Kahina Giving Beauty Serum

september 30, 2015

The last day of this September is reserved for another chic product with black packaging, the stunning Kahina Giving Beauty Serum*. Lately it seems I've reviewed quite a lot of luxury, high-end products and this one is no exception. All you green beauty lovers out there probably know this brand and how Katharine, the founder, fell in love with organic argan oil on her journey through the Moroccan desert. You can read more about her story here, but let's just say she was very much inspired by the Berber women who extract the argan oil and they played a huge role in creating Kahina Giving Beauty.
Kahina Giving Beauty Serum, Natural, Organic
I didn't check every single Kahina product, but I think it's safe to say that the majority of Katharine's products are based on the wonderful Argan Oil. That is also the case with their Serum, an aromatic blend of organic essential oils that brings necessary nutrients to rejuvenate skin and protect against signs of aging. Talking about aromatic, this serum contains Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Neroli, Lavender. The scent is calming, light, which I really like, and floral. The flower that really comes through is chamomile and its scent reminds me of my first more luxury green beauty products. I love that, I find it so nostalgic. Those products were from Suki, which was one of the few green brands available in our stores. You know I actually met with a Suki representative in one of our health stores and was so impressed that I had to buy two products that I thoroughly enjoyed. Uf that was a long time ago now, more than five years. For all my Slovenian babes (European too), I saw that Suki skincare is now available on Ecco Verde. So yeah, I love the sutble and delicate chamomile/floral scent. These essential oils and some other ingredients are in a base of Organic Argan Oil, which is fortified with Organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, Organic Pomegranate and Coffee Oil. Now don't they sound lovely?
Serum claims to provide protection to the skin while repairing tissue damage, reducing hyperpigmentation, stimulating cell regeneration, preventing moisture loss and calming irritated skin. Even though the serum is meant to use as a night treatment, I've been also using it as a day treatment. But like I always say, if it contains Lavender, be careful not to expose yourself to the sun too much. After a month or so I haven't seen a major difference in my skin. Being said that, I still very much enjoy using this oil. I can't explain, but there is something in this oil that's calling my name. Maybe the fact that it's so expensive and that I don't want it to go bad. :) No but seriously, it's moisturizing, non clogging, calming too, but to be perfectly honest, not as much as is the Odacité Ca+C Serum* or Gaia Creams Oat & Amaranth Serum*. It also works well at reducing hyperpigmentation, but again, not as quick as some other oils. Which I find totally normal because some oils are particularly designed for one problem, when this one is a very good all-rounder. I think it just needs a little bit more time to work its magic. The more I'm writing this the more I have a feeling I'm not giving it the love it deserves. I think my expectations were too high but with some products and brands that just happens, I can't help myself. :)
To sum up this review, the serum smells nice and floral, it's moisturizing, quickly absorbed into the skin and has some pretty amazing ingredients that are a treat for my skin. It's surprisingly lightweight, a great oil to use as a base for makeup, contains loads of antioxidants and all that is packaged in a gorgeous, chic glass bottle. Luxe, if you want just one word for it. It doesn't provide an instant visible difference in a minute, well if you ask my friend, she would disagree with that, but for me it's one of those products that needs time to truly show how great it really is. In the end, I still really like using it and would love to try some more Kahina Giving Beauty products. 

You can buy it at Petal & Post where you receive 15% off your total order when you enter discount code 
loveliness4YOU-summer15 at checkout (good through to midnight October 31, 2015).

What are your thoughts on Kahina Giving Beauty and their products? Any gems I need to know about? :)

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

6 komentarjev :

  1. Nice review!
    Sounds a beautiful oil....I am a super fan of Argan oil.
    Would probably use it only at night. If I apply any oil in the morning (even 2 drops), skin turns out to be really oily a few hours later, so not a fan of that. x

    1. Thanks Audrey! Oh really, then I totally get that you don't use it in the morning xx

  2. Great review. This looks stunning and is definitely on my wishlist x

  3. Great review! Thank you for your honesty as always, and I totally see what you mean. While you can find other boost treatments, Kahina's serum is more like an oil that you use as part of a whole skin ritual. I haven't tired Kahina yet, but I'm curious about their face masks (as usual lol) xx

    1. Thanks dear Liz! :) Yeah, it's exactly that, so happy you understand! :) Hihi I'm interesting too, a gorgeous mask is always a must for me :) xx


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