operator, like it says on the packaging. It's one of those body lotions that are perfect for everyday use. Even though it contains some gorgeous but more heavy ingredients like Cocoa and Shea Butter, the lotion doesn't leave any greasy residue. Only soft and smooth skin. 

Product that impressed me the most out of the three is the Gardeners Hand Cream*. It has an amazing scent! Unfortunately it contains Parfum (Fragrance) but nevertheless, it has a beautiful scent, which is not artificial or too strong. Description says it contains pure aromatic Lime, Basil and Rosemary but I'm also smelling Mint. No joke. It's probably just basil, tricking me into thinking it's mint. :) It's different and I love it. Its creamy texture and performance also don't disappoint. How could they, if the hand cream contains ingredients like Cocoa and Shea Butter, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil. It also contains a higher percentage of ingredients from Organic Farming than body duo, 78%. I'm really loving this cream, it makes my hands soft and moisturized. I highly recommend it.

There's also a giveaway going on on Via Naturalis Facebook page and Instagram profile. They deliver to quite a few European countries so you should definitely give it a go. Click here to see where they ship their parcels. :)

 Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on Organic Surge?

Much love
Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Put a Bow on It

oktober 22, 2015

Yesterday was such a lovely day! I found new running/hiking shoes because the old ones started to hurt Achilles' heel on my right leg. Don't know what's the deal here but they are no longer of any use to me. We went to lunch, met up with some friends for drinks and then went to my aunt's house because she had a birthday. We ate some delicious lasagne and cake, yum! And before all that my boyfriend also tested his new camera phone and took these photos. :) Hope you also had a great, sunny Wednesday!
With love,

Jana xx

Natura Siberica Northern Soap For Deep Facial Cleansing

oktober 19, 2015

Every now and then I buy a product from Natura Siberica. Their ingredients aren't the best and most natural out there, but they have nice shower gels and face cleansing products. A product I've been testing out for the last few weeks is their Northern Soap for Deep Facial Cleansing*. Soap based on activated carbon or charcoal, a great absorbent which is usually used in products for oily, acne-prone skin. If you have tried everything for treating your acne and nothing worked, then try activated charcoal. Straight out pure I think is the best, but you can also try some products containing it. The Northern Soap has some really amazing ingredients, wild herbs and berries extracts I have never heard of before, like Oblepikha Oil, Limonnik Nanai, Bilberry Oil, extracts of Northern Cloudberry and so on. There are also some ingredients I don't really care about, one of them is Parfum. The product has the strongest scent which I find too artificial in comparison to other natural products. But some really like it, as I have read some reviews. You can check other ingredients here BUT unfortunately they aren't the same as those written on the actual product. Hope they update that.
As you can see, this product comes in a black jar with a black sponge, with which they recommend applying the product. I tried that and honestly, I don't think the sponge is necessary. I rather scoop it out with my finger and apply with my hands. For me this way is easier and more hygienic too. Oh and that jar, it's massive (120ml)! Can't see myself using the product anytime soon, if ever! Northern Soap has a lovely consistency - it's creamy and mousse-like. Before applying it on my face I like to firstly mix it with a bit of water. It spreads super easily and changes its colour from black, dark gray to light gray, white-ish shade. Soap doesn't lather, maybe just a tiny, tiny bit but it doesn't disappear like some other non-foaming products.
I've been using it once or twice per week, like it is suggested, and I quite like it. I haven't seen a big change in my skin, but after every use my skin feels nicely cleansed and it's not drying. It is supposed to be deeply cleansing which is hard for me to agree or disagree. It's not a miracle worker but it looks like it does something to my skin. Surprisingly, it makes it a bit calmer, can't say it shrinks pores but the skin just looks nicer. Not sure if this product is available in our local drugstores, but you can buy it here. Use discount code "JANA" to get 10% off your order.

Have you tried any products with activated charcoal? What do you think of them? :)

Have a great week,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Current Faves #3

oktober 16, 2015

Sharing some products I've been really enjoying lately.
Magic Planner Planner Sprinkle* - everyone "needs" a planner, especially me. I want to be more organized. I love the idea of doing to-do lists and being oh so very organized, but I'm not. I try to be and I hope this planner will help me with that. The calendar started with this October and I have to say that I already have some things written in it. That's a good start, right? Magic Planner is a Slovenian brand (yaay!) and besides planners, they also have T-shirts and cute cards with different quotes (see here). Click here to see how the planner looks inside, one thing I really like is their quotes for each week, love reading them. A very nice touch indeed.<3

Gressa Lip Boost in Regal* - I mention this beauty in a few blog posts (here and here) but I just have to include it one more time, because it's a product I've been wearing non-stop. It's gorgeous as a lipstick and a blush, which I've discovered in the last few weeks. It's creamy but not too creamy, it's not greasy, doesn't clog my pores, it's easily blendable and gives my cheeks a beautiful flush of colour. I think it's the perfect colour for autumn. You can see how it looks on me here.

Leahlani Skincare Lychee Perfume Oil* - at first I was like no. Don't like this. It's too sweet and strong. I have actually asked two or three friends what they think about the scent, just to know which one could I give it to. BUT, when I wore it for the second time, everything changed. I completely feel in love with it! Don't know what I was thinking before, guess I was struck by lightning and not in my right mind. I have such a hard time describing the scent, it's sweet, exotic and quite strong. Let me rather write their description - exotic sweet lychee with hints of rombuton, papaya and freesia flowers. Fun, fresh, young, sweet and cheery! Love.

Lük BeautiFood Vanilla & Cinnamon Lip Nourish* - would you look at that pretty lip balm? Yes, it's a lip balm, not a lipstick. Well, it's actually a cross between lip balm and lipstick, to be exact. Have I already told you that I adore the packaging? I really do. The product inside is gorgeous too. Smells like autumn aka smell so good and cinnamony, goes on nude, nearly colourless, it's hydrating and just oh so lovely!
Rachel's Plan Bee x kimberlyloc Limited Edition Body Oil* - heaven in a bottle!<3 Their description is on point - nourishing botanical oils blend it all together for an ultra-moisturizing, highly sensory experience that will have you reaching for another pump. Enjoy your trip to a field of fresh jasmine and roses, and be comforted by the hint of citrus and vanilla. You’re in good hands. I also agree with everything Lilly said. It's has such a gorgeous scent, it's super long-lasting, like all day long lasting and very moisturizing. Divine.

Autumn Nail Polishes - Zoya Charity is a mauve-purple, pinkish colour with copper coloured duochrome shimmer. The shade is perfect for sunny days because then you can really see it in all its glory. The shimmer is gorgeous, I always admire it. Next Zoya polish is in the shade Coco - dark marsala mauve with brown, red and purple undertones with a smooth creme finish. Marsala is THE colour of the moment and trust me, it looks good on the nails. Love this shade and the name. Last but certainly not least is Willow Byron Bay (now Sienna Byron Bay) nail polish in the shade Promise* - dark plum red with a cream finnish. Gorgeous shade and that wooden cap makes me so happy! You can see how it looks on my nails here.

DIY Hibiscus & Rosehip Mask - this antioxidant and vitamin C rich facial mask is the mask my dull skin needs right now. It gives my skin almost a radiant look and what's not to love about that?! Hibiscus is a natural source of AHAs so the mask also works as a great exfoliator. It makes my skin super soft and smooth. The plant is also know as Botox Plant, so why not give this mask a go? Read more here.

Yogi Tea Green Energy - yum, just yum! This tea has an amazing scent and some wonderful ingredients, like green tea, lemon grass, peppermint, ginger, elderflower, even guarana. It's fruity, green tea-ish, great pick-me-up. If you're not a fan of green tea, but you want to incorporate it in your routine, then you should give this one a try. 

What are your autumn favourites? Have you tried any of these products? :)

With love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided 

**Ste sodelovale v nagradni igri Zeliščni vrt Cvetka?? Na voljo imate še nekaj dni! :)**

Ilia Age of Consent. First Impression

oktober 14, 2015

My dear lovelies, how are you all today? As you may have seen on my Instagram, I was gifted a gorgeous, gorgeous product from the new Ilia Fall 2015 Collection. Thanks again babe! ;) <3 I've received their Silken Shadow Stick in the shade Age of Consent. Interesting name, right? :) I love the look of all shades they came up with, but this brown shade is definitely my favourite. It's an ash-brown shade with small golden-brown shimmer and bigger silver particles, glitter I'd say. Nothing matte about it. I absolutely adore it.
It's super beautiful, flattering, enough neutral even for my natural makeup looks, gives a great shine metallic look to them lids and it's just so darn easy to use. I swipe it on and blend with Bdellium Tools 785 brush. Big thanks to Ashley aka The Green Bunny for talking so highly about it, it really is that awesome as she says it is! And yes, I'm usually that lazy and I only use this product. And a bit of highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes and on brow bone. Done. I am thinking of pairing it with orange/apricot colour or darker brown eye shadow in my crease, I think it would look nice. One thing I have to say about it is that sometimes when I apply it there are some lumps, but nothing a bit of blending won't solve.
Other thing is, that it creases. It's creamy so a little creasing is to be expected, but on me it creases like crazy. I know it looks like that on the pictures bellow but my wrinkly eyelids are to be blamed here and not the product. I get "real" creases in about an hour or so. But please keep in mind that my eyelids are oily and I'm still looking for a great eye shadow primer. I've tried a few different techniques when applying this Ilia shadow stick, I hope I'll think of something else that will help. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. :)
Have you tried anything from the new Ilia Collection? I'd also love to try the foundation, looks beautiful! 

Much love,

Jana xx

Zeliščni vrt Cvetka Eko Mazilo za telo + Giveaway

oktober 11, 2015

V zadnjem času sem preizkusila kar nekaj novih izdelkov za nego telesa, ki so se na prehodu iz poletja na jesen v moji kolekciji kar naenkrat podvojili. Eno izmed teh je čudovito hranljivo olje slovenske naravne kozmetike Cvetka - Eko Zeliščno mazilo za telo z meliso*. Gre za ročno izdelano kozmetiko z Bio certifikatom, vsa zelišča so pridelana na ekološki način, ročno sejana, presajena, večkrat okopana, požeta in pravilno sušena. Zelišč ne uvažajo ali dokupujejo. Kozmetika je v 100% naravna, v večini primerov tudi 100% ekološka. Tudi njihova embalaža je ekološka.
 Mazilo oziroma olje vsebuje različna rastlinska olja, kot so olivno, sončnično, laneno, sezamovo in mandljevo olje, v tem vrstnem redu. Vsebuje tudi čebelji vosek in izvleček melise. Ima svež, limonasto-melisin vonj z zemeljskim, oreščkastim podtonom olj, predvsem vonjem olivnega in sezamovega olja. Zaradi vsebnosti čebeljega voska ima mazilo kar težko teksturo, če se lahko tako izrazim za olje. Za olje je dokaj gosto in posledično se tudi ne vpije hitro. Včasih se mi zdi, da na koži naredi nekakšno tanko plast voska, pa čeprav ga, glede na zaporedje sestavin, vsebuje malo. Ob vsem tem pa je mazilo izjemno vlažilno in predvsem hranilno. Olje kožo pomirja, jo naredi gladko in zelo mehko. Iskreno povedano, to mazilo ni najbolj luksuzno olje za telo kar sem jih preizkusila, a ne glede na to, gre za krasen izdelek, ki vsebuje sestavine ekološke pridelave, sestavine, ki jih vsi prepoznamo, sestavine, ki kožo odlično vlažijo. In sestavine slovenske pridelave! Zelo sem navdušena nad filozofijo znamke in s tem v mislih sem se s dogovorila za eno super nagradno igro! :)

 Še prej pa moram omeniti, da imam poleg nagradne igre za vas tudi ugodnost za nakup v njihovi trgovini. Uporabite kodo Jana, s katero lahko izkoristite 10% popust na nakup v spletni trgovini Zeliščni vrt Cvetka. Koda je veljavna en mesec, do 11. novembra 2015.
 Pravila nagradne igre so zelo enostavna, nagrada pa krasna. Ena zmagovalka si bo lahko izbrala izdelek po svoji izbiri v spletni trgovini Zeliščni vrt Cvetka. Krasno, se vam ne zdi? Izbrala bo lahko med izdelki za nego telesa, obraza, meni je med drugim všeč tudi Eko masažna kocka z vanilijo in ekološki zeliščni čaji. Ampak to sta le dve izbiri, imajo tudi šampone za kužke! :)

Zdaj pa na pravila. Za sodelovanje morate izpolniti Rafflecopter obrazec, ki je na dnu objave - slediti morate mojemu blogu na Bloglovinu, všečkati Zeliščni vrt Cvetka Facebook stran in mi povedati kateri njihov izdelek bi rade preizkusile. To je obvezno. Ko jih izpolnite, bo na voljo še nekaj dodatnih zahtev, ki niso obvezne a izboljšajo in povečajo vaše možnosti za zmago. Nagradna igra bo potekala 7 dni, do 18. oktobra 2015. Zmagovalka bo objavljena v tej objavi in obveščena preko e-maila. Če mi ne odgovori v 48 urah, bom izbrala novo. 


Hi lovelies! I decided to keep this post only in Slovene, because I'm reviewing a Slovenian product from Zeliščni vrt Cvetka (Herbal Garden Cvetka), the Eco Herbal Body Oil with Lemon Balm*. There is also a giveaway but unfortunately it's only for my Slovenian babes.

Lots of love to you all,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Customized Inner-Soul Organics Products

oktober 09, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, that actually already turned into months, I was contacted by a lovely UK brand Inner-Soul Organics. They very kindly offer to send me some products to try out and I was immediately drawn in by their Bespoke collection. A collection that is designed and created uniquely for you and your skin using organic plant, fruit and flower extracts to create ultimate balance inside and out. I always love the idea of customized products, products that are made exactly for my skin. I got my own facial oil and body butter for which I had to fill out their skincare consultation. I had to write down my age, in detail describe my skin, tell them if I have any allergies, things like that. The end result were two amazing products, the Apricot Restore Facial Oil* and Lemon Divine Body Butter*.
Inner-Soul Organics was founded in 2011 by the lovely Emma Coleman, after training as a Reflexologist and Clinical Aromatherapist, specialising in skin disorders. The brand is all about bringing the best natural and organic ingredients for the job. They source their ingredients from across the globe and from fairly traded sources including small scale community and co-operative projects in developing countries wherever they can. The packaging is nice, practical, but as it is a luxurious skincare brand I expected the packaging would be more luxe and chic. It's not the prettiest out there, but what is inside sure is lovely. One detail I really love is a personalised quote on the bottles which goes like this: "Take your dreams wherever you go."
Apricot Restore Organic Facial Oil is 100% organic oil serum created with a blend of Apricot Seed and Chia Oils. These two have been chosen especially for my combination skin, because of their abilities to balance acne-prone, combination skins due to their naturally clarifying properties. There are also Carrot Extract, Evening Primrose, Rose Hip which is proven to have very powerful rejuvenating benefits and therefore a great tool to help reduce signs of ageing. The face oil's essential oil blend includes Geranium to balance sebum production, Lavender and Ylang Ylang to deal with break outs and deeply cleansing Basil, a powerful anti-bacterial. Sounds amazing and it truly is. It has a light, fresh, floral scent with a touch of deeper basil and rosemary scent. It does exactlywhat is claims and it's my go-to facial oil for when I'm dealing with a spot(s). It's more of a light oil but strangely I found that it's best to only use it in the evenings because it makes my skin quite shiny if I wear it through the day. Strangely because that rarely happens to me and because this oil is designed to balance my skin and reduce excessive oiliness. That being said, it actually really helps with all that! Funny, right?! It's my go-to evening facial oil because it really keeps my skin happy, it doesn't clog my pores but helps with them nasty break outs. It calms my skin, it makes it really soft and it's kinda magical, to be perfectly honest. Man, some people really have that amazing ability to create something special. One thing I'd skip in this oil is Benzyl Benzoate and Tocopherol, don't think it needs them.
Lemon Divine Body Butter is described as a thick, luscious cream to soften and moisturize skin over long periods, plus flush away toxins to reduce any cellulite. I mentioned that I like dry body brushing so they kept that in mind when creating this body butter. Lemon and Bergamot are deep cleansers and they improve blood flow, therefore a perfect companion to body brushing. Product is not vegan, contains beeswax, and is 89% organic. It contains a mix of butters (Cocoa Seed and Shea), oils (Sweet Almond, Sunflower, Jojoba for example), other ingredients like Glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol, Alcohol, Xanthan gum to name a few. Like with facial oil, I'd also skip on some ingredients. Saying that, the body butters consistency is thick, super creamy and luxuriously rich. It's not oily or heavy on the skin, but still very nourishing and hydrating. It's quickly absorbed into the skin and it keeps it soft and smooth all day long. 

I'm super impressed with both of these products and if you're looking for that special, unique facial oil or some other product created especially for your skin, I'd say go for it! Get them here.

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Random Wednesday

oktober 07, 2015

Don't know what's the weather like where you live, but here is rainy and gloomy and just bleh. So it's the perfect time to share an awesome video or two to brighten up your day. It's for those of you who appreciate amazing makeup skills, like really amazing skills, for those of you who look for some inspiration for Halloween or maybe you are just bored and want to see how the heck can someone do stuff like that. Nicole is always on point with her makeup, but I'm most impressed with her artsy/Halloween appropriate/crazy makeup looks. Love.
Have you watched these already? Isn't she amazing?!

One other thing that is truly amazing is the movie The Martian.<3 You really, really! have to watch it! :)

Much love,

Jana xx

Natural Autumn Makeup Look

oktober 04, 2015

This soft and natural makeup look was inspired by the stunning Gressa Lip Boost in Regal* (review), a dark red-slightly brown colour. Perfect for autumn. I wanted to be all matchy-matchy so I used it on my lips and cheeks. I was so pleased with the end result that I had to take some pictures. You can see the makeup I used on the photo bellow, if you are interested in a certain product, do let me know. I'll only mention one other product and that is the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Contour Brush. You see, the lip boost is a creamy product and to achieve a natural, well blended look on them cheeks I always use this brush. Bristles aren't too dense, they are quite sparse but the brush picks up just the right amount of product and blends it seamlessly. I never get that nice application with my fingers, so if you're also struggling with that, then definitely pick up this brush. :)
That's all for now, hope you enjoyed this autumn look. Maybe my next one will be more heavy on the eyes, we'll see. :)

Have a lovely Sunday,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided
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