Ready to ILLUMINATE with the July Art of Organics Box?

julij 15, 2018

After a somewhat negative review of the July Beauty Heroes box (see here) I'm back at my usual positive reviews, this time with the July Art of Organics box, which is one of my faves. Why? Well because it contains a Leahlani product! I'm sure you all know by now how I feel about Leahlani products, but if you don't, they are bloody amazing!! And the second product in the box is beautiful too.

July Clean Beauty Box* with the theme ILLUMINATE contains Leahlani Skincare Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir and Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter in Begonia. Check it out here.
ILLUMINATE Art of Organics July 2018 Clean Beauty Box Leahlani Skincare Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir, Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter Begonia
Art of Organics July 2018 Clean Beauty Box ILLUMINATE Leahlani Skincare Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir, Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter Begonia
ILLUMINATE Art of Organics July 2018 Clean Beauty Box Leahlani Skincare Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir, Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter Begonia
Leahlani Skincare Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir Art of Organics July 2018 Clean Beauty Box
Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir is the only elixir I've tried from Leahlani and it is so gorgeous! I already used a whole bottle of it and I loved it so much (read my review here). Aloha Ambrosia is an exotic superfood feast for your skin and I completely agree with that. Formulated with youth-enhancing antioxidants and vitamins derived from Mangosteen, Goji Berry, Guava, Passion Fruit, Kiwi, Acerola Cherry. These lovely ingredients are blended in a mix of Olive Squalane (which is very hydrating), Sunflower & Jojoba Oils. Aloha Ambrosia is lightweight, gives my skin that beautiful radiant look, it gives an aloha glow. It gives a massive punch of moisture and makes my skin plump and soft. The oil is also balancing and it really is so stunning. AND it smells gorgeous, like every other Leahlani product does! It has a sweet floral scent and smells mainly of Jasmine, but it's not really your typical jasmine scent. It's so darn beautiful! Aloha Ambrosia is the perfect morning treat, for your skin and for your senses. I think it would work for all skin types. You can check it out here.
Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter Begonia Art of Organics July 2018 Clean Beauty Box
Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter Begonia Art of Organics July 2018 Clean Beauty Box
Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter in Begonia is a very pigmented (which isn't really shown on the photos), gold highlighter with a touch of pink that gives a sun-kissed, bronzed look to the skin. It can be used both dry or mixed with Aloha Ambrosia or some other oil. Ok so far I only used Begonia dry and I applied it on my cheekbones, as a highlighter. I saved my first impression in my highlights "makeup" (on my Instagram) and for me, the look of it was a bit too much. I really do prefer a more natural look and I love a highlighter that looks radiant on my skin, like it's just a part of my skin and I prefer if it's not very obvious that I'm wearing a highlighter. So I tried it as an eyeshadow instead and it is absolutely gorgeous! First I applied it with a dry brush and then also with a wet brush and it is oh so very pretty. Very! I have yet to try it out mixed with Aloha Ambrosia and I was thinking that should be a gorgeous primer all over my face. I will update you on my Instagram when I try that. Oh and don't be scared of the packaging. You simply spray some product on the back of your hand or directly onto a brush and simply apply where you wish. All in all, Begonia is beautiful and with a colour like this you can always find a way to incorporate it into your beauty routine. Check it out here.
Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter Begonia Art of Organics July 2018 Clean Beauty Box swatch
Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter Begonia Art of Organics July 2018 Clean Beauty Box swatch
July Art of Organics box is so lovely and the two products perfectly match the Illuminate theme of it. I also have to say that the print of this box is so pretty! You know that I love nature. It was created by Juliet Meeks, an artist and surface designer based in New Orleans, LA. You can follow her on Instagram at @julietmeeksdesign if you wish.

Get the July Art of Organics here.

Much love,

Jana xx

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My Thoughts on the July Beauty Heroes box

julij 11, 2018

Hello loves! Hope you're all doing well! We came back from our vacations (you can see a few pics on my Instagram here) and it's a bit of a shock coming home from hot, summer weather to this rain we have today. Nope, I don't like it. I could say it was the rain that inspired today's post, which isn't the most positive but it was actually Danielle from the CrueltyFreeVeganBeauty. I watched her review of the July Beauty Discovery (see her video here) which I wasn't planning on reviewing, but I actually do have some thoughts on it that I want to share.

 The July Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery features True Botanicals and three of their products: Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner, and Nourishing Body Wash. See it here.
True Botanicals July 2018 Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery
I had the pleasure of trying out two True Botanicals products two years ago, when I first started working with Jeannie and Beauty Heroes. I liked the products and I always saw very positive reviews of their products. They sound very effective and they also look beautiful. But if you don't know, last year True Botanicals partnered with Unilever, meaning that Unilever Ventures has a minority investment in True Botanicals (see other brands here). Unilever Ventures invests in entrepreneurs who think big and build world-beaters in Consumer and Enterprise Technology and they are a part of Unilever, which produces and supplies fast moving consumer goods in food, and home and personal care product categories worldwide. Unilever owns over 400 brands, brands like Dove, Rexona, Ben&Jerry's and many, many more. For example they also acquired Schmidts Naturals and Pukka Herbs, which I no longer buy or support. Why? Simply because their parent company, Unilever isn't completely and 100% cruelty free. Some of the brands they own are sold in mainland China and in order to be sold there, the products need to be tested on animals. And even though a brand under Unilever or with a minority investment in a brand (like True Botanicals or Ren) doesn't test on animals or even is even Leaping Bunny Certified or Peta Approved, personally I don't support it and don't want to buy from them. The way I see it is if I spend my money on such a brand I also end up giving a percentage of my money to Unilever. Before being a green, natural and organic beauty blogger I was first a cruelty free blogger, meaning I didn't support brands that test their ingredients or products on animals, without any affiliation with brands that do test on animals. I still am a cruelty free blogger and to the best of my knowledge I only talk about brands that are cruelty free. It's a personal choice and the word "cruelty-free" has a different meaning to different people but this is how I see it. So yeah that is the main reason I don't use True Botanicals products.

I did talk to Jeannie about it and she reassured me that True Botanicals remains true to their values and that they don't test on animals, not their products or ingredients. Plus that other brands also have minority investors, and we don't know any of them. But the thing is that I know that TB partnered with Unilever Ventures and that put a massive damper on the brand for me. The thing is that there is soooo many amazing and wonderful brands out there that don't have any affiliation with Unilever and if I banish a brand from my life that was acquired by Unilever (Schmidts Naturals) then I would feel like a hypocrite not to also banish a brand with "just" a minority investment from them. That is how I feel but I know that not everyone shares the same opinion. That is fine and I also have to say that I respect Jeannie for her decision and the way she responded to my message about it.

So yeah this is not a negative review of the products, because I haven't tried them but then I do wish I would, because I hear they're lovely. At the end of the day I really wish True Botanicals would choose a different investor, someone who isn't linked to animal testing. If you didn't know about this and if you now feel bad about using their products, I would still use them or gift them to a friend and then simply don't repurchase. Stay true to yourself and do what makes you proud.
Innersense Organic Beauty Travel Collection Limited Edition Beauty Heroes Box
Since the two products in the July Beauty Discovery are shampoo and conditioner, let me share with you another Beauty Heroes box, the Organic Beauty Travel Collection featuring the beautiful Innersense Organic Beauty. You get a collection of 8 travel sized products, with an option of choosing between two different types of shampoo & conditioner. See here. I've tried a few products from them in their bigger sizes before and I really liked them. I opted to skip this LE box but it does look like a very lovely travel set and if you wanted to try Innersense Organic Beauty, then this is the box for you.

And since I got a lot of questions and comments on my recent Instagram story about my current shower shelfie (saved in highlights #uselessplastic, find it here) let me just quickly mention that I've been loving the combination of Funky Soap London Lavender & Rosemary shampoo bar and Natural Wisdom Spa Shampoo & Conditioner Bar. I love that there isn't any plastic packaging and that they work so well! Will write a full review in a few weeks and tell you more about them.

Have any thoughts or questions you would like to share with me?

Have a great Wednesday!

With love,

Jana xx

Photos used in this post aren't mine, I got them on the Beauty Hereos website.
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Current Beauty Favourites + Video

junij 29, 2018

Hi babes! How are you all doing? Jaka & I are going on our holidays on Monday so I'm buzzing! I think I'm watching too much Love Island cause I don't think I would ever use the word buzzing before haha. Anyways, to go back to my usual talk of green beauty, here are my current five faves. This post is going to be slightly different and shorter than usual (hopefully!) because I want to share with you a video I did on IGTV where I talked about the products. You can find the video on my Instagram page, under my bio and next to highlights. There you will find an IGTV circle/button. Click on it and you will be able to see the video. I don't think you can watch it on your computer and I'm pretty sure you have to have an IG account. For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram I'm just gonna share a few quick words about the products I've been loving at the moment.
Current Natural and Organic Beauty Favourites. Leahlani Pamplemousse, Earthwise Beauty Farizad's Veil, Wild Beauty Apothecary Harmony Bloom Oil, Inika Long Lash mascara, Ere Perez Rice Powder Bronzer in Tulum
Leahlani Skincare Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil*. This is the newest Leahlani product and it's absolutely beautiful! But that's always the case with Leah's products. This oil cleanser contains a surfactant and is therefore rinsable with water. The same as Siam Seas Morning Delight (review) or Moss Beurre Céleste (review). I know that some can't be bothered with removing makeup and a cleansing oil with a wash cloth and if you're one of those ladies, then definitely consider Pamplemousse. I love wash cloths but I also love how easy to use is this cleanser. It contains beautiful ingredients, has a sweet & citrusy scent of Vanilla and Grapefruit and it literally removes everything. It's amazing and I love it. You can get it straight from Hawaii here or in Europe in a few different beauty stores like Reina Organics, Eminessences or So Natural Beauty.

Earthwise Beauty Farizad's Veil Sun Reflector* (review) is without a doubt my absolute favourite sunscreen! Love, love, love. I'm sure you all already know how much I love it but if you're new here, meet Farizad's Veil. A powder sunscreen that has to be mixed with an oil or oil based serum/cream. I love mixing it with an oil, I find that to work the best for me. It contains non-nano Zinc Oxide which is my forever favourite UV filter: coral reef safe and great if you have oily, acne prone skin. But the sunscreen itself is suitable for all skin types. Look, at the beginning I thought that I wouldn't get used to mixing it with an oil and I thought it's going to be such a chore every day BUT you really get used to it so quickly. A couple of drops of oil and a sprinkle of the veil, mix and apply. Or as people in Love Island would say - it wasn't my type on paper but in real life it so is my type. Love can be find everywhere. I love that it doesn't contain a lot of ingredients and that it is so customizable. I adore it so, SO much. Farizad's Veil now comes in a new packaging but know that you will be seeing this retro, old EWB packaging from me for a while because it lasts ages. Get it straight from Earthwise Beauty here (you can use my affiliate code "Loveliness" for 15% off your order) or in Europe at Eminessences or Reina Organics.

Wild Beauty Apothecary Harmony Bloom Oil* is a new-to-me oil and it's also a newer kid on the block. Wild Beauty Apothecary is a UK brand founded by the lovely Yelena, which I've known from Instagram from before she launched her brand. I have to say that she is really very friendly and feels like someone who I would love to hang with. To say that I was excited about trying out her gorgeous products would be an understatement! Harmony Bloom Oil is a facial oil suitable for most skin types but especially beneficial and with a particular love for the imbalanced, oily, combination and spot-prone skin. The ingredient list is beautiful and full of organic and wildcrafted oils and extracts. To name just a few, there are Hemp Seed, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, Carrot. The scent is floral, I mainly smell Geranium but there's also Lavender, Jasmine, Rose. I have been using it only for a week but I'm already impressed by it. It's quite lightweight and balancing. I'm really looking forward to using it more and seeing how my skin will react to it in the upcoming weeks. Oh and their Harmony Rescue Mask is lovely too! Get Wild Beauty Apothecary products here or at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop where you can use my code "Jana" for 10% off your order. 

Inika Long Lash Mascara* is my new fave mascara and I'm pretty sure it would be yours as well. If you want length then this is the one for you. It has a thin wand and you can really get to every single lash with it. I love that. It has a wet formula so I always end up with smudges on my upper lids after I'm done applying it haha. It lasts all day and doesn't smudge. I really like it! You can see how it looks on my lashes in the video on my Instagram and I also saved my first impression and how-to in my story highlights "makeup". Keep in mind that I didn't curl my lashes before I applied it. I've been actually doing an experiment if lash curlers break my lashes and I really don't see any difference in them. But I did notice that they really don't look bad without them so I'm not even sure I will be using them again. Get Inika Long Lash mascara here

Ere Perez Rice Powder Bronzer in Tulum* is such a gorgeous bronzer. For the last few years I've been a die hard fan of the Lily Lolo Pressed Bronzer in Miami Beach which is completely matte but ever since I got Tulum I've only been reaching for this one. Thank you SO much for the recommendation, Nic! I love that it contains little shimmer particles (not glitter!) which give my skin that beautiful subtle glow. I'm all for that radiant, sun-kissed look. It's long lasting and also very pigmented so a little goes a long way. You can see how it looks on me on this photo. I got it from Love Lula here

Tried any of these products? 

Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love,

Jana xx

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Peek into the June Art of Organics box

junij 22, 2018

This month my Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box came later than usual so I'm only just now writing my first impression of both products featured in the box. June's theme is LAGOON and the looks of the print is just making me go to the beach and dive into the sea. I'm really liking the beautiful mermaids drawn by @crystal_walen. It is giving me all the summer vibes and I love it!

June Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box* comes with two products: Ursa Major Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask and Hannes Dóttir Mineral Mist. Check out the box here.
June 2018 Art Of Organics Clean Beauty Box LAGOON. Hannes Dottir Mineral Mist and Ursa Major 3-Minute Flash Mask
June 2018 Art Of Organics Clean Beauty Box LAGOON. Hannes Dottir and Ursa Major
Ursa Major 3-Minute Flash Mask Bright & Easy. Art of Organics June 2018
Ursa Major 3-Minute Flash Mask Bright & Easy consistency. Art of Organics June 2018
Ursa Major Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask is a gentle but oh-so-effective "flash" enzyme face treatment that quickly exfoliates dead surface skin while accelerating turnover to enhance the appearance of skin's tone, elasticity, luminosity and firmness. All without the irritation associated with harsh scrubs or chemical peels. This mask contains Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Hibiscus (which is also known as a botox plant and is a natural source of AHA), Pineapple and Pomegranate Enzymes (exfoliating) and Alfalfa (works as a retinol-like active that promotes elasticity and firmness). Wherever possible, the ingredients in this mask are sourced from family-owned, sustainable growers. The mask has this beautiful blueish, turquoise colour and a very lovely and fresh scent. The texture is like jelly and it applies as a gel, sort of like an aloe vera gel but not sticky.

First impression:
I applied it on cleansed, dry skin and left it on for about 5 minutes. I felt it working almost immediately. Nothing uncomfortable but I did feel a slight tingle but then it also felt a bit cooling. It was interesting and I liked it. It rinses off very easily. My skin was left softer and I believe that with regular use it will also look brighter. So far I used it only once and I really liked it. Very good first impression. You can get it here.
Hannes Dottir Mineral Mist Art of Organics June 2018
Hannes Dóttir Mineral Mist is described as supremely calming, a multi-vitamin Icelandic Mineral Mist that tones your skin while infusing the complexion with vital nutrients. Formulated with unique ingredients to balance moisture, calm redness and promote a healthy, luminescent glow. I have never tried Haness Dóttir products and I also wasn't really familiar with the brand since I only saw it once before. I like the clean look of the brand, isn't the bottle really pretty? The mist contains Glycerin, Choline, which is a B vitamin, protects cells from free-radicals to help prevent sun-damage. There is also Spearmint Oil and the product does have a minty scent.
First impression:
The first time I tried it was over makeup, as a setting spray, and I felt my skin tingling for a few minutes. I was just slightly worried that it would feel that way when I'd apply it directly onto my clean skin, BUT fortunately there was no tingling sensation or negative reaction on my skin. It feels refreshing, as a face mist does and also because of the minty scent, which I find is perfect for summer. This mist & a glass of mojito and I'm good. Get it here.
June 2018 Art Of Organics Clean Beauty Box LAGOON. Hannes Dottir Mineral Mist and Ursa Major 3-Minute Flash Mask
June Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics is still available. As this is a subscription box you have to join for at least two months - so if you subscribe now you will get the June and July boxes. And let me tell you something, July box is amazing!! You can join here.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Much love,

Jana xx

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Face Mists: Perfect for Summer

junij 17, 2018

I always love using face mists and toners but at this time of year they are such a necessity in my skincare routine. Funny thing, a few years ago I didn't really care about toners all that much. I was completely happy with flower hydrosols but after trying out a few beautiful aloe vera based toners and toners that contain glycerin, I realised that although flower hydrosols feel great on the skin when you first apply them, they really aren't (that) hydrating. Sometimes it's quite the opposite - you think you will hydrate your skin but you end up drying it out even more. Well not always and it depends on the skin type, but this is my experience. I already shared with you my current serum collection (see here) and today I gathered all my current face mists. Spot any favourites?
Natural & organic Face Mists, toners. Hydrating, balancing.
Natural and organic face mists
Amly Botanicals Beauty Sleep Silver Rich Face Mist, Boxwalla beauty box
Amly Botanicals Beauty Sleep Silver Rich Face Mist* (review) is a second Amly Botanicals products I've tried thanks to the always amazing Boxwalla. How Lavanya does it to impress us every two months I will never know. Amly Botanicals is a UK brand that started on their journey with face mists enriched with silver rich water and lots of gorgeous ingredients. I tried Radiance Boost (review here) which was an instant love for me but today is reserved for the Beauty Sleep, "a restorative face mist laden with rejuvenating botanicals to support natural healing sleep." Besides the silver rich water the mist contains a few flower waters like Neroli and Geranium, and ingredients like Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile. I love that it contains Aloe Vera and Glycerin which make the mist hydrating. You could say that it contains the "usual" ingredients but in all honesty this is not your standard face mist that you can find in any health shop. Star ingredient, Snow Algae activates overnight collagen production and cellular repair to ward off signs of ageing, while extracts of Passionflower and Valerian Root help relieve tension, and essential oils of Clary Sage and Linden quiet the mind and soothe away the day’s stress. Rose Quartz and Rock Rose imbue warmth and provide comfort. The face mist smells like Cistus which tok me some time to get used to but luckily it's not as strong as is the Earthwise Beauty Cistus & Moonlight Face Mist. Eventually the scent grew on me and I'm actually starting to feel sad that I will soon finish the bottle. Beauty Sleep is hydrating, packed with stunning ingredients, I love their design and Amly Botanicals mists have the best & and the finest spray mister. I'm obsessed with the fine mist this beauty gives. So good! I do love to use it in the evenings but I also use it in the morning. Amly Botanicals just recently came up with a few new products and I'm really intrigued by them. You can get Beauty Sleep face mist straight from their website here.
Leahlani Skincare Citrus & Citrine Regenerating Toner
Leahlani Skincare Citrus & Citrine Regenerating Face Mist is your girl for a glowing, revitalized, and radiant complexion. Do I even need to talk about Leahlani and their absolutely stunning products?! I've been highly recommending them for years and I know that you my ladies love them as much as I do. Citrus & Citrine is an Aloe Vera based product and that is all I want in a face mist. Next are flower waters of Blood Orange, Neroli, Calendula. There is Witch Hazel, Turmeric and each bottle also houses little Citrine gemstones, that were purified in the Hawaiian sea and sun. Citrine emits a strong vibration of joy, prosperity, energy, and abundance. It's one of my favourite crystals. The mist is hydrating, energizing, has a lovely scent and is simply beautiful, like every other product created by Leah. Get Citrus & Citrine here. In Europe available at a few shops, I got mine at Reina Organics here.
Alteya Organics 100% Bulgarian Rose Water and White Rose Water
Alteya Organics Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water* and 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Water* The first rose water, the White Rose Toner I decanted into my empty Akar bottle because unfortunately it arrived in a plastic bottle and I mistakenly assumed that it's a clear glass bottle. That's why I don't have the original packaging anymore. In my opinion these two rose waters don't really differ all that much. I believe that the Bulgarian Rose Water has a stronger scent of roses and obviously I much prefer and love the violet glass packaging. Both rose waters contain only one ingredient - 100% natural steam-distilled (white) rose water. I do love the simplicity and I also always do well with rose toners + the scent is just so lovely. Since none of these mists contain Aloe Vera or Glycerin I don't use them as a toner but as a makeup setting sprays and they work like a charm like that. They very nicely refresh my makeup and make my skin radiant which I really like. Instead of using them directly on the skin I think they would work better if you'd put a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand and spray some rose water on top and then press into the skin. Super refreshing and perfect pick me up in the afternoons. Check out Alteya Organics products here.
Siam Seas Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner. Beauty Heroes
Siam Seas Yen Heal & Hydrate Toner* is the most special toner I have ever used. You could hardly describe it as a toner because it is SO much more than "just" a toner. If it would be packaged in a different bottle (with a pipette or something) it would most definitely pass as a very lightweight serum or perhaps an essence. Yen was featured in the March Beauty Discovery by Beauty Heroes (review here) and the box was one of my fave from this year. This mist contains 27 botanical extracts which are entwined in the synergistic foundation to infuse skin cells with healing actives and powerful antioxidants. I love the ingredient list and the fact that it contains whole plant Aloe Vera, as well as hydrosols of Cucumber, Geranium, Lavender and Chamomile. If you look closely there are many ingredients that I have never heard of and are native to Asia. Yen is so hydrating, balancing and also healing and protecting. Since the texture is a bit heavier your typical toner, the spray mister doesn't dispense a fine mist so I first spray it into the palm of my hand and then gently press into my skin. I adore Yen and highly recommend it. If you're a Beauty Heroes member then I suggest you order from them because you will get it with the 15% discount. Shop here.

I'm content with my current collection of facial mists and I have one more on the way in the June Art of Organics box* but if you have any good recommendations then do hit me up!

Have a lovely Sunday!

With love,

Jana xx

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NEW at Earthwise Beauty

junij 13, 2018

Just a quick post from me today sharing with you something very exciting! My beloved Earthwise Beauty has a new packaging & design and I love it!! I will miss their previous whimsical look but their new design looks even better, very modern and clean, which I always love. It looks like Earthwise Beauty is all grown up and I cannot wait to have some of these beautiful miron violet glass bottles and jars in my beauty cupboard. I'm so proud of Ava and the whole Earthwise Beauty team, you guys did a wonderful job!!
Earthwise Beauty New Packaging & Logo
 If you need some recommendation on their products do let me know, I'm happy to help. For the picture I chose some of my fave EWB products, including my favourite SPF ever: Farizad's Veil Sun Reflector. A powder with minimal amount of ingredients, with non-nano Zinc Oxide as the main, active ingredient that is not only coral reef safe but also great for oily, acne-prone skin, and of course a wonderful sunscreen. This powder is ideally mixed with an oil or an oil-based serum but sometimes I also use it with another SPF to make my skin even that more protected, especially at this time of year. I highly, highly recommend this sunscreen! I mentioned it on my blog numerous times before, read my review here. You can get it here.

Nap in the Meadow Face Serum is one of the loveliest serums I've tried and if I was making "my top 5 serums" I would most definitely include this beaut. First of the name is my favourite, and in general EWB's products have the best names. This serum is anti-inflammatory, soothing, cooling and brightening. If your skin is similar to mine, which is fairly sensitive combination skin, then you will adore it. The serum it's also very hydrating and a perfect skin treat all year around, but especially at this time. My review here. You can get Nap in the Meadow here.

Tigress Face Balm is a light face balm for acne-prone skin and without a doubt it is the best balm I've ever tried!! It's lightweight, it reduces inflammation and it is just so perfect for oily, combination skin, but it also works very well on other skin types. Love. This is the first face balm from Earthwise Beauty and it's not the last - Yasuni Face Balm without essential oils will be out within days! You can read my review of Tigress here. Get this amazing product here.

Ruby Face Oil is my favourite facial oil from EWB. It's the perfect summer oil! It's lightweight, it contains ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and have sun-protective & sun-damage-correcting properties. It doesn't clog my pores one bit and it is just so amazing! Review here. Get Ruby here.

Sungod Face Mask is a reparative mask for all skin types. If I'm honest this isn't my favourite mask from Earthwise Beauty but since Blackstrap Molasses mask is no longer available, Sungod will have to do. Well that sounds a bit rude because Sungod is actually a very lovely mask! This mask is not an overnight miracle but with regular use it builds up the skin and makes it healthier. It's very potent and active so do patch test before using it all over your face and don't leave it on for too long. Get Sungod here.

As always you can use my code "Loveliness" to get 15% off your order. This code is only available at the Earthwise Beauty shop. In Europe you can get their products here.

What do you think about their new packaging?

Much love,

Jana xx

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Glowing Skin & Juicy Lips

junij 10, 2018

Hey lovelies! Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. Yesterday I posted this photo on my Instagram and since it's my daily makeup look I wanted to share with you the products I've been using & loving lately.
Natural and Organic Makeup. Inika, FitGlow, Au Naturale, Ere Perez, Plume, RMS Beauty. Lip gloss. Pink
Inika BB Cream, RMS Beauty

For base I used Inika Organic BB Cream Foundation* in the shade Cream, which is my favourite BB cream/foundation. It's lightweight, it has light to medium coverage, the shade matches my skin perfectly and it also lasts really well on my skin. Under my eyes and on spots/redness I used RMS Beauty "un" cover-up* concealer in the shade 11. I love this concealer so much and I will definitely repurchase it once I finish up this pot. It lasts absolute ages, it's creamy and feels great on the skin. Often I also use it as a foundation. Pretty much all over my face I used my new bronzer, the Ere Perez Rice Powder Bronzer* in the shade Tulum. I'm so in love with this bronzer! You can see how it looks and applies on my Instagram (see this photo). I also saved my stories where I used it - look at the highlight "makeup" and you will see how it performs. It gives a beautiful sun-kissed look and I love that it reflects light. It contains tiny shimmer particles, nothing major but know that it's not matte. I dislike shimmery products on my cheeks but this one just gives a beautiful glow to the skin which I love so much. Last product I used on my face is my beloved Pink Champagne Powder Blush from Au Naturale*, from the Au Naturale Beauty Discovery from Beauty Heroes, which you can get still get, for $35 (see here). This blush also contains tiny shimmer particles that give a gorgeous glow to the skin, without any glitter bits.


For my eyelashes I used FitGlow Beauty Good Lash + Mascara & Serum* from a Beauty Heroes Box. On my brows I'm wearing Plume Nourish & Define Pomade* in the shade Ashy Daybreak.


FitGlow Beauty Lip Colour Serum* in the shade Gospel. A stunning lip gloss that is moisturizing, feels very smooth on the lips and has a beautiful colour. At the moment there is a WKND promotion going on at Beauty Heroes created in collaboration with the amazing Suzi from Gurl Gone Green. This weekend only, when you spend $75 on any FitGlow products in the Beauty Store, you’ll receive Gospel or Go Lip Serum for FREE, a $42 value! Enter promo code GOSPEL or GOGIFT at checkout to make your selection. Offer is still valid and through Monday June 11th, while supplies last. See more here. If you want a recommendation, I highly recommend FitGlow's Redness Rescue Cream, which is perfect for calming redness and inflammation.

Finishing touch

I applied this makeup in the afternoon, without any primer so my skin was looking a bit flat. When that happens I always apply a mist on top and lately I've been loving Rose Otto Facial Toner* by Alteya Organics for that. That's why my skin also looks glowy and radiant. 
Inika BB Cream, RMS Beauty
That's pretty much my everyday makeup look and some of these products I've been using for months and I'm still so in love with them. If you're interested and want to learn more about a specific product, or have any other questions, do let me know, I'm happy to help.

Wishing you all the best & much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links
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