avgust 30, 2015

LURK perfume oils have been popping up on different green beauty blogs for a while now and they always sound super lovely. I was lucky enough to smell all of them and the one that really picked my interest was the RSW 005*, an essential scent to slake even the most parched perfume palette. It's described as an androgenous scent and I kinda smell that but I'd still say it's more for the ladies. It has warm but at the same time fresh and earthy scent. It's complex and I like that. RSW 005 smells of Rose and SandalWood and has a crisp citrus finish. Sophisticated, romantic and sexy at the same time, just oh so beautiful.<3
LURK Organic Perfume Oil RSW005
 LURK is a pure essential oil company and their organic perfume oils are conceived and created in Soho NYC. Each scent is hand blended using pure essentials in a base of organic jojoba. In order to maintain purity they don't use preservatives or synthetics. Check out the lovely video where Anne, the founder, is talking about her brand and inspiration for creating her gorgeous perfumes. I love watching how the oils come together in a bottle, looks so cool!

Perfume oil comes in glass bottle with a golden cap. Luxurious and straight out fancy. It's not a roll-on or a spray bottle but it has a drop reducer. Therefore when I use it on my wrists I apply it straight from the bottle but when I apply it everywhere else I firstly drop some on my finger and then apply it on the parts of my body I usually use a perfume. Mainly on my neck. It lasts for a few hours, not long. I wish it would last longer. But because it has such a travel friendly packaging, I can easily carry it around with me and apply it throught the day if I feel like it. 
LURK Perfume Oil RSW005
Besides the gorgeous scent and the best quality natural ingredients and raw material, LURK also supports and gives back to different organizations. And you know what else? RSW 005 is also worn by Liv Tlyer and it's kinda awesome that I smell like her. Now I wanna watch LOTR again! :)

Buy it here and receive 15% off your total order when you enter discount code loveliness4YOU-summer15 at checkout (good through to midnight October 31, 2015).

Love you lots,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided


avgust 26, 2015

A while ago I participated in an Instagram giveaway, like I often do. :) A natural and organic e-boutique Corpo Natura (@corponatura) from the Netherlands was hosting a giveaway where they were kindly giving away two Berlin based Treat Collection nail polishes. I almost won, I came second but all was not lost. The oh so very lovely Anouk, founder of Corpo Natura, decided to send me one nail polish just because of her generous spirit. Such a sweetheart! She picked a colour for me and boy she did good. I was sent Treat Collection nail polish in Fabulous, a real treat if I say so myself. I love a good pink nail polish and this one is just perfect. A gorgeous dark pink, fuschia colour with amazing pigmentation and good lasting power. It lasts around 4 days on my hands and up to one week on my toes. It even lasted that long when I was swimming three times a day for a few days. Without chipping! With base and top coat of course. The polish is more on the thick side, has medium to thin brush and absolutely stunning packaging. Love! Besides all that goodness, these polishes are non toxic, meaning 5-free, meaning they deliberately abstain from commonly used risky ingredients. They say no to Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP (Dibutyl phthalate) and Camphor. Here you can check it out what these ingredients are and which ones they actually use. 
Treat Collection Fabulous Nail Polish
Treat Collection Fabulous Nail Polish
Treat Collection Fabulous
Treat Collection Fabulous Nail Polish
Have you tried Treat Collection polishes? Are you in love with this colour as much as I am? :)

With love,

Jana xx

An Oil for Oily Skin

avgust 23, 2015

Kot pove že sam naslov, vam bom predstavila eno krasno olje za mastno kožo. Saj verjetno že veste, da sem ogromna oboževalka olj in naj vam povem, da lahko nekatera kožo tudi izsušijo in tako pomagajo v boju z mozolji. Takšno je po mojih izkušnjah Yanumi Čisto naravno boragovo olje*. Boragovo olje lajša simptome kroničnih težav s kožo, kot so ekcem, akne, psoriaza in atopični dermatitis. Poleg neposrednega nanosa na kožo, ga lahko uporabljamo tudi za uživanje. Dobrodejno deluje v primeru vnetnih procesov v organizmu, pomaga torej zmanjšati bolečine in otrdelost sklepov pri reumatoidnem artritisu. Omili PMS simptome, zmanjšuje pa tudi srčno-žilno dovzetnost za stres. Olje ni priporočljivo za nosečnice in bolnike z epilepsijo in shizofrenijo. Tako deluje predvsem zaradi visoke vsebnosti gama-linolenske maščobne kisline, esencialne maščobne kisline pa so izrednega pomena za zdravo kožo. Boragovo olje je bogato tudi z minerali in vitamini.
Olje je zapakirano v prozorni steklenički na pumpico. Curek pumpice je precej močen, mene je prvič popolnoma presenetil in seveda je del olja špricnil tudi malo naokoli. Naslednjič sem bila previdnejša in se tega tudi takoj navadila. Želela bi si, da bi bilo olje v steklenički iz temnega stekla, a to pri stekleničkah tako ali tako vedno omenjam. Sicer pa steklo deluje zelo kvalitetno in debelo. Moram priznati, da mi je še posebej všeč dizajn na škatlici, zato sem jo za objavo tudi shranila.

Boragovo olje sem uporabljala približno en mesec, zjutraj in zvečer. Po nekajdnevni uporabi sem opazila rahlo zmanjšanje rdečice in moji prvi vtisi so bili super. Kaj hitro pa so se mi začeli pojavljati madeži suhe kože. Bilo je tako kot se mi pogosto dogaja pozimi, le da so se meni luskice pojavile sredi poletja in toplega vremena. Sprva nisem točno vedela kaj mi jih povzroča, a po prekinitvi uporabe olja in nato njeni ponovni uporabi sem spoznala, da je prav boragovo olje tisto, ki mi je izsuševalo kožo. Olje zdaj uporabljam le ob posebnih priložnostih, ker sicer res blagodejno deluje pri boju z mozolji. Ne me narobe razumeti, moja ocena sploh ni negativna, ker olje je več kot očitno super za mastno kožo, le moji mešani koži ni ustrezalo. Stvar, ki me je malo zmotila je, da na opisu piše, da to naravno olje koži vrača vlago, suhi in poškodovani koži pa povrne mehkobo. S tem se žal ne strinjam, kot pa sem že rekla, pa ga več kot priporočam tistim z mastno kožo in kožo z aknami. Ostalim pa priporočam katero drugo Yanumi olje. :) Na voljo na njihovi spletni strani, videla sem jih tudi v Biotopicu, za več prodajnih mest pa kliknite tukaj. :)

Like the title of this post says, today I'm going to introduce you a super lovely oil for an oily skin. The perfect oil to have if you're dealing with acne is the Yanumi 100% Organic Borage Oil*. Borage oil provides relief from chronic skin disorders such as eczema, acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. It can be also used internally, it alleviates joint pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis, eases PMS symptoms and lowers susceptibility of the cardiovascular system to stress. But it's not suitable for pregnant women and those who suffer with epilepsy or schizophrenia. Borage oil is so benefical because of its high amount of gamma linolenic acid, which protects against inflammation and boosts the immune system. It's also rich in minerals and vitamins.

Oil comes in a lovely, clear glass bottle with a pump. I wish the bottle was made with dark glass, but I always prefer that when it comes to these types of products. Other than that the glass feels thick and high quality so that's a plus. I especially like the design on the box, that's why I also kept it for the review.

I used this borage oil every day for a month. After several days I noticed that redness in my skin started to slowly reduce and my first impression was great. But then dry patches came. In the summer! I usually suffer from dry patches on my skin in the winter and not when it's warm and sunny outside. At first I didn't blame it on the borage oil but when I stopped using it and then tried again, I saw the culprit is most definitely this oil. Now I only use it on special occasions, because otherwise it really is a lovely oil when it comes to dealing with acne. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not interested in bashing this product and writing a negative review, because I get that not every product suits every skin type. This one certainly isn't the right oil for my combination to normal skin, but I would highly recommend it for oily and acne prone skin. The thing that slightly bothers me is the description on the box where it says that it restores moisture content and smoothness to dry and damaged skin. Maybe it does, but in my experience it doesn't. :) But like I said, if you're on a hunt for a great oil for an oily skin, then definitely give borage oil a go! :)

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

**Oh and babes, are you subscribed to the Petal & Post newsletter? Then you've probably seen my face in it! So exciting! For all of you who don't know what the heck I'm talking about - I was given the opportunity to be featured in Petal & Post newsletter where I shared my 6 summertime products. You can check them out here. :) **

LaBante London Bag

avgust 17, 2015

Hi lovelies! Hope you're having a great Monday. Today I wanted to share with you my current favourite handbag - the LaBante London Kensington Black*. Isn't she a beaut? LaBante bags are vegan, made with faux leather and they are oh so beautiful. Their faux leather is very luxurious and emulates real leather. It is something completely different than many other faux leather bags that you can buy in shops like H&M. They are well made and the quality is very high. 
Bags are designed in London and made in China. They kindly answered my questions about that and said they "have carefully and maticuliosly selected the factories we work with and take extra care in making sure all material are ethically sourced. From the start our aim has been to make beautiful and durable handbags, but our priority will always be to make ethical and cruelty free fashion. Since we also work with department stores, we go through strict ethical audits and we personally make regular visits to our factories in China to make sure no forced or child labour is happening and that all workers are working in safe conditions, given holidays and payed the correct wages." One of their logo is also "Made with pride, wear with love" and "Fashion with respect". 
 Sounds like a lovely brand, doesn't it? LaBante bags really are gorgeous and luxurious so you should definitely check them out. They also sell some beautiful jewellery, if that's more your thing. I don't know if it's the similar name, but The Kenzington Necklace looks stunning!<3 

Have a great week and I hope I'll have time this week to write more posts! :)

Much love to you all,
Jana xx

*sample generously provided 

Skincare Routine

avgust 10, 2015

Nikoli nisem pisala o moji vsakodnevni rutini obrazi, a danes se bo to spremenilo. Zelo sem zadovoljna z izdelki, ki jih trenutno uporabljam in le zakaj jih torej ne bi delila z vami. Moja koža je mešana, včasih se ji meša od mozoljev, drugič od suhe kože, tretjič pa od mešanice obeh. Je tudi občutljiva. Moj največji problem je rdečica, ki je na moje veliko navdušenje trenutno v meji normale in upam, da bo tako tudi ostalo. Morda je razlog za tole objavo tudi moje pričakovanje izbruha mozoljev v prihajajočih mesecih zaradi prenehanja jemanja kontracepcijskih tabletk. Očitno bi rada napisala objavo posvečeno pomirjeni in precej čisti koži zdaj, ko jo še imam. :) Sicer sem začela uživati maco, ki uravnava hormone a ker je, milo rečeno, zelo neprijetnega okusa, nisem ravno dosledna v njenem uživanju. Če imate morda še kakšen predlog in nasvet, kar na plan z njimi, se jih niti malo ne branim. :)
Naj torej začnem z mojo jutranjo rutino obraza. Najprej uporabim Herbfarmacy Wash Off Cleansing Mousse* (ocena), ki kožo nežno očisti, je ne izsuši in je primerna za vse tipe kože. Nato uporabim Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner (ocena), ki ga vedno prelijem v sprej stekleničko. Vatirane blazinice uporabljam le za odstranjevanje laka na nohtih, sicer se jih na veliko izogibam. Tonik tako lahko uporabim tudi za osvežitev obraza preko dneva, vedno pa ga nanesem tudi na sveže naličen obraz. A pojdimo zdaj raje nazaj na jutro. Tonik mojo kožo pa tudi mene rahlo prebudi in osveži in nato na še navlažen obraz nanesem dnevno kremo. Odlična izbira za občutljivo kože je Graydon Clinical Luxury The Putty* krema (ocena), ki se takoj vpije v kožo, jo pomiri in je sama po sebi tudi krasna podlaga za nanos ličila. A pri meni se jutranja nega obraza tu še ne ustavi. Nadaljujem s kremo za predel okoli oči. Moja trenutna izbira je čudovita Gaia Creams Raw Love Eye & Face Cream* (ocena), ki vsebuje različna olja in masla, ki nežno in tanko kožo dobro navlažijo in nahranijo. Kreme se porabi tudi izjemno, izjemno malo. Pri nanosu vedno pazim, da kože ne vlečem, da nisem groba in je po nepotrebnem ne raztegujem sem in tja. Nanesem jo s tapkajočimi gibi prstancev. Nato na obraz nanesem še kapljico ali dve S.W. Basics Oil Serum olja ter mojo najljubšo kremo za obraz z zaščitnim faktorjem, Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF30 (ocena). Krema je primerna za mastno, mešano kožo, v kožo se takoj vpije, ne povzroča mozoljev ali videza mastne kože in je nasploh res odlična! Velja si le zapomniti, da ni vodoodporna, na kar sem popolnoma pozabila eno popoldne na morju. Seveda sem bila naslednji dan rahlo rdeča oziroma rjava po obrazu. Ups, se zgodi. :)
Večerna rutina je precej podobna jutranji, z izjemo ali dvema. Če imam naličen obraz, potem pred Herbfarmacy moussom najprej uporabim kokosovo olje. Le tega nežno vmasiram na suh obraz, ne dodam nobene vode, ker to sploh ni potrebno, ker ličila olje kar stopi. Vse skupaj nato odstranim z mokro brisačko in kot sem že rekla, uporabim Herbfarmacy čistilo. Več tukaj. Seveda nato sledijo tonik, Graydon krema in Gaia Creams krema za okoli oči, olje oziroma serum pa je zvečer drugo. Uporabim namreč moj nadvse ljubljeni serum - Odacité Ca + C Serum Concentrate* (ocena). Resno, če imate občutljivo kožo, kožo nagnjeno k rdečici, potem ga morate preizkusiti! :)

Za konec moram omeniti tudi kozmetično torbico, ki pojavlja na fotografijah. Gre za Made in Carcere torbico*, ki jih izdelujejo ženske zapornice v Italiji. Za njihovo izdelavo uporabljajo izključno ostanke blaga. Super, se vam ne zdi? Na voljo v The Green Jungle Beauty Shop, spletni trgovini, ki jo je ustanovila blogerka Julie. Poleg luštnega blaga sem torbico v to objavo vključila predvsem zaradi velikosti. Notri spravim lahko vse izdelke, ki jih potrebujem za nego obraza, pa še za kakšnega je prostor. Super za potovanja!

I've never written a post about my skincare routine but today is the day! I'm so very pleased with the products I'm using that I really have to share them with you. My skin is combination, sometimes it goes quite mad with spots, other times it's dry and often times it's a combination of both. And it's also sensitive. My biggest concern and problem is redness, which I'm so happy to say is looking pretty normal and actually quite great, even wonderful if I'm comparing it with a year or so ago. I hope it stays that way. Another reason for this post is also my fear and expectation of upcoming spots and acne because I went off the birth control. I guess I just want to write about my skincare routine when all is still looking nice. :) I did started with Maca, which helps to regulate hormones, but has such an unpleasant taste - to say the least,  and I'm not sure how I'll manage to consume it every day. Yuck! If you have any advice or suggestion on Maca or anything else in regard of going off the pill, I'm all ears. :)

So, let's start with my morning skincare routine. First I use Herbfarmacy Wash-Off Cleansing Mousse* (review), which is super gentle but effective, it doesn't dry out my skin and it's suitable for all skin types. Then I spray my face with Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner (review). I always decant it in a glass spray bottle so I can use it throughout the day and because I rarely use cotton pads. I actually only use them for removing my nail polish. Other than that I stay away from them. Toner refreshes my skin and then, when my skin is still damp, I apply a day cream. A great choice for sensitive skin is Graydon Clinical Luxury The Putty* cream (review), which sinks immediately into the skin, leaves it soft and soothed. It's also a great base for makeup. But, my morning skincare routine isn't quite finished here. I then go in with an eye cream, a must for me. I've been loving the all organic and vegan Gaia Creams Raw Love Eye & Face Cream* (review), which contains some gorgeous oils and butters that leave my skin moisturized and nourished. And you only need a tiny bit of it so it will last ages! I apply it with my ring fingers and I'm careful to only dab and tap, not pull and drag. The skin around the eyes is sensitive and delicate so be aware of that. For the finishing touches I apply a drop or two of the S.W. Basics Oil Serum and Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF30 (review). Suitable for oily, combination skin, it's so easily absorbed, it doesn't clog my pores, it doesn't leave an oily look to the skin and it's an all around winner! The only thing I would mention is that you have to remember that it's not waterproof. I totally forgot about that and went swimming with it one afternoon. Of course I woke up with red/brown skin on my face. Oh well, it happens. :)

My evening routine is almost the same, with one or two exceptions. If I have a full face of makeup I go in with coconut oil. I just apply it straight to my face, gently massage it and then wash it off with a warm, wet cloth. Then I double cleanse with the Herbfarmacy Mousse. More here. I apply toner, Graydon cream and the Raw Love eye cream. The last but certaintly not least is my beloved Odacité Ca + C Serum Concentrate* (review). I can only say one thing, it's amazeballs! Magic in a bottle and if you have sensitive skin, you most definitely have to give it a go. :)

For the end of this post I have to mention a skincare/makeup bag that is featured on the photos and which really blew me away. It's the Made in Carcere bag*, a product that is made by women prisoners in Italy, using exclusively leftover frabrics. Awesome right? Check them out in Julie's gorgeous natural boutique The Green Jungle Beauty Shop.<3 Besides the cute fabric the bag is so big you can fit almost anything in it. Perfect for travel, trust me! :)

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Odacité Ca + C Facial Serum Concentrate

avgust 03, 2015

O ameriški znamki Odacité sem že pisala. Gotovo se spomnite nedavne objave o treh čudovitih oljih, ki jih trenutno uporabljam. Že kar nekaj časa nazaj pa sem vam predstavila tudi set s testerji, ki me je prav tako navdušil. Odacité ima prekrasne izdelke in lahko vam že takoj povem, da bo današnja ocena zelo pozitivna.
Odacité Camelina Chamomille Serum Concentrate* je eden izmed zelo učinkovitih serumov iz kolekcije The Pure Elements. Kolekcija ima 18 serumov, vsak je namenjen točno določenemu kožnemu tipu in problemu. Imajo visoko koncentracijo učinkovin, kar vam povejo že sama imena izdelkov. Vsebujejo visoko dozo vitaminov, antioksidantov in sestavin s protivnetnim delovanjem, ki so ključni pri regeneraciji kot tudi razstrupljanju kože. Ca + C serum vsebuje čudovite sestavine, ki kožo blažijo in pomirijo. Olje kamelije pridobljeno iz severne Amerike ima neverjetno protivnetno delovanje. Pomirja in regenerira razdraženo kožo in kožo nagnjeno k alergičnim reakcijam. Kamelija je znana tudi po tem, da pomaga zdraviti ekcem. Druga pomembna blažilna učinkovina seruma je kamilica, ki je pridobljena iz Bosne. Med drugim vsebuje tudi palmaroso, sivko, sandalovino in neroli. Visoka koncentracija in svežost sestavin se kaže tudi v majhni steklenički iz temnega stekla s kapalko (15 ml). Le 2-3 kapljice seruma na dan zagotavljajo opazne rezultate! Jaz sicer uporabim 4-5 kapljic, ker serum uporabljam zjutraj in zvečer, in rezultati so krasni! Naj na tem mestu opozorim, da ga za dnevno uporabo ne svetujem veliko, le kapljico ali dve, ker vsebuje sivko, ki deluje fototoksično. Čez pa je nujna krema za sončenje!

Serum oziroma olje uporabljam en mesec in res sem zadovoljna z njim. Rdečica ni na moji koži prav nič nenavadnega, pa naj bo zaradi občutljivosti ali stiskanja mozoljev. Vedno znova se pojavlja. Tako so eni izmed mojih najljubših izdelkov prav tisti, ki so namenjeni občutljivi koži. Priznam, da si nisem mislila, da je moja koža občutljiva, morda sem živela v nekem zanikanju, a odkar imam vedno tako dobre rezultate z izdelki za občutljivo kožo, mora biti že res. :)

Rezultati olja so bili opazni že v nekaj dneh! Po večtedenski uporabi je koža manj rdeča, rdečica se pojavlja v precej manjši meri oziroma se sploh ne, tonus kože je bolj enakomeren, koža je bolj gladka in mehka. Oh, obožujem tale majhen serum!<3 Uporabljam ga na očiščenem obrazu, za nanosom vrtnične vode in Graydon kreme za obraz*. Kot pa sem omenila v tej objavi, ga včasih zmešam tudi z drugimi olji in vedno sem nadvse vesela nad izgledom moje kože. Saj že trkam na les in upam, da se jutri ne zbudim vsa flekasta. :)

Torej, če imate občutljivo kožo in kožo nagnjeno k rdečici vam ga zelo, zelo priporočam!

I've already written about an American brand Odacité. You probably remember one of my latest post where I showed you my three favourite summer oils. A while back I also reviewed one of their sample/travel sets, which was oh so nice. Odacité has exquisite products and let me just tell you that today's review is going to be a very positive one.

Odacité Camelina Chamomille Serum Concentrate* is one of their super concentrated serums from a collection The Pure Elements. The collection has 18 ultra-targeted skin remedies, for remarkable results in minimal time. Each serum or skin booster has a concentrated dose of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which are all essential in skin regeneration as well as detoxification. Ca + C Serum Concentrate contains amazing ingredients that calm and soothe the skin. Incredibly anti-inflammatory, Camelina Oil helps to calm and condition irritated and reactive skin. Camelina is also known to help treat eczema. Other beautiful and healing ingredient is Chamomile, which is known, in aromatherapy, for its ability to calm and relax nervous system. It's oh so soothing and it also minimizes redness. The serum also contains Palmarosa, Lavender, Sandalwood and Neroli, to name a few. Highly concentrated doses are stored in cute little dark glass bottles with droppers. Presumably 2-3 drops a day, mixed in your dose of moisturizer is all it takes. Well, I usually use 4-5 drops a day and let me tell you that I'm so, so impressed with the product! Results are truly amazing and I have so much love for this vegan and cruelty free little thing.<3

I've been using it for a month, every evening and almost every morning. Having said that I don't really recommend using a lot of it in the morning due to the lavender content. Lavender is phototoxic so be careful and use it sparingly. And always apply sunscreen on top! I wasn't really specific earlier but this soothing and calming serum is formulated to help even the most sensitive skin, restoring suppleness and skin's strength. I always seem to suffer with redness on my skin and unfortunately it's something I deal with constantly, let it be from sensitivity or picking spots. It always comes back in my life. Therefore I really enjoy using products intended for sensitive skin. I've never thought my skin was so reactive though, I guess I lived in a denial or something but my skin is clearly more senstive than I've ever imagined.

In only a couple of days of using it, I noticed a difference! My skin wasn't as red as it was before, the tone of my skin is more even. Skin is smoother and softer. Oh I love it!<3 I use it on toned and moisturized face (Rose Water + Graydon The Putty Cream*). And as I said in this post, sometimes I also mix it with other oils. Hope I won't wake up all spotty and red tomorrow. :)

So, if your skin is sensitive and reactive, I highly, highly recommend it!

You can buy it on Petal & Post where you receive 15% off your total order when you enter discount code 
loveliness4YOU-summer15 at checkout (good through to midnight October 31, 2015).

Have a great weekend! :)

Jana xx

*sample generously provided
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