Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser

april 28, 2015

Današnja ocena je namenjena izdelku, ki sem ga že omenila v tej objavi. Govorim o čudovitem Bodhi & Birch Čistilu za obraz, ki je primeren za normalno in suho kožo. Sama imam sicer mešano kožo in naj že kar takoj povem, da tudi na moji koži deluje super.
Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser
Bodhi & Birch je britanska znamka luksuzne naravne kozmetike. Izdelki ne vsebujejo sulfatov, parabenov, ftalatov, silikonov in še marsikatere sintetične, telesu škodljive sestavine. Prav tako so tudi brez živalskih sestavin in palmovega olja. B&B izdelke sem imela na listi želja že dolgo in moram reči, da me Rosa Rosa čistilo niti malo ni razočaralo, še celo bolj me je navdušilo kot sem pričakovala.
Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser, Normal to dry skin
Spisek sestavin si lahko pogledate na spodnji fotografiji, med njimi so na primer šipkovo olje, karitejevo in kakavovo maslo, ter vrsta eteričnih olj, ki izdelku pričarajo čudovit cvetličen vonj. Diši po mešanici vrtnice, pomarančnih cvetov, ylang ylanga, kamilice, palmarose, geranije, vsebuje tudi kadilno bosvelijo, ki čudovito deluje na brazgotine in akne, jih zdravi in uravnava izločanje sebuma. Vse to in še več se skriva v luksuzni, zelo kvalitetni stekleni embalaži na pumpico in en pritisk pumpice proizvede ravno pravo količino izdelka za celoten obraz. 
Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser ingredients
Kot sem omenila tukaj, ima izdelek nadvse nenavadno, a prekrasno teksutro. Nežno, kremno, ki se ob stiku z vodo začne rahlo peniti. Zelo, zelo mi je všeč ta tekstura in ko občasno uporabim katero izmed drugih kremnih čistil, me prav presenetijo, da se ne penijo. :) Rosa Rosa čistilo nežno, a temeljito odstrani vso nečistočo in tudi ličila. Sicer ga še vseeno raje uporabljam kot drugi korak v mojem večernem čiščenju obraza, a če vam takšno čiščenje ni pogodu, potem ga brez problema lahko uporabite tudi na naličenem obrazu. To nežno čistilo kože ne izsuši in je nasploh super! Zelo priporočam!

Today's review goes to a lovely product that I've already mentioned in this post. I'm talking about the gorgeous Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser for normal to dry skin. But just so you know, my combination skin loves it too!

Bodhi & Birch is a luxury natural brand made in England. Their products are free from many synthetic and harmful ingredients like Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates, Silicones and more. They're also free from animal ingredients and Palm Oil. Tested on humans, not animals. B&B products have been on my wishlist for the longest time and I have to say that Rosa Rosa Cleanser didn't disappoint me, it actually impressed me even more than I expected!

You can see a whole list of ingredients on the photo above, but just to mention a few, cleanser contains Rosehip Oil, Shea and Cocoa Butter and quite a few essential oils, which conjure up a lovely floral scent. It contains essential oil of Rose, Bitter Orange, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Palmarosa, Geranium, even Frankincense, which is extremely effective at healing scars and acne. All these goodies are packaged in a luxury, good quality glass bottle with a pump, that provides just the right amount of products to properly cleanse the whole face. 

Like I've already said here, the cleanser has the best texture! It's a gentle foaming cream. It looks like a creamy cleanser but when you add water is starts to foam. Not a lot, but just enough to make it super lovely. I love this consistency! Now when I occasionally use a "normal" creamy cleanser I always expect a bit of that awesome foam. Rosa Rosa Cleanser is gentle, but super effective at removing impurities from the day and even makeup. Although I prefer to use it as a second cleanser in my evening routine, you could easily use it as your first and only cleanser, even if your face is full of makeup. To top it all off, the cleanser doesn't dry out my skin and it's just amazing. Can you tell I love it? I highly recommend this cleanser!

Which is your favourite Bodhi & Birch product?

Much love,
Jana xx

Testing! 1, 2! Testing!

april 24, 2015

For today's post I wanted to show you my new-ish products, some I bought recently and some I've been using for a while. Kind of a haul/first impression/products I've been using lately post. :)
Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Moisturizer SPF 30 - if you're following me on Instagram, then you probably know I was looking for a new sunscreen. The ever so lovely Vanessa and Theresa recommended this one and after some browsing and looking for a more affordable sun cream, I splurged and ordered it on LoveLula. :) It's not cheap but if you've never ordered from LoveLula you can use the code LOVE15 and get 15% off your first order. Or you can get a sample on Amazingy. But I bit the bullet and just went for it, and my first impression is great! Like the girls said, it's so lightweight, non greasy, it doesn't leave a white cast and it's quickly absorbed. It's amazing! Ingredients are great, they use non-nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, it's suitable for combination, oily and blemish prone skin. I've only used it once (on top of my usual skincare) but it's not drying so I guess if you use an oil or a cream underneath it, I don't see why other skin types shouldn't use it. :) And the packaging is huge! You get 120 ml (4oz) which is just wonderful! I'm really happy I bought this, thanks again Theresa and Vanessa!<3

Biopark Organic Avocado Oil - lately my skin has been acting up and becasue my skin always looks nicer when I eat avocado I decided to include it in my skincare routine. I was initially thinking of drinking it or somehow including it in my diet but I just can't, it's too heavy and thick, yuk! I'll just stay with my Hemp Seed Oil and Walnut Oil, which I really have to drink/eat more regularly because I always see great results. As for the avocado oil goes, it's awesome for my skin and hair and I'm not sure why I didn't think of using it sooner!
Terra Naturi Bronzing Puder Duo - I've never had a bronzer but wanted to try it this year so I decided to go for an affordable option and picked this one up. I've been loving their blush in the shade Royal Apricot, it's actually one of my favourite blushes ever, and so I thought that a bronzer from the same brand should be nice. And I was right! I've only used it twice but it's lovely. Not too dark, not too glittery, it's kind of perfect. I like that it has two shades, makes it more beginner friendly. :) I like it and even though I don't know much about bronzers I'd say go and try it, maybe you'll like it too.

S.W. Basics Body Scrub - this one is for all you coconut lovers. This body scrub smells so good! Tropical and delicious!<3 The brand is known for their simplicity (and the fact they're sold in Target), they use a minimal amount of ingredients and I think that's a great philosophy to have. The body scrub is made with only 3 ingredients, Organic Sugar, Organic Extra-virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Shredded Coconut. Did I say it smells like coconut cookies?! :)

Cocovit Coconut Oilthis is the coconut oil to have, in case you didn't already heard! I've been seeing it all over Instagram and read some rave reviews, like this one from the lovely Sarita. Go and check it out, her posts are always so thoughtful and full of informations. Sounds amazing and I'm happy to say I love it too! :)
Lavera Cover Stick - I like this concealer. It's thick and quite compact but also creamy, so it's best to apply it with your hands. It's quite opaque, I'd say medium to high coverage.

Bdellium Tools Smoky Eyes 5pc. Brush Set - I'm super impressed with these brushes! Eco-friendly, made with all sustainable bamboo handles and all vegan synthetic brushes. The bristles are super soft but compact, they pick up colour and deposit it well. I want more BT brushes! :)

Terra Naturi Effect Mascara - nice, everyday, super black mascara. It's not perfect but for 4€ it will do just fine. :) It's my third one so that must mean something.
Terra Naturi Duo Lip Pencil - I picked the 01 Indian Red, an every day, neutral shades that will go beautifully with almost every eye makeup. Because of the packaging I thought this would be more creamy and lipstick like, but it's not. It's not mositurizing so a lip balm is necessary. Not sure what to think about it, I'll have to try it underneath a lipstick and see how that goes.

Terra Naturi Cream Shadows - I chose two shade, the 01 Golden Brown and 03 Light Gold. I haven't tried them yet but I love the colours, shiny and metallic.

Terra Naturi Concealer - yellow based concealer in the shade 02 Honey. I'm not sure what to think about it yet, but my first impression is good.

Terra Naturi Liquid Eyeliner - after my disaster with Alverde liquid eyeliner I decided to go with Terra Naturi. These are two really affordable, even cheap, natural drugstore brands here in Slovenia, so whenever I want a product I don't use often I always go with one of them. I'm happy to say that they actually have some really nice product and this eyeliner is one of them. This is actually my second one, I already own the black colour, but I also picked up a brown colour. Eyeliner has great pigmentation, thin brush, it doesn't flake off and stays put all day!

Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them? :)

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jana xx

Current Faves

april 19, 2015

Današnja objava je namenjena mojim trenutno najljubšim izdelkom, modnim, kozmetičnim in splošnim.
H&M Moške kratke majice - res super kratke majice lahko najdete tudi na moškem oddelku. Nikoli me ni motilo, če sem imela oblečeno kakšno moško oblačilo, v zadnjem času pa sem nad njimi sploh navdušena. Naj vam povem, da včasih lahko najdeš lepšo, celo bolj kvalitetno in ugodno oblačilo med sprehajanjem med moškimi oblačili, ko preprosto čakaš, da tvoj fant najde kaj pametnega zase. Upam, da me to ne bo udarilo po glavi, a dober nasvet je iskanje med znižanimi oblačili, saj za razliko od ženskega oddelka na moškem ostane veliko oblačil S, celo XS velikosti. Jeeej! Navadno belo majico iz organskega bombaža sem tako našla celo za 3€! Verjetno se sprašujete zakaj so me moške majice tako navdušile in moj odgovor je zato, ker so glede na moje izkušnje malce daljše in ožje ter s pranjem ne izgubijo svoje oblike tako hitro kot večina ženskih majic. Pa še lepe vzorce imajo. :)

H&M Uhani - te krasne, svetlo rožnato-zlate uhane z vzorcem belega marmorja mi je čisto po naključju našla prijateljica in zelo sem ji hvaležna! :) Pravzaprav sem še vedno v iskanju Sarinih verižic a zaenkrat bodo morali biti uhani dovolj. Če pa jih je morda katera opazila v katerem izmed naših H&M trgovin, pa naj le prosim pove. :) Sicer pa lahko vidite kako uhani izgledajo na meni v tej objavi.

eBay Women Rose Gold Ura - všeč so mi velike in moške ure in tale je moja trenutna perfekcija, obožujem jo!
Herbfarmacy Lip Conditioner* - vazelin za ustnice z navadnim slezom in vanilijo je le še eden izmed čudovit Herbfarmacy izdelkov, ki jih imam. Ima nežen vonj po vaniliji, moje ustnice dobro navlaži ter jih naredi mehke.

DIY Nežno čistilo za obraz v prahu - o zelo podobnem izdelku sem že pisala in tudi objavila recept, tale kreacija pa vsebuje malce drugačne sestavine. Celoten spisek sestavin in več slik izdelka si lahko pogledate na Anninem blogu, naj le na hitro povem, da so med glavnimi sestavinami ovseni kosmiči, rhassoul glina, ognjič in navadni slez. Čistilo oziroma nežen piling, ki je obenem lahko tudi maska, najraje uporabljam pri jutranjem čiščenju obraza. Najprej nanesem čistilo za obraz, trenutno uporabljam Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser, ter nato na dlan stresem malce prahu, dodam nekaj kapljic vode in nežno zmasiran obraz. Nato vse skupaj sperem. Izdelek vsebuje tudi hibiskus in tako se prah ob stiku z vodo spremeni v krasno roza barvo. Kožo nežno očisti, naredi rahel piling in je zelo prijeten za uporabo.

Koprivin čaj - v pomladnem času se vse vrti okoli razstrupljanja telesa in pred nekaj dnevi sem se končno spomnila, da bo moje telo, še posebej jetra, zelo veselo razstrupljanja. Zame je ena izmed najenostavnejših razstrupljevalnih rastlin kopriva, saj raste zunaj ob hiši. Več o neštetih zdravilnih učinkih si lahko preberete na spletu, med drugim čisti jetra, ima pozitiven vpliv na kožo z aknami in ekcemom, odpravlja utrujenost, uravnava železo v krvi in še in še.

Rože - kaj naj rečem, rože so prelepe in najboljše! Najbolj vesela sem jih prav v pomladnem času, ko se zemlja na novo prebuja in vse buhti in cveti. Na Instagramu se moram prav zadrževati, da niso na vsaki moji fotografiji. :) In upam, da vas ni preveč, ki trpite za alergijami!

Za konec bi vključila le še dve seriji, ki sta trenutno na sporedu in ki ju preprosto obožujem, Outlander in Game of Thrones!<3 Poznate, gledate, ste obsedene tako kot jaz? :)

Today's post is dedicated to my current favourite products. There're some fashion, beauty and lifestyle bits. :)

H&M Man T-shirts - some really great tees can be found in the men's section in H&M. It never bothered me if I wore a man sweater or shirt, but lately I've been really into them. Let me tell you that you can find some awesome clothes with nice quality and affordable price tag when walking around men's department and waiting for your man to choose some bits for him. :) Especially in the reduced price section, where you can easily find S, even XS clothes. Yaay! I even found a white organic cotton tee for 3€! :) I guess you're probabaly wondering why I'm so in love with men t-shirts? Well, in my experience they're a bit longer and more narrow and they don't loose their shape quite as fast as women T-shirts do. And I love the look of them! :)

H&M Earrings - I was so happy when my beautiful friend found these gorgeous, rose gold earrings! :) I'm still searching for Sara's necklaces but for the time being the earrings will have to do! You can also check how they look on me in this post.

eBay Women Rose Gold Watch - I love chunky watches and this one is just perfect! I'm totally obsessed with it!<3

Herbfarmacy Lip Conditioner* - lip balm with Marshmallow and Vanilla is another beautiful product from the brand. It has a lovely, almost non exsistent scent of vanilla, it moisturizes my lips and makes them soft.

DIY Gentle Powder Cleanser - I've already written about a simliar powder cleanser here, but this one has some other wonderful ingredients. You can check the whole ingredient list and see it in action on Annie's blog, but just to sum up, it contains ingredients like Oats, Rhassoul Clay, Calendula and Marshmallow. Cleanser is actually also a gentle exfoliator and can be used as a face mask too. My fave way of using it is as a morning cleanser/gentle exfoliator. First I use a normal cleanser, at the moment I'm loving Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser, and after a quick massage I add some powder on top of it. First I mix it with a bit of water in the palm of my hand and then apply. I massage it onto my face and rinse everything off. I really love how the product turns into a beautiful pink colour after you add water. It contains Hibiscus and this is what gives it such a nice colour. It's such a lovely product and it makes a real difference if I use it regularly - it makes my skin soft and smooth.

Nettle Tea - in the springtime I always see lots of articles on detox and how important it is for a healthy body. My body is in much need of a detox and for me the easiest way to do that is drinking nettle tea. I'm fortunate enough that it grows outside the house so I can just pick it up and make some tea. It's a wonderful liver and kidney cleanser, it helps with skin problems like acne and eczema, contains iron and vitamin K and so much more.

Flowers - what can I say, flowers are beautiful and just the best! I'm most excited about them in spring when the earth starts to wake from its winter nap and everything blooms. Gorgeous! I have to contain myself on Instagram that I don't post only pictures with flowers! :) That being said, I do hope there aren't lots of you who suffer from allergies!

For the end of this post I also wanted to include two amazing series that are currently on TV, Outlander and Game of Thrones.<3 Do you watch and love them too?! :)

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Relaxing Face Massage

april 16, 2015

Morda katera izmed vas že ve, da sem pred študijem na Filozofski fakulteti hodila na kozmetično šolo, in eden izmed najljubših predmetov je bila praksa. Še posebej takrat, ko sem bila na vrsti za model. :) To je bilo pravzaprav skoraj vsak teden, ker smo bile razdeljene v pare. Masaže, nege obraza, nege telesa, joj kako je bilo fino, ko smo se učile in preizkušale različne tehnike in izdelke. Pred nekaj dnevi sem se zopet spomnila na to, kako čudovito sproščujoča in prijetna je lahko masaža obraza. Namreč, pred kratkim sem dobila ponudbo za obisk kozmetičnega salona Estetika Močnik, kjer Darja ponuja različne kozmetične storitve. Po mojem kratkem, a zame potrebnem zaslišanju o kozmetičnih linijah, ki jih uporablja, sva se dogovorili za masažo obraza. Lahko si predstavljate moje navdušenje, komaj sem čakala, ker vse od srednje šole nisem bila na masaži obraza. In nisem bila razočarana! :)
Salon je prijetno majhen, lepo urejen, čist (kar nam je bilo ubito že v srednji šoli in te stvari opazim) vzbuja občutek domačnosti in sproščenosti. Seveda pa sam salon ne bi oddajal tako prijetne energije, če ne bi bila tudi kozmetičarka Darja takšna. Zelo prijazna, sproščena, pri masaži in pogovoru se je prav videlo, da svoje delo opravlja z velikim veseljem, strastjo in tudi znanjem. Temu primerna je bila tudi masaža. Darja je pričela s čiščenjem obraza, nato nanesla arganovo olje in pričela s sproščujočo masažo obraza in limfno drenažo. Iz prve roke vam lahko povem, da nimajo vsi pravega dotika, a Darja ga zagotovo ima. Obraz mi je čudovito zmasirala, med masažo je bila prižgana pomirjujoča glasba, svečke, skoraj sem zaspala. :) Po masaži je bila moja koža prijetno mehka, ne bom rekla prerojena, definitivno pa dobro prekrvavljena. In jaz sem se počutila super! Ko bi le lahko večkrat ponovila! Poleg vsega mi je bilo všeč, da mi je Darja na koncu svetovala tudi kako naj izboljšam svojo kožo, ker trenutno je res v nekem čudnem stanju. Po drugi strani pa mi sploh ni omenila njenih izdelkov, ki bi jih "morala" kupiti za lepo kožo, kot se to nedvomno dogaja v nekaterih salonih. Moja izkušnja je bila nadvse pozitivna in res sem vesela, da sem dobila to priložnost. Darja, hvala!<3 Zelo priporočam! 
 Za konec prilagam še intervju, da boste Darjo lahko še malo bolje spoznale. Sicer pa si lahko več o njenih storitvah preberete na spletni strani, salon pa lahko najdete tudi na Facebook-u.

1. Za začetek se na kratko predstavi.

Sem Darja Močnik, diplomirana kozmetičarka, ki obožuje svoj poklic. Predvsem me zanima vse, kar je v povezavi z naravo, zakaj? Z vsem svojim znanjem, ki sem ga pridobila tekom izobraževanja, lahko rečem, da je naše telo preslikana narava in da vse kar na kožo damo, se bo nekje zagotovo poznalo, zato sem pristaš manualne obdelave telesa z naravnimi proizvodi. Res pa je, da pri rezultatih takšnih metod potrebujemo čas, kar pa načeloma velja za vse, kar v življenju želimo doseči, kajne? ;)

2. Zakaj si se odločila za kozmetični salon s poudarkom na naravni kozmetiki? Te je to že od nekdaj zanimalo? Nameravaš sčasoma uporabljati le izključno naravne izdelke? 

Za poklic kozmetičarke sem se odločila že v rani mladosti, nekako sem ga začutila in odločitev je bila očitno prava. Da pa bo moja filozofija „čimbolj naravno“ se mi pa niti sanjalo ni...Že od nekdaj imam naravo zelo rada in vse, kar v njej najdemo, je dragoceno, zato sem dolgo časa razmišljala, kako vse to uporabiti v kozmetiki, kako to predstaviti ljudem,da ne bo izpadlo „klišejsko“, saj je trg že prezasičen z različnimi informacijami (tudi neverodostojnimi in nestrokovnimi in laik res ne more vedeti katera informacija je resnična in katera ne. In tukaj mi je pogled razširil prav moj študij, ki mi je dal toliko teoretičnega znanja, da sem lahko stvari med seboj povezala, koristila pa so mi tudi različna dodatna izpopolnjevanja, neprecenljive pa so bile tudi praktične izkušnje, ki sem jih pridobila tekom izobraževanja z delom v različnih kozmetičnih salonih. 

Moje vodilo je, da vsako stranko obravnavam kot individuum s specifičnimi problematikami in stanji. V svojem salonu uporabljam proizvode in kozmetične linije, ki so naravne in organske, ter certificirane z ustreznimi certifikati (cruelty free, USDA organic, O.F.C, certifikat BDIH...). Prisegam tudi na vsa olja, saj so res čudo narave. Posebnost mojega salona so definitivno živi polžki (helix aspersa muler), ki jih stranki polagam na obraz, njihova slina, ki jo pri tem izločajo, pa na koži res dela čudeže. Polžja slina znanstveno dokazano pomaga reševati težave z aknami, teleangiektazijami, brazgotinami, opeklinami, gubicami, suho kožo ali kakršnekoli druge nepravilnosti na koži. V kratkem bom pripravila tudi študijo učinkov nege obraza s polži pri različni problematiki kože, namen katere je širši javnosti približati in dokazati, da so efekti narave lahko res neverjetni.
3. Kaj ti "naravno" sploh pomeni?

Narava je na nek način dandanes na žalost zapostavljena. Kljub temu, da iz ogromno različnih koncev prihajajo informacije oziroma ponujanje „naravnega“, so ljudje do tega vse bolj skeptični, saj je cilj nemalo trgovcev in ponudnikov „naravnih“ storitev le višja cena, ne pa tudi kvaliteta in pristni izvor naravnih izdelkov. Mislim, da bi morala biti kontrola tozadevno strožja in da bi certifikat za ponujanje naravnih izdelkov/storitev lahko pridobili le ustrezno strokovno in moralno ozaveščeni ponudniki, v katerih bi tudi ljudje lahko lažje prepoznali kvaliteto in ne zgolj „hrepenenje po denarju“. Sama sem še pristaš „stare šole“, mogoče k temu pripomore tudi dejstvo, da sem odraščala izven mesta in naravno in naravo tudi v resnici cenim in čutim. In moje mnenje je, da le kdor naravo zares ceni in čuti, lahko naravne produkte tudi učinkovito ponuja ostalim in jih tozadevno ozavešča.

 4. Ali sicer uporabljaš naravno kozmetiko? Kateri so tvoji najljubši kozmetični izdelki?

Tudi doma uporabljam samo naravne izdelke. Za odstranitev makeup-a uporabljam kokosovo olje, ki je eden izmed mojih najljubših izdelkov, saj nadvse učinkovito odstrani vsa ličila in je maximalno bogato s sestavinami, ki koži dajejo vlago in zaščito. Prisegam tudi na arganovo olje, ki ga uporabljam zjutraj in zvečer, saj je pravo „tekoče zlato“ in koži daje vse, kar ta potrebuje. Obvezno pa morajo biti vsa olja hladno stiskana in ekološko predelana. Zelo rada pa si vsaj enkrat tedensko naredim naravno masko iz gline, ki na kožo deluje čistilno in vlažilno. 

5. Zanima me še, če imaš kakšen nasvet za moje bralke, morda kako doseči zdravo in lepo kožo?

Zdrava koža je ogledalo našega načina življenja. Gre za paketek, ki ga ne moremo zapakirati, če je napol prazen, zato priporočam, naj se vse začne z zdravo prehrano, pitjem veliko vode, gibanjem na svežem zraku in filtracijo vsakodnevnega stresa. Kometičarke pa smo tukaj, da vam pomagamo „zbalansirati„ in aktivirati delovanje žlez, hormonov ter popraviti nepravilnosti, ki so nastale na koži. Pomembno je, da pazite, kaj vnašate na kožo, saj skoraj 70 % sestavin koža vsrka in kumulira, pri tem pa obvezno poslušajte sebe, se opazujte, ne oklevajte pa po strokovni nasvet priti v kozmetični salon, saj smo za tovrstno problematiko kozmetičarke usposobljene, da vam svetujemo.

Kaj pa ve, ste že bile na masaži obraza? Ali obiskujete kozmetični salon? :)

Hi ladies! For today's post I decided to keep it only in Slovenian, sorry, but I'm describing my awesome experience with a new beauty salon in Ljubljana with the emphasis on natural cosmetics. I had such a lovely face massage with argan oil, I nearly fell asleep! There's also an interesting interview with Darja, the owner of the salon, so if you're maybe curious about what she has to say, just click the translate button. :)

Jana xx

*Čeprav je bila masaža obraza brezplačna, je moja ocena iskrena. Tako kot vedno! :) 

The Perfect Pair

april 13, 2015

V zadnjem času sem preizkusila kar nekaj Herbfarmacy izdelkov in moram reči, da sem z vsemi izjemno zadovoljna. Vsi delujejo krasno in ugotavljam, da izdelki primerni za občutljivo kožo neverjetno dobro delujejo na mojo kožo. Kot sem že večkrat omenila, koža za zdrav izgled potrebuje tako vodo kot olja in kombinacija teh dveh izdelkov sta prav to. Pure Hydration Serum* na vodni osnovi in Mallow Beauty Balm* na oljni tvorita popolno kombinacijo za lepo kožo. Ko sem uporabljala oba skupaj, sem imela res lepo, sijočo kožo, brez rdečice, ko pa sem z uporabo prenehala, se je to prav poznalo. Trenutno si zelo želim kože kakršne sem imela na tej sliki. Čeprav sem bila naličena, je bila moja koža kakšen mesec nazaj, ko sem redno uporabljala ta dva izdelka, res lepša in bolj zdrava. :) Ah saj zdaj vam sploh ni več potrebno brati naprej, tako ali tako že veste, da oba izdelka zelo priporočam!
Herbfarmacy Pure Hydration Serum, Mallow Beauty Balm
Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm, Pure Hydration Serum
Herbfarmacy Pure Hydration Serum
Pure Hydration Serum je zelo prijeten serum z zelo lahko teksturo, ki se čudovito in takoj vpije v kožo. Ključne sestavine v serumu so navadni slez (ang. marshmallow), ki kožo zelo pomirja in navlaži, ajda in vrtnica. Za ajdo sicer vem, da vsebuje B vitamine, ki so ključni za zdravo kožo in lase, odlična je tudi za elastičnost kože, nisem pa še imela izdelka, ki bi jo dejansko vsebovala. Zelo mi je všeč, da so poudarili prav te tri sestavine, ki so med sestavinami takoj za vodo, kar pomeni, da jih je v izdelku res veliko. Višje kot je sestavina na spisku, več je izdelek vsebuje. Serum kožo pomirja, zelo dobro navlaži, jo zaščiti z antioksidanti, obenem pa jo tudi malo zmehča. Če iščete nov serum, potem vam ga toplo priporočam. Primeren je za vse tipe kože, zaradi lahke teksture bi bil odlična izbira tako za mastno in dehidrirano kožo, kot tudi odlična podlaga za nanos hranljive kreme pri suhi koži. Nič negativnega nimam za povedati, vse mi je všeč, embalaža, tekstura, vpojnost, učinkovitost, sestavine, vse. :)
Herbfarmacy Pure Hydration Serum consistency
Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm, 100% Organic
Drugi izdelek, ki se odlično dopolnjuje s serumom je Mallow Beauty Balm. Eno izmed mojih najljubših masel za obraz, prečudovito je! Vsebuja sončnično in jojobino olje, čebelji vosek, karitejevo maslo, izvleček navadnega sleza, ognjiča, lučnika, rožmarina in drugo. 100% iz ekološko pridelanih sestavin. Balm oziroma maslo lepo diši po mešanici geranije, mandarine in ylang ylanga. Razkošno bogato maslo za obraz kožo mehča in navlaži, pomagalo pa naj bi tudi pri negi in zmanjševanju drobnih gubic. Maslo ima krasno teksturo, ravno prav mehko, da se ga z lahkoto zajame iz posodice in čudovito razmaže na koži. Poleg mehčanja in vlaženja, kožo tudi pomirja, pa še zelo malo se ga porabi. Maslo se sicer ne vpije takoj v kožo, kar je tako ali tako značilno za podobne izdelke, ki ne vsebujejo vode. Verjemite mi, ko vam rečem, da ga potrebujete, super je! Namenjen je predvsem suhi koži in uporabi v suhem in mrzlem okolju, a moja mešana koža je z njim več kot zadovoljna.
Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm

Lately I've tried quite a few Herbfarmacy products and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the brand! All the products I've tried so far are amazing and I'm more and more certain that products ideal for sensitive skin work the best on my skin. They're just so soothing and calming and I love them. As I've already mention, healthy and happy skin needs water and oil and the combination of two products I'm going to talk about today, cover this "rule". Pure Hydration Serum* is water based and Mallow Beauty Balm* is oil based and they work perfectly together! When I used them both my skin was so healthy, redness and spots free, but when I moved on to some other products my skin went slightly crazy. I really want it to be like it was on this photo when I was using them. Yes, I'm wearing makeup on the pic, but still, my skin was looking pretty great and more healthy than it is now. Now you already know how I feel about these two products, you don't even need to read further haha. :) I highly recommend both, I adore them!

Pure Hydration Serum is such a lovely product with a very light consistency, which sinks beautifully and quickly into the skin. Key herbal ingredients in the serum are Marshmallow, which is so soothing and hydrating, Buckwheat and Damask Rose. I know that buckwehat is full of B vitamins, which are essential for healthy looking skin and hair, and it's supposed to be pretty amazing for skin elasticity too, but I haven't had a product containing it. I really like that these three key ingredients are on the top of the ingredient list, just behind water. Serum soothes my skin, it hydrates it and it also protects the skin, providing antioxidant protection, and at the same time it also softens it a bit. If you're looking for a serum to try, I'd definitely recommend you this one. It's suitable for morning and evening use for all skin types. It doesn't clog my pores and it's light enough for oily skin, but it also provides a wonderful base for more heavy creams if your skin is on the dry side. I honestly don't have a negative thing to say, I love the packaging, the texture, ingredients, effectivenes, everything. :)

Mallow Beauty Balm is one of my fave skin balms, it's just so lovely! It contains Sunflower and Jojoba Oils, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Marshmallow, Calendula, Mullein and Rosemary Extracts, and more. 100% organic. Balm has a beautiful scent of Geranium, Mandarine and Ylang Ylang. This super-rich, lush facial balm softnes and moisturises, and it's supposed to be excellent for combatting fine lines. Balm has the perfect consistency, not too soft, not too hard. Beautiful! Besides the softnes and moisture that it gives, it also sooftes my skin and you only need a little to cover your whole face and neck. It doesn't sink quickly into the skin, but that's totally normal for an oil based facial balm. Believe me when I say this, you need it, it's wonderful! This intensely moistuizing balm can be used day or night and it's particulary useful for dry skin and for use in dry conditions, but my combo skin loves it too! :)

Have an awesome week!

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Just Peachy

april 10, 2015

Lily Lolo Rdečilo v kamnu Just Peachy* sem prejela že februarja, kot lahko vidite tu, a na žalost ga nisem začela uporabljati kar takoj. Kot lahko preberete v komentarjih na Instagramu, je imelo rdečilo čuden vonj, ki je po neprestanem ovohavanju že prav smrdelo. Kot da bi bila uporabljena olja žarka in pokvarjena. Po pogovoru z nadvse prijazno Nino iz, sem spoznala, da je ravno v tistem obdobju Lily Lolo rahlo spremenil formulacijo. Tako sem prejela novo rdečilo, ki ima sicer še vedno rahlo neprijeten vonj, a niti približno ne tako, kot ga je imelo prejšnje. Če ne bi bila tako pozorna, mislim, da vonja sploh zaznala ne bi, ker res ni močan. A dovolj te zgodbe, verjamem, da vas je zelo zanimala haha. :)
Just Peachy Pressed Blush Lily Lolo
Torej, Just Peachy je, kot že ime pove, v krasni barvi breskve. Gre za mat odtenek, kar pri rdečilih obožujem. Nisem ena tistih, ki jim je všeč, da je rdečilo obenem tudi osvetljevalec, ker se mi zdi, da bi se preveč svetila. Če želim osvetljevalec, ga uporabim posebej. Na koncu ga še vedno lahko nanesem čez rdečilo. :) Gre za topel odtenek breskve, ki po mojem mnenju najbolje pristoji koži z rumenim, toplim podtonom. Sama barva pa ga naredi tudi zelo nosljivega in primernega za vsak dan. Odlično se poda oranžnim in rdečim odtenkom šminke, na spodnji fotografiji sem zraven uporabila Nudus šminko v odtenku Fairy Tales*.
Lily Lolo Just Peachy Pressed Blush
Lily Lolo Pressed Blush Just Peachy
Rdečilo ima dobro pigmentacijo, ne bi rekla, da odlično, a zelo dobro in primerna tudi za začetnice, ker nisem imela nikoli občutka, da bi lahko nanesla preveč. Ni tako, da se rdečila le dotakneš in je že preveč, kar je včasih lahko že nadležno, ko moraš nato vse zabrisati, da nisi kot klovn. :) Meni je zelo všeč, ker z njim lahko ustvarim zelo nežen videz, z večimi nanosi pa malce močnejšega in bolj intenzivnega. Zato pa so mi mineralna ličila tako všeč. Rdečilo je svilnato, prijetne teksture, kar dobro se obdrži, skoraj cel dan in je enostavno za uporabo - za razliko od rdečil v prahu, s katerimi se ne razumem najbolje in jih sploh ne morem uporabljati. So pa čudovito pigmentirana. In če običajno začnem svoje ocene s sestavini, bom danes z njimi končala. Celoten spisek lahko najdete tukaj, med drugim pa vsebuje olje granatnega jabolka, manuka, arganovo in jojobino olje. In ne, ne maši por, če ste slučajno pomislile na to. :) Izdelek ni testiran na živalih in ne vsebuje karmina.
Lily Lolo Just Peachy Pressed Blush, Mineral Foundation Blondie, Nudus Lipstick Fairy Tales

I've received Lily Lolo Pressed Blush, Just Peachy* (eng) in February, as you can see here, but unfortunately I couldn't start using it for a while. You can read the comments on that Instagram photo, but it was pointed out to me that the blush can have a strange smell. And sure enough, it did have a funky smell! I was constantly sniffing it and let me tell you, it wasn't a pleasant experience for my nose. It was like the product went bad and the oils became rancid. After talking to the ever lovely Nina of Lily Lolo Slovenija, I realised that at that time Lily Lolo was working on an improved formulation. So Nina kindly hooked me up with a new, improved version of a blush. Honestly, it still has a slight smell, but nothing like before! Actually, if I wouldn't know about the smell I wouldn't even noticed, because it's not strong. So if you maybe had a bad experience with new pressed Lily Lolo products, they're better then before. At least in my experience. But enough about the smell and this unnecessary story. :)

 So, Just Peachy is, like the name suggests, a beautiful peachy, orange shade. It's matte, which is my fave finish. I'm definitely not one of those ladies who love shimmery blushes. I have a feeling I would look like a disco ball with that kind of blush. Nope, they're just not my cup of tea. If I want a highlighting effect, I'll just use highlighter, thank you very much. :) In the end I can still apply it over the blush if I want too. But back on the actual shade. It's a warm shade, which I think looks best on skin with warm, yellow undertones. Just Peachy is also very wearable, suitable for every day and goes perfectly with orange and red lipsticks. If you're wondering, on the photo I'm wearing Nudus Fairy Tales*.

The blush has a good pigmentation, I wouldn't say it's amazing, but it is pretty great. That also makes it a wonderful choice for beginners, because I never have the feeling I could use too much. I really like that you can achieve a very fresh and subtle look or you can build it up if you want a brighter colour. That's why I really enjoy using mineral makeup, it's just so buildable and blendable. The blush has a nice silky texture, it's quite long lasting and just so easy to use, as opposed to loose mineral blushes, which I really don't get along with. But they do have an amazing pigmentation. I usually start writing my reviews with ingredients, but I'm feeling wild today, so I'll end with them. You can check out the ingredient list here, amongst them are some amazing ingredients like Pomegranate, Argan and Jojoba Oil and Manuka Oil. Blush is cruelty free and doesn't contain Carmine. 

Have you tried any of the Lily Lolo pressed blushes? Do you like wearing peachy shades?

Have a great day!

With love,
Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Which Cleanser?

april 06, 2015

Včasih sem uporabljala le en izdelek za čiščenje obraza, v zadnjem času pa opažam, da jih imam čedalje več! Zakaj torej ne bi napisala objave posvečene le njim? Tako sem izbrala štiri čistilna sredstva ter jih razdelila glede na tip kože.
Za mastno kožo
Acure Cleansing Gel Facial Cleanser - čistilo za obraz za mešano in mastno kožo v obliki bolj tekočega, rumeno prozornega gela. Diši po citrusih, vsebuje veliko antioksidantov, krasno se peni, ne maši por in odstrani vse nečistoče, tudi ličila. Gel pospešuje obnovo celic in ohranja naravni zaščitni sloj kože. Zelo osvežilen izdelek, tako s strani teksture kot vonja. Edina rahlo moteča stvar, ki pa je morda pri mastni koži lahko celo zaželjena je, da po uporabi rahlo izsuši kožo. Sicer nič kaj veliko, a vseeno je nanos kreme potreben. Gel je sicer odličen za poleti, sploh na moji koži, ko takrat končno nimam problemov s suhimi madeži. In že trkam na les, da se ne bodo pojavili to poletje. :) Ocena pa tukaj.
Za normalno kožo
Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser - moje trenutno najljubše čistilo, da ne rečem, kar moj trenutno najljubši kozmetični izdelek. Izdelek ima najbolj nenavadno teksturo, ki pa je nadvse čudovita. Gre za nežno kremno čistilo, ki pa se za razliko od ostalih kremnih čistil, rahlo peni. Prvič sem bila nad tem zelo presenečena, ker res nisem pričakovala nobene pene, a sem bila pri spiranju čistila z vodo zelo pozitivno presenečena. To nežno čistilo krasno odstrani umazanijo, ki se je čez dan nabrala na obrazu, in tudi ličila. Obenem pa ima še prijeten vonj po mešanici cvetlic, kot so vrtnica, pomarančni cvetovi, ylang ylang, kamilica in druge. Gre za res chic in luksuzen izdelek v kvalitetni stekleni embalaži na pumpico. Bom napisala oceno, a naj le rečem, da bi zelo rada preizkusila še druge Bodhi&Birch izdelke. Saj so že tako ali tako dolgo na moji listi želja. :) //Izdelek, ki bi ga prav tako priporočala je Therapi Honey Gel Cleanser, iz linije Orange Blossom. Več o njem tukaj.
Za suho kožo
Andalou Naturals Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk - izdelek ima sladko saden čudovit, čudovit vonj po marelicah in breskvah, njam! Nežno, gosto, kremno čistilo ne vsebuje nobenih mil in se tako tudi ne peni, kar je po mojem mnenju več kot odlično za suho kožo, ki res ne potrebuje dodatnih penilcev, ki so včasih lahko zelo izsušujoči. Čeprav čistilo odstrani nečistoče pa na žalost ni najboljša izbira za odstranjevanje ličil. Je pa super za jutranje čiščenje obraza. Čistilo je zelo prijetno za obraz, kremno, mehko, dišeče ter neizsušujoče. Več o njem pa tukaj. //Prijetno dišeč Natura Siberica Cleansing Milk je prav tako odličen. Sicer prav tako ne odstrani ličil, je pa krasen za jutranje čiščenje obraza.
Za vse tipe kože, tudi občutljivo
Herbfarmacy Wash-Off Cleansing Mousse* - mojo ljubezen do tega izdelka sem pred kratkim že izpovedala v tej objavi. Zelo nežno, penastno kremno in prijetno dišeče čistilo odstrani nečistoče in ličila ter kože ne draži ali izsuši. Krasna izbira tako za večerno kot tudi jutranje čiščenje. //Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser je prav tako čudovit! Več tukaj.

I used to always use just one face cleansing product, but lately I've been seeing more and more cleansers in my collection so why not do a post talking about a few of them? I chose four and divide them by skin types.

For oily skin
Acure Cleansing Gel Facial Cleanser - quite runny, clear yellowish gel cleanser for combination to oily skin. Smells like citrus, it contains lots of antioxidants, it foams beautifully and removes all of the dirt and makeup. Gel maintains skin's natural acid mantle and activates new cell growth. The one thing that could bother some, but can be quite a positive thing for oily skin, is that it can dry out the skin. Nothing much, really, but the cream afterwards is necessary. If your skin is more combo to normal, this cleansing gel is perfect for summer, so refreshing. Review here.

For normal skin
Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser - say hello to my new fave cleanser, if not even my fave beauty product! This gorgeous cleanser has an unusual texture, which I love! It's some kind of a creamy product which foams when you use water. Or to say it nicer, it's a gentle foaming cream cleanser, like it's written on the packaging. At first I was really surprised by it, I didn't really read the instructions and I thought it's just like any other creamy cleanser. But oh boy, when I mixed it with some water it started foaming. What a lovely surprise that was! The foam is super gentle, sometimes is almost non exsistent, but it works amazing at removing dirt and even makeup. And besides all that it also has a lovely floral scent. It smells like a mix of different flowers, such as roses, orange blossom, chamomile, ylang ylang and others. All packaged in a chic glass bottle, so luxurious. I will definitely write a review, but all I can say is that I want more products from the B&B. The brand that has been on my wishlist for too long. //Special mention goes to Therapi Honey Gel Cleanser, Orange Blossom. Read more about it here.
For dry skin
Andalou Naturals Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk - sweet, fruity, wonderful smelling product! If you love the scent of apricots and peaches then you'd adore this one, no joke! Gentle, creamy, thick cleansing milk is soap free and therefore it doesn't provide any lather. I think that's great for dry skin because sometimes some foaming ingredients can dry out or even irritate it. Even though the cleanser removes all the dirt from your skin, it unfortunately doesn't remove the makeup. But it is great for morning cleanse. It's a lovely product, creamy, soft and non drying. More about it here. //Special mention goes to Natura Siberica Cleansing Milk. It doesn't remove makeup but it's a wonderful morning cleanser. And it also smells lovely!

For all skin types, including sensitive skin
Herbfarmacy Wash-Off Cleansing Mousse* - I've already proclamied my love for this mousse in this post. Very gentle, creamy cleanser with a nice herbal-floral scent works amazing at removing dirt and makeup. It doesn't irritate or dry out my skin and I love using it! The perfect choice for any skin type, suitable for morning and evening cleanse. //Special mention goes to Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydration Cleanser. It's beautiful! Review here.

Which facial cleanser are you loving?

Much love,
Jana xx

*sample generously provided  

Check out the Beauty is you on the TLV Birdie Blog for more green beauty posts. :)

White Spring

april 03, 2015

Just another one of my super chill and laid back outfits. I'm so happy it's spring, yaaay!<3 :)

I'm wearing: White T-shirt - H&M Man, Sweater - C&A, Jeans - Pull& Bear, Sneakers - Converse White All Star, Watch - Ebay, Dainty Necklace - Pull& Bear.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy Easter!

With love,
Jana xx

Riad of Aromas Avocado & Chamomile Body Cream

april 01, 2015

Riad of Aromas je britanska znamka naravne kozmetike s poudarkom na izdelkih za občutljivo kožo. Izdelki ne vsebujejo alkohola, parabenov, ftalatov, čebeljega voska in tako dalje. Znamka je primerna za vegane in ni testirana na živalih. Riad of Aromas izdelek, ki vam ga bom danes predstavila je pomirjujoča krema za telo z avokadom in kamilico, Avocado & Chamomile Softening & Soothing Body Cream*. Krema je primerna za vse tipe kože, tudi za suho, razdraženo in občutljivo kožo. Bogato razkošna in nežna krema za telo kožo nemudoma pomiri, obenem pa jo tudi dolgotrajno vlaži in jo naredi mehko. Narejena iz čistih naravnih sestavin, brez iritantov oziroma dražljivih snovi. Poleg že omenjenega avokadovega olja in izvlečka kamilice, ki pomirja, ima protivnetne in zdravilne učinke, med drugim vsebuje tudi karitejevo maslo, olje mareličnih pešk, mandljevo olje, eterični olji geranije in sivke.
Riad of Aromas Avocado & Chamomile Sofening and Soothing Body Cream
Riad of Aromas Avocado & Chamomile Softening & Soothing Body Cream
Riad of Aromas Avocado and Chamomile Body Cream ingredients
Krema ima zelo prijetno teksturo, gosto in bogato, a ravno dovolj, da je lepo mazljiva. Hitro se vpije v kožo, jo res pomiri, čista in naravna rastlinska olja, tekoči voski in masla pa kožo krasno navlažijo ter jo naredijo mehko. Ker ni mastna ali lepljiva in se hitro vpije, jo rada uporabljam tudi kot kremo za roke. Zanimivo je, da tudi, če je nanesem preveč, se takoj vpije v kožo in jo globinsko vlaži. Embalaža na pumpico je prav tako super, edina stvar, ki me moti je vonj. Ta je rahlo cvetličen kar običajno obožujem, a pri tem izdelku me nekaj moti. Ne vem, ni mi preveč všeč, a na srečo je vonj vsaj bolj nežen in ne premočan. Vseeno pa bi želela, da bi bil lepši, ker iskreno, izdelki za nego telesa pač morajo dišati, kajne? :) A ne me narobe razumeti, krema ne smrdi, in ker je tako vlažilna, jo vseeno priporočam.
Riad of Aromas Avocado & Chamomile Softening and Soothing Body Cream consistency
Katera krema za telo pa je trenutno vaša najljubša?

Riad of Aromas is a British natural brand with an emphasis on products for sensitive skin. They don't contain alcohol, parabens, phthalates, beeswax and so on. The brand is suitable for vegans and is cruelty free. The Riad of Aromas product I'll review today is the Avocado & Chamomile Softening & Soothing Body Cream*. The cream is great fol all skin types, including dry, distressed and sensitive skin. Rich, luxurious and gentle body cream deeply replenishes the skin's natural moisture barrier, leaving the skin soft, supple and looking beautifully healthy. Made with the cleanest natural ingredients and free from irritants. Beside the Avocado Oil and Chamomile extract which soothes, has anti-inflammatory and restorative properties, the body cream also contains Shea Butter, Peach Kernel and Almond Oils, Rose Geranium and Lavender Essential Oils.

Cream has a lovely rich texture which is easily spreadable and it quickly sinks into the skin. It really soothes and calms my skin, pure and naturals oils, liquid waxes and butters make it soft and moisturized. It's not greasy or sticky and because it's quickly absorbed into the skin, I also like to use it as a hand cream. It's interesting that even if you apply too much, the cream quickly sinks into the skin and deeply moisturizes it. And the pump bottle is great too. The one thing I'm not a fan of is the scent. It has a soft and gentle floral scent, which I usually love, but with this one there's something off. I don't know what, I just don't like it. Fortunatelly the scent is not strong, but honestly, I would love a nicer scent. Body care products just have to smell good, don't you agree? But just to be perfectly clear, it doesn't stink or anything like that, and because it's moisturizing and soothing I still recommend it. :)

Which body cream are you loving at the moment?

With love,
 Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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