Let's Talk Trash #16

december 30, 2015

I was thinking of what I should post at this time of year and I decided that for me the perfect post would be about my empty products. For a second there I forgot about the ever growing bag of trash and was stunned to see how many products were actually in there! So it's only natural to get rid of them before the New Year so I can start clean and fresh and with an empty bag ready for new empties.
Inner Soul Organics Scandinavian Decadence Bath and Body Salt Scrub* - salt based scrub that I mentioned in this post. It did the job very well and always left my skin super smooth and soft. The scent was alright but not my fave. It contains Juniper Essential Oil so it's more on the masculine side of scents.

Weleda Evening Primrose Revitalizing Body Wash (review) - one of my favourite body washes. Smells amazing, it has a super lovely creamy texture and it's not drying. Already repurchased.

Skin Blossom Moisturizing Body Lotion (review) - I really liked using this body lotion. It's moisturizing, has a nice and light scent of oranges and it quickly sinks into the skin.

Sunfood Coconut Rose MSM Lotion (review) - in the beginning I really liked this body lotion, especially as hand cream but it's quite forgettable to be honest. It's a bit different than your usual body lotion because it contains superfood MSM. I'm still curious about their other scents though, Berry Vanilla and Orange Ylang Ylang.

Weleda Evening Primrose Revitalizing Body Oil - another great Weleda product. It has a wonderful scent, it's very moisturizing and nourishing and just beautiful. I also have their Sea Buckthorn body oil but this Evening Primrose is way better, more hydrating and makes my skin softer.

Silkka Garden Apothecary Sweet Orange + Mango Body Butter (review) - (now known as Polle Nation) smells like oranges, has that beautiful balm consistency and is super nourishing. It's a gorgeous product.

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion (review) - Weleda, again. :) I love their body lotions and will definitely buy this one again.

Unique Beauty Lavender Body Wash* and Lotion* - I quickly mentioned them here, but to sum up, I'm not the biggest fan of these and I won't purchase the bigger bottles. 
Auromere Hair Conditioning Oil - I bought this hair oil quite a long time ago and I'm tossing it because I prefer other hair oils.

Dr. Scheller Hand Cream - I really liked Dr. Scheller's hand creams but I won't repurchase because I found better ones.

Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Shampoo (review) - love. And that is all I have to say. If you have damaged, dry, thick hair, then this shampoo is the way to go.

Maple Holistics Natural Argan Oil Shampoo* - a very nice shampoo but I won't repurchase because I didn't like all of the ingredients.

Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Shampoo - this reminded me that I'll have to buy some Andalou Naturals products again. They are lovely! This shampoo was great and I also loved their Sweet Orange line.

Gaia Creams Gorgeous Hair Oil* (review) - this one is really a gorgeous hair oil with a beautiful scent and very nourishing oils. Highly recommend this oil.

Unique Haircare Colour Care Shampoo* - I also finished the conditioner but forgot to include it in the photo. I won't repurchase because there are so many other hair care products that I like way better.

Weleda Hand Cream - beautiful hand cream with a lovely scent. It quickly sinks into the skin and moistuizes nicely. Will definitely repurchase.
Saison Autumn Botanical Lotion Spray* (review) - refreshing and soothing facial mist. Didn't like the spray nozzle because the mist was almost too delicate but the products itself is really beautiful.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Facial Cleanser* - this is a part of their Travel & Try Kit that I got from the beautiful German store Amazingy. I used it up but I didn't really care for it so I won't be buying the bigger bottle.

Gaia Creams Raw Love Eye & Face Cream* (review) -I will definitely buy this eye cream again because it is absolutely lovely! You only need a little so it lasts ages, it is very nourishing and therefore more than perfect for evening eye care. I wish it would also be in a dark glass jar (gives better UV protection) like all the other Gaia Creams products are, because this one actually went bad and I always stored it in a dark place.

Lily Organics Oil Free Skin Conditionig Serum (review) - a nice serum but it wasn't really memorable to tell you the truth. And it contains alcohol, so I won't repurchase it.

Terra Naturi Blush Royal Apricot (review) - I loved this blush and wore it almost every day but I won't repurchase it because it contains talc, an ingredient I would like to stay away from in the future.

Therapi Honey Skincare Orange Blossom Honey Moisturizer (review) - I would happily buy this cream again. It is really hydrating and perfect for combination skin.

Therapi Honey Skincare Rose Otto Honey Moisturizer - this one I actually got from my friend because unfortunatelly she got an allergic reaction to it. This cream is best suited for dry skin so I gave it to my mum and she absolutely loved it! It made her skin soft and moisturized.

Balm Balm Frankincense Facial Tonic* and Light Facial Oil* (review) - I would buy the toner again, it was lovely. The oil wasn't my fave and I wouldn't buy the bigger bottle.

Odacite Ca + C Facial Serum Concentrate* (review) -  this will have to be one of my fave discoveries of the year! Perfect, perfect serum for sensitive and irritated skin. It is very concentrated with only the best ingredients such as Camellina Oil and Chamomile and it really did wonders to my skin. I have yet to buy this again but first I have to go through some other facial oils.

Terra Naturi Effect Mascara - nothing new here, this mascara was featured in the last "Let's Talk Trash" post and it will be in the next one too. It is super affordable and nice.

Avril Mascara* (review) - I very much enjoyed using this mascara. It gave my lashes a nice boost and a little bit of everything, volume and lenght. It did start to smudge a bit once it dried up a little. I would buy again if it was available in a drugstore, but for now I'll just stick to the Terra Naturi one.

Inner Soul Organics Bespoke Apricot Restore Organic Facial Oil* (review) - this one is a customized product, a product that was designed especially for my skin type. It was such a beautiful product, I loved using it and would order it again.

Meow Meow Tweet Lip Balm Tangerine Lime - I mentioned this lip balm a long time ago in this post. I really liked it and I would buy again. It is nourishing and lovely. Vegan as well.

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream - often times I just forget about samples but not when it comes to brands like Tata Harper. I would love to own a green bottle or two but for now I'm happy with samples too. :) Honestly I wasn't impressed with this eye cream and it didn't make me wanna buy the normal sized cream. Nonetheless I still want to try other Tata Harper products.

Suki Concentrated Clarifying Toner and Balancing Facial Oil - I really liked them both but I will pass on the toner because it contains alcohol. Even though the oil contains fragrance I still want the bigger bottle. Besides gorgeous plant oils it also contains some of my fave ingredients - Chamomile (and 3 types of them - Roman, Matricaria and German Chamomile) and Calendula. I was impressed with the oil, it was really soothing and that is the thing I really like in skincare products.
Konjac Sponge French Pink Clay Puff Sponge (review) - this is my third Konjac sponge and I absolutely love it, especailly in the winter time when my skin is looking dull and flaky. At the moment I'm not using it because I'm in love with my DIY gentle scrub/cleansing grains but I will definitely buy it at some point in the future.

Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Mask - I'm already using a new one and have one on its way because iHerb had 20% off on the brand. (And the offer is still valid for a few hours!) This is a French green clay based mask and is perfect for oily and combination skin. I like that it doesn't dry on the skin and is actually a bit moisturizing too. It has a creamy consistency and when mixed with water it foams up. Like soap. It leaves my skin clean and glowing and I really recommend it.

Leahlani Skincare Honey Love Microdermabrasion 3-in-1* (review) - if it contains honey, then you know I will love it! I love using it as a mask and a scrub. First I spray some rose toner on my clean face and then apply the mask. I usually leave it on for half an hour and then gently massage my face with it. It leaves my skin super smooth and soft and I really adore it. Just go and buy it, alright! Already repurchased.

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser* - I will have to buy a bigger bottle of this wonderful cleanser one day! It smells like strawberries, it lathers up, it doesn't dry out my skin and also acts as an enzyme exfoliator.

Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask (review) - big yes to this face mask! Like Honey Love I also repurchased it and I'm completely obsessed with it! Contains beautiful ingredients like Honey, Green and Kaolin Clay, Spirulina, Chlorella and more. A must in my beauty collection. <3 You have to follow this brand on Instagram, sweet Leah is coming up with new products and I can't wait to try them!

Therapi Honey Skincare Honey Gel Cleanser (review) - a lightly foaming gel with Honey, Yucca Extract and Orange Blossom. It is a lovely product that didn't dry out my skin or leave any residue on the skin.

Saison Autumn Cleansing Grains* (review) - I was so obsessed with this product but unfortunately it already went bad. The expiration date is 3 months but nonetheless I was still hoping it would last me a bit longer. It always left my skin extremely smooth and soft and it is just oh so gorgeous!

Finished, finally! Out of this bunch of products I highly recommend Odacite, Gaia Creams, Acure Organics, Saison Beauty, Leahlani Skincare and Inner Soul Organics. Oh and Weleda body products. At the end of this post I want to thank everyone for following, reading, commenting and liking. Thank you for your emails and to all the brands and lovely people behind the brands and shops that worked with me this year, thank you for giving me the chance to try your products. Love you! <3 I wish you all the best in 2016, lots of health, love and joy. Talk to you soon!

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Sienna Byron Bay Promise

december 23, 2015

Let's have a look at another 5-free nail polish brand, shall we? Today I'm bringing you a stunning cream darkish raspberry red shade Promise* from the Australian brand Sienna Byron Bay (formally known as Willow Byron Bay). This little 10 ml bottle is recyclable and of course I love the wooden cap. They've lost the traditional plastic cap to add a hand-made beauty of their own. The sustainable signature wooden caps are made using a local non native pest tree. Removing these trees is helping our rainforest regenerate and old native species are now re-growing. Ethical, eco, vegan, cruelty free. Beautiful colours. No nasties. Yas! Like I said here, it's hard for me to speak about longevity, but it dries up quickly (not as quick as LVX polishes) and has a thin brush with which you can be really precise. Now scroll down and enjoy the beautiful shade. I'm in love.
Looks like the perfect Christmasy shade, right?! Get it at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop where you can use discount code "Jana" (not affiliated) and you'll get 10% off your order. 

Have a wonderful day and I wish you a very merry Christmas! Lots of love and health. <3

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Last Minute Gift Ideas + Giveaway

december 20, 2015

This post is long overdue and you probably all have Christmas presents by now, but I don't care because I want to share my last minute gift ideas with you. Actually my choices are not really very Christmasy so you can easily get away with them through the whole year and give them for birthdays and other special occasions. The majority of products are more suitable for women but I also included a few gifts for men.
1. Bamboo Wood Cosmetic Organizer - the other day I was thinking that I have to come up with a better idea for storing my makeup. Don't want more plastic so I found this bamboo organizer, which is actually made in Hungary. I would prefer more holes for lipsticks but it still would be a wonderful gift to receive.

2. Windward Made Pink Splatter Tea Towel - now this is a bit different but it is a thing we all use, a kitchen towel. But not just any standard towel. It is handmade in the Netherlands and contains gorgeous organic cotton thread, hemp, organic cotton and non toxic ink. Wow. The shops also has some beautiful scarves which are definitely worth a look.

3. Gaia Creams 'No Nonsense' Beard Oil - beard oils have become quite popular and they are a wonderful gift for men with beards. Oils really make a difference in the texture and overall appearance of the beard. This Gaia Creams oil contains some beautiful ingredients like Grapeseed and Argan Oil to name just two, and essential oils of Cedarwood and Rosemary, which give the oil subtle and woodsy scent.

4. Penguin Mug - well isn't this mug just the cutest? I know a few of my friends would love it so it was only natural to include it. And isn't a mug always a great gift idea? Don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with tea so I'm always happy when I receive a cute mug. This one is also hand painted which means you get a unique design.
5. Ceramic Plate with Raindeer - this one is from a beautiful Slovenian store - Smile Concept Store. They have the cutest little things and you should definitely follow them on Instagram. I could do a whole gift list ideas with only their products! At the end I decided to go with this gorgeous ceramic plate which is perfect for storing rings. It is just too cute!

6. Gaia Creams Gorgeous Hair Oil - the winter time is time to stock up on oils and even though I have a lot to say about dry skin, I decided to rather mention a hair oil. Just the other day I was so annoyed with my hair and how winter and cold weather is affecting them. They don't look as nice as they did in summer that's for sure. I chose this Gaia Cream Gorgeous Hair Oil because it really nourishes the hair and makes them shiny and super soft. It also has a beautiful floral scent. I think it would be such a lovely gift. You can also read my review here.

7. Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask - of course I had to include one of my favorite facial masks. I don't think it needs much introductions, it is well known in the green beauty community and is worth all the hype that is surrounding it. It's detoxifying and moisturizing at the same time. Read my review here, all I can say is that it's absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it. <3

8. Kuma Sunglasses - I saw this brand on Instagram and was immediately drawn in! They look like any other sunglasses but the temples of their sunglasses are actually handcrafted of sustainable bamboo. They also have some shades where the frames are completely made out of bamboo, minus the lenses of course. These fashionable and stylish sunglasses have 100% UVA/UVB protection, some even have polarized lenses, but what is the most amazing thing about the brand is that for every frame sold one tree is planted! And I assume we all know how important trees are, they help mitigate global climate change.

9. Jord Sully Green Sandalwood Watch* - last but most certainly not least is this watch. I've been absolutely loving my Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood* watch but this is a new one I got and it looks great too. They are made of wood which is just awesome, they wear super nicely, feel lightweight and are a wonderful gift for both, women and men. And you know what, I've teamed up with JORD to giveaway a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $25 each for the holidays! How great is that?! Entering is super easy - click this link - it will ask you for your email and your favorite JORD watch (it's a hard decision, I know!). Once you hit enter, your code will be emailed directly to you. And that is literally it!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
*this post contains affiliate links

Balm Balm Frankincense Travel Trio

december 18, 2015

Let's have another chat about the beautiful UK brand, Balm Balm. I've already written about the brand here, it's 100% natural and 100% organic with an array of products certified by Soil Association. That is what I like to hear. Today I'm bringing you their Frankincense skincare line, their Frankincense Facial Travel Kit, minus the muslin cloth. 

They say that frankincense is well known for its rejuvenating effect on the skin but did you know that it is also reputed to improve deep breathing and thus improve circulation? Good circulation reflects in beautiful skin so... take a deep breath with our wonderful Frankincense Facial products and let your skin breathe too. 

Other benefits associated with frankincense include relieving indigestion, helping to fade wrinkles and scars and reducing acne. It has also been used traditionally to regulate menstrual cycles and aid with a variety of menstruation-related issues.
 Balm Balm Frankincense Deep Cleansing Balm* - I'm not sure when was the last time I removed my makeup with anything else than an oil or a balm. Personally, they are my absolute favorite way of removing my makeup. They work amazing and they don't dry out my skin one bit. So it comes to no surprise that I really like using this product. It contains a few ingredients, including beeswax, if you're using vegan cosmetics. The balm has that normal balm consistency, which turns into an oil when you massage it onto your skin. It feels luxurious and it's a lovely product to use. It gently dissolves all of my makeup, it's not drying and doesn't break me out. As far as I read some reviews, everyone seems to love this balm but one thing that not all agree is the scent. Some say it smells incredible, other don't care for it and find it awful. I'm really used to natural scents and honestly, I quite like it. Not my favourite but I like anything with citrus (contains Grapefruit) and essential oil of Frankincense gives it a nice touch. All in all it is a lovely cleansing balm with beautiful ingredients and a reasonable price.

Balm Balm Frankincense Facial Tonic* - I love hydrosols but I always seem to strugle when I have to write a review of them. I just don't know what to say. They refresh my face, give back some moisture and I love applying them prior to facial oils and moisturizers. Like it's fitting for a hydrosol, this one is made with only one ingredient - frankincense. This woodsy and warm scent is often times used in combination with meditation which could be very helpful in decreasing anxiety. Not sure if I experienced any meditative sensations but it sure is lovely and actually quite soothing. If you have problems with anxiety, I would definitely recommend you try diffusing frankincense essential oils. To sum up, I liked this hydrosol very much and I already finished it.
Balm Balm Frankincense Light Facial Oil* - made from oils of Peach Kernel, Evening Primrose, Jojoba and Rosehip and essential oils of Frankincense and Grapefruit. This oil left me quite underwhelmed. Yeah it is nice, it's a light oil so it doesn't feel like it's just sitting on your face, it's nourishing and leaves the skin soft. It's just not anything special. Doesn't mean it's not nice, it just didn't do anything amazing for my skin. I did use it up but I wouldn't go and buy another bottle.

All three products are lovely but to be real, they are not my favorite products I have ever used. I mean don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with them at all! The thing is, I really like them but I don't love them. Saying that, I still like the brand and would recommend their products, especially their hydrosols and the cleansing balm too.

You can get them at Via Naturalis where you can use discount code "jana" and get 10% off your order.


Jana xx

p.s. photo background is from a colouring book Relax Me* by Annie Yates. <3

*samples generously provided
**affiliate code


december 15, 2015

It is the time to burn some candles. But not just any candles and especially not those with paraffin wax. I'm sure you all know that I really dislike paraffin based candles and you may already know why. But if you're still wondering why is best to avoid them, then keep on reading. To quickly sum up - burning and inhaling a conventional, cheap or expensive paraffin wax candle is like breathing in diesel fuel fumes. Paraffin is actually petrolatum waste product. Now raise your hand if you enjoy the horrible smell of exhaust fumes. I already had a rant about that in this post, but just to mention one more time - most candles are made of paraffin wax, which when burned create highly toxic and known carcinogens benzene and toluene. In fact, the toxins released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes. So even though they can smell hella good, please stay away from them and rather choose more environmentally and health friendly candles, like soy candles. Soy wax candles last up to 50% longer than other wax options. The soy burns at a slower rate since the wax is softer. I haven't actually tried any of the candles I've chosen but I did try to pick December and Christmas appropriate scents and boy they sound delicious! 
1. Petits Rituels By The Fire Candle (£35, 200g) - winter signature cinnamon candle perfect for that cosy evening around the fire. A festive blend infused with spicy Cinnamon & Clove, zesty Orange and Lemongrass. Perfect for that cosy evening around the fire. This candle revives a tired mind, uplifts your spirit and creates a feeling of warmth and happiness. These candles are handcrafted in England and are 100% natural. The design is so pretty, love those boxes. Amongst these candles this is the only one that is not vegan, it contains beeswax.

2. Soy Much Brighter Frosted Gingerbread Men ($15, 227g) - the perfect holiday aroma. The sweet gingerbread is reminiscent of baking and building the gingerbread houses from scratch as a kid at Grandma's house. Cover it vanilla frosting and carefully place each raisin onto the borders of the roof, the holidays are here! This one is a US based candle company (ships only in the US) with a bunch of different candles that include seasonal scents. I like the name of this brand and their selection of scents sounds really nice.

3. Nizou Luscious Fig and Amber Scented Candle (£14.90, 190g) - not really Christmasy, but this vegetable wax scented candle combines the delicate scent of fig with amber and smoky cedar wood. Hand poured in the UK.

4. JOIK Masala Chai Candle (£17.50, 145g) - this highly aromatic spiced tea is a complex mixture of spicy cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg with bottom notes of rich and creamy milk. Joik is Estonian natural cosmetics brand and their products are hand-made in Estonia. They have a wonderful selection of candles, you should definitely check them out.

5. Meow Meow Tweet Grove Candle ($28, 227g) - walking through an orange grove with bare feet in the afternoon light as a summer breeze curls around you. Grove candle is sweet, fruity & floral with a woody undertone and notes of citrus, ylang ylang and clove. Meow Meow Tweet is a vegan brand from the US with the funniest and cutest packaging and drawings. They are probably most known for their Baking Soda Free Deodorant, which I have yet to try.

6. Chelsea Candle Mistletoe and Giger Biscuit (£5, 90ml) - Mistletoe has a scent that really gets you in the mood for Christmas. This subtle scent has notes of pine, mistletoe leaves and berries. Ginger Biscuit has a scent of creamy tones of ginger biscuit, obviously. Hand-made in England. I love the simplicity and their minimalistic design.

7. Heartwood Candle Co. Sweet Orange, Clove & Cinnamon (£24) - cold outside, but heart is warm. Footsteps crunch on frosty morn. Celebrations, mince pies & mulled wine Wonderful festive wintertime! I've already talked about this brand here, love their packaging, their philosophy, they are just great!

8. Tanda Christmas Spice (small costs $22) - their first limited edition Christmas candle is the ever popular Christmas Spice; it's full of orange, clove, cinnamon, almond, vanilla, and honey and will remind you of delicious Christmas Pudding! Yum! I saw this brand on Instagram and it immediately drawn me in with its gorgeous design. This one is their newest and it looks amazing!

9. Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Tranquility (£36) - this one is truly special. It is a candle but it doubles up as a deeply nourishing treatment for the skin. I'm so intrigued by this one, it sounds and looks gorgeous. Read more about it on Annabel's blog.

With love,

Jana xx

The Cookies

december 13, 2015

I wanted to share one of my favorite cookie recipes with you. These cookies are vegan, delicious, healthy, yummy, sugar free and just oh so good. Not gonna lie, some healthy foods don't taste all that good, but these cookies are definitely not in that category! You will have to make them and then you'll know what I'm talking about.
For these cookies you'll need:
- 1 banana,
- 1 cup of dates (soak them in water for at least 15 minutes),
- 2 tbsp of peanut or almond butter,
- 3/4 cup of almonds and
- 3/4 cup of oats.

1. Add almonds and oats to a food processor and make flour (gluten free if you're using gluten free oats). Transfer into a mixing bowl.

2. If you don't have peanut butter you can easily make it yourself. Use around 3 - 4 tbsp of peanuts to make 2 tbsp of peanut butter. Add them to a food processor and pulse for a few minutes. Maybe you will also have to scrape down the sides of a bowl and then pulse some more. Once the butter is made, transfer it into a separate cup.

3. Add dates to a food processor and pulse until small bits remain. Add banana and peanut butter and mix till combined. Pour into the bowl with flour.

4. Mix everything together and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Preheat your oven to 175°C.

5. Form little balls and then squash them to form little discs. You can also make little thumb prints that you can fill with melted chocolate, like I did.

6. Bake for 12 -15 minutes. If they are underbaked it's totally fine, they will taste even better! You could also eat them raw so you really don't have to worry.

Now go and bake these cookies, you won't regret it!

Have a happy Sunday!


Jana xx

**Recipe found on Minimalist Baker. <3

LVX Nail Polishes Nu & Rive

december 11, 2015

Check out my new nail polish obsession, the LVX 7-free nail polishes. I've been a massive nail polish junkie way before I started writing my blog. My current nail polish collection is small in comparison to the way it was before but it is growing. A big thanks to that goes to the ever lovely Rayna and her gorgeous shop Reina Organics. She most generously sent me some LVX polishes to try and I'm so impressed with them! Today I'll share two shades with you, but first, a few words about the brand.
Like I wrote, LVX is a 5 or 7-free brand (depends on the shade, Nu and Rive are both 5-free), which means that their nail polishes are free from 5 or 7 toxic and harsh chemicals found in most common nail lacquer formulas. They are free from those most common ones like Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor and also Xylene and Parabens. They are cruelty free of course and vegan. Their philosophy is to fuse high fashion with nail color. They determine the top trends by closely studying thousands of runway presentations from renowned designers. Their colors are hand selected to be the top colors of the season. New shades are always introduced like fashion collections - last one is Winter Resort 2016. Love all the shades they've come up with.

These luxury and eco friendly polishes are also TPHP (Triphenyl phosphate) free. Recent studies have raised serious questions about the possible impact of TPHP on hormones and fertility. Studies have shown that TPHP is an endocrine disruptor, which means it interferes with hormones, and tests on animals have shown reproductive and developmental problems as a result. In humans, scientists say it may be linked to weight gain. Read more here.
LVX nails polishes look luxurious and chic. Their design is reminiscent of other high end polishes with the whole overcap thing. The overcap easily pops off so you can paint your nails with the regular bottle cap brush. I get the whole luxe look, but that is a slight waste of packaging, especially for an eco friendly brand. Polishes have a great brush, they go on smooth and dry super quickly. Like really quickly! I can't say much about longevity because polishes chip quite easily on my nails, but they do last two or three days before they start to chip. Which is great for me because Benecos polishes usually don't even last for one day.
Nu* is an ultra chic nude with a wispy and semi-sheer finish. This delicate shade is the perfect choice for those searching for a soft and delicate look. Nu is a part of the Fall 2015 collection and was inspired by pinkish, neutral colours as seen at runway shows at Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen. I'm so bad at describing neutral shade, but I have especially hard time with this one. Sometimes it looks pinker, other times it's more peachy. It's a soft beige shade with semi-sheer finish. It's a beautiful, super wearable shade and goes on so smooth. Because it's quite sheer it's really easy to apply and you don't have to be super careful like you have to be with some other colours.
Rive* is from their Summer 2013 collection and is described as the perfect nude that will bridge your summer wardrobe together. This soft and unique tan provides us with the perfect canvas for the brights of summer. Reminiscent of sandy shores and gorgeous coastlines. This one is super opaque and pigmented and I suggest you take a few seconds when applying it. It's lighter that Nu and more in you face kind of neutral colour. Nu is very subtle but Rive really gives a punch.
I'm in love with LVX nail polishes and there is no doubt in my mind that you'll be too. I highly recommend them! All my European babes can get them at Reina Organics. <3 A list of all stores around the world where LVX nail polishes are available is here.

Have you tried LVX polishes? Which is your favorite 5 or 7-free nail polish brand? :)

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generoulsy provided

Perfect Winter Treat

december 08, 2015

Hi lovelies! Let's talk about my absolute favorite treat for my body and soul - baths. I'm so in love with them you can't even imagine! A nice bath makes everything better. It makes me super relaxed and all warm and fuzzy. I don't like the low temperatures of this time of year, so when I feel especially cold, tired or stressed a bath is all I want. I would love to have one every day BUT I'm mindful of my water consumption so they're not as regular as I would want them to be, but more of a special occasion. I don't know about you but I don't go all out and lit every candle I have and turn my bathroom into a spa. All I really need is a few YouTube videos or a TV series and a nice bubble bath. Lately I have been loving the Sudsatorium Night Cap Bubble Bath.
First, the packaging. You're probably thinking that it looks like Lush. It does, doesn't it? But it's much more awesome than that. Sudsatorium is a Fair Trade, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free Canadian brand and Canada has so many amazing brands you wouldn't even believe! The name Sudsatorium comes from "Sudatorium", which is an ancient Roman bath house. The brand provides only the safest organic vegan skin care, hair, and body products made without potentially harmful ingredients, synthetics, fake fragrances or preservatives. Their bottles are made from PLA (Polymerized Lactic Acid), an environmentally friendly packaging solution.  

PLA plastic is a clear, nature-based green packaging option made entirely from corn or sugarcane and are completely biodegradable. 100% BPA-free, PLA is the future of eco packing, capable of helping reduce the amount of energy and natural resources that would have been required to make virgin or even recycled plastic. Their adhesive labels are made from a tree-free and water-free process and are printed with soy-based inks for far easier recyclability

Omg how amazing is that?!! <3 Sorry for this long intro, but I can't help myself not to share all these amazing things! And they also give back and donate 5% of all sales to grassroots charities. Who wouldn't want to support such a brand?! Ah-mazeballs! :)
Nigh Cap Bubble Bath is a product I have already mention on this blog (At-Home Spa Break). I was going on and on about the scent and let me tell you something, I still adore it! I'll just quote myself in saying that it smells sweet and kinda zingy at the same time. It reminds me of coffee, chocolate, citrus fruits, Coca Cola, Cockta, it's just heavenly! And how could it not smell good if it contains ingredients like Freshly Brewed Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Fresh Organic Lime Juice, Fresh Fair Trade Organic Cocoa and Organic Roselle Hibiscus Infusion and more. Let's mention just two more, Tangerine and Vanilla. Yum! Big fat yes to the scent! <3 I wish it was only a touch more strong because if you want to really smell it while soaking in the bath, you have to pour in quite a lot. Especially in comparison with Deep Steep's bubble baths, which have really strong scents.

Night Cap gives a nice amount of foam but if you are a huge foam junkie then you'll probably be disappointed. They disappear quite quickly too. Though it's not all about the foam, okay. I really don't mind that because the water still smells nice and I know that I'm not soaking in a bath full of questionable and harmful ingredients. It also doesn't dry out my skin one bit, which is just wonderful!

So if you'd like to soak in the world’s biggest, foamiest cappuccino or if you’re a java junkie or have a weakness for chocolate, you'll fall head over heels in love with Night Cap. If you're not a fan of either, I still think you'd like it, but if you're not sure you can go with their Pomegranian Bubble Bath. Sounds lovely too. Get it in The Green Jungle Beauty Shop, where you can use a discount code "Jana" and get 10% off your order (not affiliated).

Much love,

Jana xx
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