A Few Products from Mālayā Organics

maj 12, 2019

Hi babes! I've talked about Mālayā Organics and their products before, mainly about their amazing Advanced Repair Mask* (review here) but today I wanted to share with you a few more products from them that I've been loving lately. Mālayā Organics was founded by Katya Slepak and the brand is committed to bringing us a 100% natural beauty line using only the highest quality, organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and ethically sourced ingredients. Their products are packed with active botanicals naturally rich in vital nutrients, known for their extraordinary benefits in achieving youthfully radiant skin and hair. Their name, like their products, is a blend of different elements from around the world. In Sanskrit Mālayā has two meanings, a sandalwood forest and a garland of flowers used as a ceremonial wreath. Malaya is a sacred garden in the Shambala tradition. In Tagalog, it is the word for freedom. And in Russian, Malaya is the gentle diminutive form of little or young.
Malaya Organics Hydrating Mist Refresh and renew, Cleansing oil and makeup remover Nourish and Soothe, Firming Eye Serum Stem Cell and Peptide Complex
Malaya Organics Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover Nourish and Soothe
Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover - Nourish & Soothe* is a rinsable cleansing oil with Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond and Safflower oils, Lavender, Chamomile and Bulgarian Rose. The scent is floral and rosey. This is a lightweight cleansing oil that you use on dry skin and then add water to emulsify it and rinse off either by splashing water directly on your face or with a washcloth. I usually do both. First I rinse it off with water and then go in with a warm washcloth. That way I make sure everything is off my face. I'm really enjoying this cleansing oil. It's effective, non-irritating or drying, skin is left properly clean and soft. You can get it here.
Malaya Organics Hydrating Mist Refresh and Renew
Malaya Organics Hydrating Mist Refresh and Renew
Hydrating Mist - Refresh & Renew* is this beautiful purple coloured face mist that helps to replenish and invigorate the skin, keeping it perfectly hydrated and glowing all day. This mist is so nice! Contains a number of gorgeous and also interesting ingredients. For example there is Propolis and Beeswax in this mist, which I don't think I ever saw in a mist. The cleansing oil may seem almost basic (for the lack of a better word because in reality it is definitely not basic and I love it) but this mist has a more complex ingredient list. There are different hydrolates like Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, and extracts like Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Nettle. This mist is hydrating thanks to a few ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Vera and Vegetable Glycerin. The purple hue of the mist comes from a blue flower native to Asia, Butterfly Pea Flower, a highly antioxidant rich flower with unique anti-glycation properties. It has a lovely floral scent of Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Geranium. The spray mister is wonderful and yeah, this is a great facial mist. You can get it here.
Malaya Organics Firming Eye Serum Stem Cell and Peptide Complex roll on
Malaya Organics Firming Eye Serum Stem Cell and Peptide Complex roll on
Firming Eye Serum - Stem Cell & Peptide Complex* is "a restorative, fast absorbing formula designed to visibly smooth delicate skin around the eyes." A gorgeous, lightweight oil serum with a number of amazing ingredients such as Argan, Prickly Pear, Acai, Buriti, Green Coffee oils and Olive Squalane. It contains collagen stimulating botanical Stem Cells, and skin firming Pea Peptides, which work harmoniously to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines. I like the formulation a lot. I'm mostly smelling Rose and Helichrysum, but in the blend are also Sandalwood and Fennel oils. Like I said, this eye serum is lightweight, it quickly gets absorbed into the skin leaving it softer, moisturized and hydrated. You can get it here.

I have an affiliate code that you can use to shop their products: MALAYAJANA saves you 15%.

You can get Mālayā Organics products here.

So much love & light,

Jana xx

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May Beauty Discovery w/ Ayuna

maj 05, 2019

Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? No surprises here - Beauty Heroes did it again and they brought us another amazing monthly discovery, feat. Ayuna. My immediate reaction was omg yes! I adore Ayuna's products so SO much. I have a lot to say about this discovery so without any further ado here are my first impressions/review of May Beauty Discovery.

In the May Beauty Discovery* are two full size products from Ayuna: Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection and The Facial (Low). Check it out here.
Ayuna May Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection, The Facial Low
Ayuna May Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection, The Facial Low
Ayuna May Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection
Ayuna May Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection
 VELO 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection is the Hero of this discovery and was the product I was super excited to try out. I always am when I see there's a new product from Ayuna. I'm obsessed with this Spanish brand, their products are so mind-blowingly amazing! VELO, which means veil in Spanish, is a living, breathing veil of protection that guards the skin from the exposome (daily environmental aggressors, including pollution, oxidation, dehydration, light, dryness and the proliferation of bad bacteria). It guards the suprastratum, a lessor known superficial layer that plays a very important role in the appearance and health of the skin. Like all Ayuna products, VELO also contains gorgeous ingredients that work so well for my combination skin. If you look closely at the ingredient list you will see that this product includes mineral-based SPF protection and contains ocean-friendly zinc/titanium component that provides a layer of protection against "UVA, UVB, blue (HEV) light, IR, and ultraviolet-B- induced CPD's (primary induced DNA lesions)." While VELO does not currently have an FDA SPF rating (which means it can't be called an SPF in the U.S. but based on the regulations requirements, the product is able to make an SPF claim in Europe), AYUNA is currently in the process of obtaining an official SPF designation.

So let's talk about my first impressions. They weren't great. Not at all! The first time I tried it, it was just ok but I felt SO underwhelmed by it + there was some pilling. On the second day I applied my makeup on top of VELO and honestly, my foundation, my whole face never looked worse! It was so patchy and streaky and there were orange marks. Omg no! If I wasn't in such a rush I would wash it all off and start my makeup again. Third day was no better either. In all this time I experimented with different skincare products and what would work best with VELO. I also emailed Jeannie about it saying that sadly I think that this product is not for me. But saying that I also wasn't ready to just give in and you guys, I cracked it, I found out what is the best way to use VELO.

I have so much to say. First let me say that the secret lies in the Ayuna's instruction folder. What a shocker right haha. I rarely read the "how to apply", especially when it comes to creams. But after a few days of disliking VELO it had to be done and oh goodness, I would be spared if I would just read it before use. In line with the whole Ayuna philosophy of skin fasting and using less products it was so obvious how to apply this product: "Use after applying Cream by Ayuna for drier skins and on clean skin for combination/oily skins." That is it, so simple! I am not a minimalist when it comes to skincare, or just anything in life, although I do try not to horde things. I like to layer products so how did I incorporate VELO into my existing skincare routine? I had to change it up a little bit. First I apply a toner, then a couple of drops of oil (less is more!), a moisturizer and as my last step VELO. This works perfect. What I found is that VELO doesn't mix well with oil, so I don't recommend applying VELO right after you'd apply an oil, there needs to be a cream between them. Cream I (Light)* from Ayuna is so perfect to use but VELO also works great in combination with Jane Scrivner OO Cream*.
Ayuna May Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection
Ayuna May Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection tinted
VELO feels very lightweight and I love that so much. It doesn't feel greasy or heavy and doesn't leave any white residue whatsoever. This is a tinted product and if you apply more than just one layer it looks like you have on a foundation with light coverage. It was strange that at the beginning I found this tint to be very orange on me but once I changed up my products I now don't notice that. I'm so thankful about that because it would really be such a shame if this product wouldn't work for me. I will say that I have to brush out my eyebrows after I apply it because it looks like I didn't properly blended in my foundation.

Uf I think I said all that I wanted to say. Know that less is more, less is beauty when it comes to VELO. Learn from my mistakes, don't overcomplicate your routine and you will immediately love this product. Check out VELO here.
Ayuna May Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes The Facial Low Acid Toner
Ayuna May Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes The Facial Low Acid Toner consistency
The Facial in Low is the Sidekick aka co-hero of this discovery and this stuff is amazing! I have tried it before, also thanks to Beauty Heroes and their Limited Edition discovery back in December, where we received The Facial in Low and High (I shared it on my Instagram here). The Facial is described as a lotion-to-powder formula. It's more substantial than a toner and more fluid than a serum. This is actually an acid toner with a combo of alpha amino acids - Glutamic from fermented Sugarcane and Yucca; Succinic from fermented Corn; and Raspberry Cider Vinegar. The Facial is a very interesting product - it's a water based product with a collodial suspension of time-released acid complex that immediately mattifies skin with a soft, powdery feel. Because of this suspension you have to shake the bottle before use and then apply on your face either by pouring it onto the palm of your hand or on a cotton pad (I recommend reusable organic makeup pads - Beauty Heroes offers these). I apply The Facial with my hands and that works great for me.

This product dries up really quickly on the skin and leaves a matte, almost tight feeling. You definitely need to follow up with another product to get rid of that feeling. Because this was my first experience with an acid toner, I have some things to share on how I layer it. At first I only used The Facial, Cream I and sometimes a drop or two of oil. Then I started to experiment with other products and honestly I didn't have any problems. Now I mainly use it only in the evening because I found that it doesn't work well for me in combination with VELO. So in the evening I first cleanse my skin (obviously) and the on clean, dry face apply The Facial, leave it to dry and then I either apply a toner or go straight in with a serum. Then I follow up with either an oil, a balm or a cream, or a mix of them, depends on how my skin is looking. The main thing is that you apply it straight on clean, dry skin and leave it to dry before applying anything else. I use it daily, or almost every day and it works so great for my skin. When I first started using it in December or January I completely feel in love with it. It immediately felt like a product I was missing in my skincare routine. The Facial is exfoliating and balancing aka it helps to reduce bumps and uneven texture on the skin and balances out the microbiome, which means your skin will look healthier and more radiant. I have to mention that in the beginning The Facial can cause some dry skin, patches of dry skin but that goes away in a few days. A beautiful and effective product, and that it something I always expect from Ayuna. Check out The Facial here.

I honestly love all Ayuna prodcts and even though I don't talk about them often I use them weekly, some even daily. Love, love love!

May Beauty Discovery feat. Ayuna is valued at $252 (!!) and by subscribing to Beauty Heroes you can get it for around $40. You can subscribe here.

Have a great day!

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

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Rachel's Plan Bee, I love you so

april 30, 2019

Hi lovelies! I was thinking what kind of post I should write today and noticed a few products just now in the room, all from Rachel's Plan Bee. There's Cocoa Cream on the bed cause I used it yesterday evening on my feet, Lip Balm is always next to me, on my desk, there's a new Hand & Body Wash on my desk cause I just finished a bottle yesterday and I also just used the Facial Cleansing Bar as my morning face cleanser. So yeah, it's definitely safe to say that I love the brand! The founder Rachel is the best, so kind & friendly and I've been so lucky to have met her via Instagram all those years ago and try out so many of her beautiful products. I'm not quite sure when was the first time I got my hands on Rachel's products but the brand was founded in 2012 and I have been loving her creations almost since the beginning. And love just keeps on growing. I've tried most of the products so let me quickly go through some of those that I currently have in my collection.
Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream, Hand & Body Wash, Facial Cleansing Oil, Facial Cleansing Bar, Carrot and Calendula Soap
Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream, Hand & Body Wash, Facial Cleansing Oil, Facial Cleansing Bar, Carrot and Calendula Soap
Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream
Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream texture
Cocoa Cream* is a super nourishing, rich buttery goodness that smells like chocolate. Handcrafted with Cocoa & Shea Butter plus a tiny hint of Vanilla & Cocoa Absolute this cream really has a heavenly aroma. I love it so much! It also contains some oils and Beeswax so it's quite occlusive and locks in moisture revealing soft and moisturized skin. I love to use it all over my body, but only in the evening because it's rich and it can be a little oily. It's especially wonderful on my feet, elbows and other dry parts of the body. I can't imagine spending a winter without it. Cocoa Cream is only available during colder months but you can still get it in stock at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop here, where you can use my affiliate code Jana for 10% off your order.
Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash Original
Hand & Body Wash Original* (review) is probably one of my fave body washes I've used. This is a liquid soap with very velvety and creamy lather. Such a joy to use. It's scented with uplifting Citrus & a touch of comforting Vanilla, gorgeous scent! It contains moisturizing ingredients such as Coconut, Olive, Sunflower and Jojoba Oils, Shea Butter. These ingredients are saponified, using Potassium Hydroxide which is essential ingredient to make soaps and after saponification of oils none of it remains. There is also Water in the formulation, of course, Glycerin & Aloe Vera, and essential oils. So good!
Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Cleansing Oil
Facial Cleansing Oil* is a rinsable cleansing oil with Apricot Kernel, Crambe and Sunflower oils, Squalane, and a few more ingredients. This is a lovely first step cleanser as it beautifully removes makeup and can be rinsed off with water (but I always go in with a wash cloth too just to be sure I removed every trace of it). It has a light delicate scent of fresh citrus blossoms and is suitable for all skin types.
Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Cleansing Bar
Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Cleansing Bar, Carrot & Calendula Soap Bar
Facial Cleansing Bar* is a really good soap bar for the face. I love using it as my second cleanser or as a morning cleanser. It gives a velvety lather, isn't drying and is just very lovely! It's infused with Aloe, Pumpkin and Moroccan Lava Clay, which as someone with combination skin I really appreciate. A gentle daily detox always sounds good. There are also Meadowfoam Oil, Mango and Kokum Butter. No Coconut or Palm Oil. Love.

Carrot & Calendula Soap* is an unscented soap bar, specially formulated for sensitive skin. Infused with organic Carrot juice and Calendula, the gentle creamy lather will leave behind clean, soft & happy skin. It doesn't lather that much but the lather is very soft and moisturizing. I love that Rachel started creating soap bars - they feel so good on the skin, they aren't drying and even tho the lather isn't super foamy these soaps are still such a pleasure to use.

You can get Rachel's Plan Bee products on their website here. In Europe available at So Natural Beauty here and you can also get them at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop here (my affiliate code Jana saves 10%).

Do you love Rachel's Plan Bee products too?

Love & light,

Jana xx

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Living Lighter Discovery

april 25, 2019

Hi lovelies! You doing good? As you know, on Monday it was Earth Day and Beauty Heroes launched a very special & amazing limited edition discovery. A discovery that is all about living lighter, with less negative impact on the environment, on Earth, by choosing and living a more zero waste life. Think of their Living Lighter Discovery as a sustainable supplies kit to elevate your everyday life. It features products that we use daily, ordinary products like deodorant, toothpaste and lip balm, but in eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable and biodegradable packaging. All the brands featured in this discovery give back to the communities and planet that sustain them. I'm in love with this discovery and I'm thrilled I can share it with you.

You can check out Living Lighter Limited Edition Discovery* here. Now let's see what's inside.
Living Lighter Limited Edition Discovery Beauty Heroes Earth Day 2019
Living Lighter Limited Edition Discovery Beauty Heroes Honua Skincare Olena Oil, Meow Meow Tweet Grapefruit Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick, Sweet Orange Tangerine Vegan Lip Balm
Honua Skincare ʻŌlena Oil (review) is this amazing facial oil serum that I've tried and loved before, also thanks to Beauty Heroes. Honua is a Hawaiian brand, a really beautiful skincare line founded by Kapua Browning. I love her products and I'm so happy to have this oil back in my life. The star ingredient of this precious skin elixir is Hawaiian Turmeric (ʻŌlena), which helps to tone down the appearance of inflammation, while addressing signs of sun damage, eczema, and acne. There's also Noni, Kukui, Cacao. This serum is brightening, healing and moisturizing, really beautiful. Have you tried Honua products yet? They are so SO lovely and effective and I really like them!

Meow Meow Tweet Grapefruit Baking Soda-Free Deodorant Stick is a deodorant I wanted to try for ages but never got around to ordering it. This deodorant received a number of positive reviews and today is my first day using it out. Hopefully it will work for me too. MMT is a very eco-friendly and eco-conscious brand. Their products are either in biodegradable post-consumer paper or glass containers, all 100% recyclable.

Meow Meow Tweet Sweet Orange Tangerine Lip Balm is a super nourishing, heavy-duty lip balm made with natural, organic and vegan ingredients. Smells super yummy of Sweet Orange with an undertone of Cacao. Feels amazing on the lips! Also MMT has the best and most funky pictures on their products. Love!
Living Lighter Limited Edition Discovery Beauty Heroes Davids Natural Premium Toothpaste Peppermint + Charcoal, Lucky Teeth Bamboo Vegan Floss, Mable Bamboo Toothbrush
Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste in Peppermint + Charcoal is packaged in metal and not plastic tube, and the brand is in general very committed to sustainability. This vegan toothpaste contains Charcoal which is known for its teeth whitening benefits and I'm definitely not mad about that. Feels very refreshing and nice, like a conventional toothpaste.

Two Mable Bamboo Toothbrushes with beautiful bamboo handles, BPA-free nylon bristles and non-toxic plant-based paint. Awesome! I love what Mable is doing - for every toothbrush purchased, they donate another. And, they deliver each bamboo brush to schools in U.S, teaching kids that this daily essential keeps teeth and the planet clean.

Lucky Teeth Bamboo Vegan Floss is a refillable dental floss packaged in glass. It's made from 100% biodegradable Bamboo Fibre infused with Activated Charcoal and Peppermint.
Living Lighter Limited Edition Discovery Beauty Heroes Saalt Duo Pack Menstrual Cups
Saalt Duo Pack is a product I was most excited to see in this discovery. This is a pack of two menstrual cups. I LOVE my menstrual cup so freaking much and this is honestly the. best. thing. ever.!! I cannot imagine my life without menstrual cups, it's the greatest invention ever! There's no waste with menstrual cups (it replaces 3k tampons in its 10-year life span) and it's just so amazing to wear. You can wear it up to 12 hours, so if you don't have super strong periods you can get away with inserting it in the morning and leave it in for 12 hours. Saalt cups are made with 100% medical-grade silicone, no BPA, no latex, no chemicals. If you haven't tried a menstrual cup you definitely should. And don't get discouraged if it doesn't work for you, you probably just need a different size or choose another brand. My first cup wasn't for me but the next brand I tried was perfection. Hopefully these will work for me!
Living Lighter Limited Edition Discovery Beauty Heroes Utensil Kit and Custom Glass Straw
Beauty Heroes Utensil Kit and Custom Glass Straw comes in this beautiful and very functional organic cotton and hemp design sewn by hand in the U.S., especially for Beauty Heroes. This reusable bamboo cutlery set includes a spoon, fork, knife, glass straw with BH's new message "Live Lighter. Love More." and s straw cleaner. Such a great kit to have!
Living Lighter Limited Edition Discovery Beauty Heroes Ashlee Piper Give a Sh*T. Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet
Ashlee Piper: Give a Sh*t. Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet. This book guides you through the transition to a kinder, healthier, more conscious and sustainable life. Can't wait to read it, supposedly it's hilarious, instructional and inspiring.

What a gorgeous discovery, isn't it??

You can get Living Lighter Discovery here.

Much love,

Jana xx

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Earth Day & Soap Bars

april 22, 2019

Hey! It's Earth Day today! Earlier today I published a post on my Instagram (see here) talking about plastic waste and waste in general, and then showing some of the soap bars I have so why not do it here as well? I love solid soaps so much and I use them on my face, body and hair. Soap bars are so great & easy to use, and more importantly, they aren't packaged in plastic bottles which are very rarely recycled. Vast majority of any plastic packaging is accumulating in landfills, or very slowly disintegrating in nature as litter. One thing that we can all do is to try and do better. I love the new Beauty Heroes message Live Lighter. Love More, so let's live lighter, more zero-waste lifestyle and give Earth some much needed relief. As I just mentioned Beauty Heroes let me quickly share with you their newest limited edition discovery which is very exciting and was curated especially for Earth Day - the Living Lighter LE Discovery*. "Living Lighter is the ultimate luxury. Our first-ever Living Lighter Discovery is a sustainable supplies kit to elevate your everyday life. Ordinary products like dental floss, toothpaste and deodorant, are reimagined in elegant sustainable, reusable and biodegradable packaging, featuring natural ingredients that perform." Check it out here. Now back to my soaps.
Earth Day Soap Bars Natural, organic, palm oil free, vegan. Rachel's Plan Bee, Ayuna Less is Beauty, Trevarno Skincare, Odylique, Natural Wisdom Spa. LoveLula, Beauty Heroes
The yellow soap on the top right is Carrot & Calendula Soap* by Rachel's Plan Bee, made with Olive, Babassu, Carrot and Kokum. This soap was specially formulated for sensitive skin and I find it really non-drying and lovely to use. It doesn't lather a whole lot but the lather that provides is very creamy. It's unscented aka there are no essential oils in this soap. It's currently out of stock but you can get Rachel's Plan Bee Carrot & Calendula Soap here.

The one below it, the green one is the Natural Wisdom Spa Solid Shampoo & Body Wash Bar Grapefruit & Lemongrass which is hands down my favourite shampoo (bar)! It's bloody amazing and I highly recommend it. If you’ve ever tried a solid shampoo bar and thought naah this is not for me, then trust me, you haven't tried this one. It's really something else and it cannot be compared to any other solid shampoo bar. Plus it lathers like crazy! You can read my review here. You can get Natural Wisdom Spa Solid Shampoo & Body Wash Bar on their website here or on Etsy here.

Next to it is the Facial Cleansing Bar* by Rachel's Plan Bee and I love this one too. It's so great and I love that it contains Moroccan Lava Clay, which is great for my combination skin. It's infused with Aloe, Pumpkin, and also contains Babassu, Mango and Kokum butters. It's gentle yet effective, non-drying (well it dries out my skin only a little) and just really lovely to use. Plus it's also massive so it will last ages! Really impressed with it. You can get Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Cleansing Bar here. In Europe available at So Natural Beauty here.

Next to it is Natural Wisdom Spa Conditioner & Shaving Cream Grapefruit & Lemongrass. I'm only using it as a hair conditioner and yes, I like it. You can get Natural Wisdom Spa Conditioner & Shaving Cream Grapefruit & Lemongrass here or on Etsy here.

The cute little bar in the middle is one of my faves, Ayuna Nourishing Artisan Soap* (review). Crafted with Borage, Olive, and Coconut Oil, this luxurious face soap leaves all skin types feeling lavishly softened and purified. Botanical activated Carbon cleanses the skin of impurities, excess sebum, and environmental pollutants, giving skin a beautifully deep detoxified appearance. An amazing face cleanser. Love. You can get Ayuna Nourishing Artisan Soap here, at Beauty Heroes here or at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop here (affiliate code Jana saves 10%).

The one next to it, the rather funky looking one is also from Ayuna. This is their newer product, the Spirulite Body Mask & Wash*. The thing you see in it is natural Luffa fiber which provides skin exfoliation. The bar also contains Calendula and Spirulina extracts to address cellulite and dryness. Spirulite lathers really well, smells great and I really like using it. You can get Ayuna Spriulite Body Mask & Wash here, at Beauty Heroes here or at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop here (affiliate code Jana saves 10%).

Next to it is one of Trevarno's soaps but I'm not completely sure which scent this is. I got it in their Soap Selection Box of five soaps and I enjoyed all of them. I got the box at LoveLula but it looks like Trevarno products are no longer available there so you can get them straight from Trevarno's website here.

The last one is from Odylique, the Lavender Cleansing Bar*. Mild and beautiful. You can get Odylique Lavender Cleansing Bar here.

All these soaps are vegan and palm oil free which is yet another thing I try to avoid as much as I can and you know what, it's not even hard when you get used to it.

Do you love soap bars too?

Happy Earth Day & have a great start of the new week!

Lots of love,

Jana xx

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Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot in Healthy w/ swatches

april 19, 2019

Hi lovelies! Hope you're all doing really well today. At this moment as I'm writing this it's a super lovely sunny afternoon. I'm sitting half on the sun, half in the shade on the terrace and I'm loving it! It's not particularly easy on the eyes or should I rather say on my lines because I'm squinting quite a lot haha. But you know what? It's worth it because it's too beautiful to stay indoors. I have my homemade black & hibiscus kombucha with me, I'm listening to Billie Eilish (duuh! It's either her or Khalid) and yeah, life is good, especially when I look away from my computer. Spring is pretty much in full blown and the thing that catches my eye right now is how green the grass is. So gorgeous. But enough about me & my surroundings, today you are here to see some makeup.
Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot orange shade Healthy. Vegan, cruelty free makeup. Selfie, swatch
Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot orange shade Healthy
Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot orange shade Healthy. Vegan, cruelty free makeup
Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot orange shade Healthy. Vegan, cruelty free makeup
I have another Ere Perez product to share with you, the Carrot Colour Pot in Healthy*. I've reviewed two colours before, Harmony* and Happy* (see the review here) and I absolutely love them. I honestly can't imagine using any other blush and I really don't use anything else but these pots. I think I will eventually try all shades because they're just so good. They're comfortable, blendable, pigmented and they have very good longevity. They are creamy but not greasy, and some may even feel quite dry-ish.

Healthy is described as a "creamy caramel blush". This is an orange coloured blush (even though it doesn't look like that in the pot or in the photos) and I find it to be perfect for summer time. It goes so well with Ere Perez Rice Powder Bronzer in Tulum* (review). It's such a beautiful combination! And if you also do some fake freckles that's even better. I've been doing them occasionally with TanOrganic Sel-Tan Lotion*. The product isn't perfect because freckles can look a bit too orange but it you don't go overboard they look really natural. I was considering getting another self tanner just to see if I can get a better colour but I don't think I can justify another self tanner, especially since I'm not sure I will use it on the rest of my body.
Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot orange shade Healthy. Vegan, cruelty free makeup
Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot orange shade Healthy. Vegan, cruelty free makeup. Selfie, swatch
Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot orange shade Healthy. Vegan, cruelty free makeup. Selfie, swatch
On my photos, on selfies I'm wearing Healthy on my cheeks, eyes and a tiny little bit on my lips.

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pots are vegan and cruelty free. Some of the ingredients they contain are: Olive Oil, Candellila Wax, Avocado & Carrot Oils. There is a Coconut Oil derivate in this cream blush but there's no pure, 100% Coconut Oil. Some of you may experience clogged pores using products with Coconut Oil so I just wanted to mention that. Oh there is one negative side to these blushes, they go bad quite quickly, about 6 months I'd say. Expiration date is 12 months so that's unfortunate. Other than that I can't recommend them enough, I really am obsessed with them!

You can get Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot in Healthy here.

At this time there's an Easter Sale going on at LoveLula, where you can save up to 20%. Check it out here. Valid through midday GMT 26/04/19. 

Wishing you a beautiful day!

Much love,

Jana xx

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Recent Empties feat. Khus + Khus, PNW Essences, Wabi Sabi Botanicals & more

april 16, 2019

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope your week's been off to a great start. I haven't done an empties post in so long and since I just finished five products I decided it'd be fun to slightly go back in time and do this old school post. I have a mix of different products, for face & body and one is a herbal supplement. Let's start with the later.
Natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan empty products. Pacific Northwest Essences, MuLondon, Wabi Sabi Botanicals, LILFOX, KHUS + KHUS
Natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan empty products. Pacific Northwest Essences, MuLondon, Wabi Sabi Botanicals, LILFOX, KHUS + KHUS
Pacific Northwest Essences Sun Infusion Essence Blend
Pacific Northwest Essences Sun Infusion Essence Blend* is a herbal supplement I took mainly in winter. Not sure if you know but I already proclaimed by deep, deep love for PNW Essences Voice of Courage Aura Mist* (rave review here and I also mentioned it here). The aura mist is so powerful and I adore it so much. I really like Sun Infusion too. I have to say that we had a very lovely winter this year and by lovely I mean that we got a lot of sun and not a lot of snow, which I loved (not normal - climate change is real, but for someone who doesn't really care for snow it was awesome). So my mood was way better than it usually is in winter and I really didn't mind the cold weather that much this year and I believe Sun Infusion helped with that. Sun Infusion is an essence blend intended for the times when the skies are dark—maybe from insufficient sunlight, maybe from trying experiences. Sun Infusion is not only for winter blues and for longing for sunny days during the fall, winter but also for depression, lacking optimism; feeling dejected, discouraged, or hopeless; seeking more perseverance and endurance in all aspects of life. This blend consists of nine essences, mostly yellow summer flowers with energies of power, stamina, self-sufficiency, endurance, and stability. Ava chose a few classic flowers for uplifting the mood (St. John's Wort and Sunflower), but also a few others that address the core problem from many angles. Several of the plants grow more than six feet tall in their rocky meadows and backyards without the support of a watering system: namely, Woolly Mullein and Tansy, the star of this blend, the flower that looks like a parasol made up of sun-charged batteries. It is so interesting what plants can do, isn't it? I would definitely get Sun Infusion again. I just started testing out the Black Locust Flower Essence*, which brings on a feeling of sweet, quiet happiness and a sense of emotional fullness. It leads to a feeling of contentment in the moment. Black locust has a relaxing influence on the mind and emotions. Check it out here. You can get Sun Infusion Essence Blend here. As always you can use my affiliate code Loveliness to get 15% off your order (the same goes for Earthwise Beauty products).
Wabi Sabi Botanicals The Offering Facial Mist
Wabi-Sabi Botanicals The Offering Ageless Ritual Facial Mist* is a gorgeous mist I've received in the Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Indie Beauty Spotlight Discovery*, which you can still get here. It was carefully crafted with a blend of black Omani and white Carterii Frankincense to make skin feel toned and tightened. Earthy aroma of Frankincense is mixed with floral notes of Lebanese Orange Blossom and Blood Orange. It's a lovely, grounding scent and I've been really enjoying using it. In my review (read it here) I said I prefer aloe vera based toner which I of course still love but you know it's been really nice to get back into hydrosols. Sometimes other products I use (serums and creams) are very hydrating and too much hydration can cause clogged pores and blackheads on my skin. So it's really been great to mix things up and The Offering has been perfect for that. I still love and adore its scent, it's just so beautiful! This was my first facial mist from Wabi-Sabi Botanicals and since then I've also tried their Still Waters Soothing Ritual Facial Mist* (which is almost gone!!) and I have to say that these are the best hydrosols I've used. For example I also have rose, jasmine and chamomile hydrosols but honestly, they can't compare to these. Really stunning. And don't get me started on the packaging! You can get Wabi-Sabi Botanicals The Offering Ageless Ritual Facial Mist here or via Beauty Heroes here, where members have 15% off.
LILFOX Kalahari Eye Serum infused with Peridot Crystal
Kalahari Brightening Eye Serum* was the the Sidekick of LILFOX Beauty Discovery back in October. You can check out my introduction post here. This is a very nice eye serum with oils of Argan, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Rosehip, Passionfruit, Meadowfoam and Prickly Pear Seed Oil. This lightweight oil is infused with a Peridot crystal and has a very delicate, non-invasive scent. I liked this eye serum but I didn't fell in love with it. You can check out Kalahari Brightening Eye Serum here.
MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser, cream, balm
MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser* is this gorgeous rich cream with Shea & Coconut Butters, Jojoba Oil and a few extracts. I think this is my third or fourth jar and I terribly love it every time I get it. This is a super nourishing balm that melts into an oil on the skin. I used to use it on my face in the past and it worked great but over time I found it works even better on my hands, elbows and feet especially. I mustn't forget about its divine chocolate scent, it's so yummy! Currently you can't get MuLondon products but when they will be back in stock you will be able to get the White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser here.
KHUS + KHUS Rasa Restorative Potion
KHUS + KHUS Rasa Restorative Potion* is an amazing body butter, a body (and face) potion that I loved so much. Rasa's formulation makes this product very unique. The formula combines the immense power of adaptogenic herbs as well as well known Ayurvedic and Western nervine herbs to produce an overall balancing effect on the nervous system. There are Hemp Seed, Prickly Pear and Arnica Butters, Reishi and Chaga Mushrooms (did you know that we share half of our DNA with mushrooms?), California Poppy and CBD. I have to just quote myself on this product: "This super luxurious body butter has a really yummy scent of Cardamom, Yuzu and Sandalwood - it's a warming scent that you just want to apply all over your body asap. The consistency is amazing, very luscious and buttery and creamy, it's so good! And the best thing? It makes my skin so soft that I can't even express it! Lots of body products make my skin soft but Rasa is on a whole nother level. If you want the softest skin ever then Rasa is the way to go." You can get KHUS + KHUS Rasa Restorative Potion here.

Tried any of these products? Do you love them?

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains some affiliate links
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