avgust 30, 2015

LURK perfume oils have been popping up on different green beauty blogs for a while now and they always sound super lovely. I was lucky enough to smell all of them and the one that really picked my interest was the RSW 005*, an essential scent to slake even the most parched perfume palette. It's described as an androgenous scent and I kinda smell that but I'd still say it's more for the ladies. It has warm but at the same time fresh and earthy scent. It's complex and I like that. RSW 005 smells of Rose and SandalWood and has a crisp citrus finish. Sophisticated, romantic and sexy at the same time, just oh so beautiful.<3
LURK Organic Perfume Oil RSW005
 LURK is a pure essential oil company and their organic perfume oils are conceived and created in Soho NYC. Each scent is hand blended using pure essentials in a base of organic jojoba. In order to maintain purity they don't use preservatives or synthetics. Check out the lovely video where Anne, the founder, is talking about her brand and inspiration for creating her gorgeous perfumes. I love watching how the oils come together in a bottle, looks so cool!

Perfume oil comes in glass bottle with a golden cap. Luxurious and straight out fancy. It's not a roll-on or a spray bottle but it has a drop reducer. Therefore when I use it on my wrists I apply it straight from the bottle but when I apply it everywhere else I firstly drop some on my finger and then apply it on the parts of my body I usually use a perfume. Mainly on my neck. It lasts for a few hours, not long. I wish it would last longer. But because it has such a travel friendly packaging, I can easily carry it around with me and apply it throught the day if I feel like it. 
LURK Perfume Oil RSW005
Besides the gorgeous scent and the best quality natural ingredients and raw material, LURK also supports and gives back to different organizations. And you know what else? RSW 005 is also worn by Liv Tlyer and it's kinda awesome that I smell like her. Now I wanna watch LOTR again! :)

Buy it here and receive 15% off your total order when you enter discount code loveliness4YOU-summer15 at checkout (good through to midnight October 31, 2015).

Love you lots,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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  1. This sounds wonderful! I've been thinking about trying more natural perfumes recently.

    1. Oh it really is. Hope you do, they're lovely!<3

  2. This is my favorite LURK perfume too (though close tie with PRJ V1)! Just happen to be re-reading the LOTR series now ;)

    1. Glad to hear that Jade :) Hihi really,that's awesome! Enjoy! :) x

  3. LURK perfumes have been on my wishlist for ages x


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