LaBante London Bag

avgust 17, 2015

Hi lovelies! Hope you're having a great Monday. Today I wanted to share with you my current favourite handbag - the LaBante London Kensington Black*. Isn't she a beaut? LaBante bags are vegan, made with faux leather and they are oh so beautiful. Their faux leather is very luxurious and emulates real leather. It is something completely different than many other faux leather bags that you can buy in shops like H&M. They are well made and the quality is very high. 
Bags are designed in London and made in China. They kindly answered my questions about that and said they "have carefully and maticuliosly selected the factories we work with and take extra care in making sure all material are ethically sourced. From the start our aim has been to make beautiful and durable handbags, but our priority will always be to make ethical and cruelty free fashion. Since we also work with department stores, we go through strict ethical audits and we personally make regular visits to our factories in China to make sure no forced or child labour is happening and that all workers are working in safe conditions, given holidays and payed the correct wages." One of their logo is also "Made with pride, wear with love" and "Fashion with respect". 
 Sounds like a lovely brand, doesn't it? LaBante bags really are gorgeous and luxurious so you should definitely check them out. They also sell some beautiful jewellery, if that's more your thing. I don't know if it's the similar name, but The Kenzington Necklace looks stunning!<3 

Have a great week and I hope I'll have time this week to write more posts! :)

Much love to you all,
Jana xx

*sample generously provided 

6 komentarjev :

  1. Kako lepa torbica, res! :)
    Izgledaš pa itak fabulous, tako kor vedno :D

  2. Dear Jana,
    the bag looks beautiful (: . And I love the photos and the nature backdrop around you *.* .
    Lots of love <3.

    1. Hi sweetie, aww thank you, so happy you liked them<3 xx

  3. Zelo je lepa in se mi zdi da tudi prostorna, glede na to, da vseeno deluje pisemsko. Se pa vidi, da jo zato ker je "veganska" nosiš veliko bolj s ponosom. (; In take izdelke res moremo podpirat. Tukaj pri nas imamo trgovino Natura. Oblačila niso ravno moj stil ampak vse ostalo za dom, pa je fantastično.

    1. Imaš prav, res je kar prostorna :) Hihi ja hvala :) Sicer so itak vse moje torbice (in čevlji) veganski in se strinjam s tabo, to je treba podpirati :) O me veseli, da si našla takšno trgovino in upam, da bodo sčasoma začeli prodajati tudi takšna oblačila, ki so ti všeč :)


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